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11 Account Based Marketing Tools for B2B Companies in 2021

Account based marketing tools exist because businesses going after large prospect accounts can no longer survive with “spray-and-pray” marketing tactics. Landing branded accounts and/or enterprise-level clients require a much more personalized and strategic approach.

In fact, the traditional marketing model and account based marketing model are practically backward. Traditional marketing takes an ‘attack, nurture, close’ approach. While ABM starts with identifying prospects, then engaging them, and finally landing the client and expanding the relationship over long periods of time.

Furthermore, ABM focuses on quality, and can actually produce fewer new opportunities for sales, while simultaneously closing more deals and larger accounts.

And in 2021, account based marketing has become so popular that developing an ABM strategy is the second biggest priority for B2B marketers, just behind video marketing.

The reason why ABM is popular now is that digital marketing software has made it possible for account based marketing to be both personalized and scalable.

Fully featured ABM platforms, or account-based marketing tech stacks, should include the following set of capabilities:

  • Account targeting and selection
  • Audience segmentation
  • Omnichannel outreach orchestration
  • Account-based web personalization
  • Account-based advertising
  • Sales intelligence (demographic and firmographic data)
  • Intent data (real-time behavioral data)
  • Account-based analytics

So, we put together the following 11 account based marketing tools that have all the above features covered and will prove to be a strong addition to your account based marketing tools set.

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#1. Account Based Marketing Tools for Omnichannel Marketing

The name of the game in account-based marketing is personalization. And in 2021 you should have already upgraded from a multi-channel approach to an omnichannel approach, which is especially beneficial for ABM. This means you should have software that allows you to track prospects across social media platforms, your website, and other marketing channels, such as SMS text messaging. is an omnichannel chatbot marketing platform that instantly connects customers and prospects to brands through live chat, SMS text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging apps, all from one platform.

Most live chat software tools are only found on a company’s website. However, with OmniChat technology by, you can instantly talk to customers across multiple channels, including: 

  • Live chat for website
  • Instagram Messenger
  • SMS text messaging 
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Other popular messaging apps like Instagram and WhatsApp’s drip campaign features for web chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other popular platforms allow you to set up a sequence of messages delivered at specified intervals.

Additionally, just like mass email marketing, has an automated, reliable method of sending mass content all at once to your audiences across multiple channels.

Check out its Facebook Messenger Chat Blaster feature, as well as its SMS Blaster to see how to send bulk messages in both Messenger and text messages.

You don’t have to worry about coding with either, because it offers marketing templates for every industry, and is built for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy marketers in mind.

Lastly, dropped it’s biggest splash into the chat marketing pool in early 2021 with new tools for Instagram engagement!

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#2. Account Based Marketing Tools for Technographics

Datanyze by ZoomInfo uses what’s called technographics to profile prospective clients. 

Technographics are very similar to demographics. However, with technographics you’re building profiles based on the technology that prospective customers use.

Datanyze has four key feature sets:

  • Technology tracking: Sell and market based on your prospects’ technology choices
  • Predictive analytics: Score your existing pipeline and find net-new accounts
  • Prospecting: Research accounts, search contacts, and find email addresses
  • Data enrichment: Add technographics to your CRM

#3. Account Based Marketing Tools for Technology Lookup

BuiltWith is less sophisticated and less expensive than Datanyze. However, it’s a handy tool and browser extension that can be used to tell you what technology is running on a company’s website.

I personally use this Chrome extension often. All you need to do is click on the extension when you’re on a site that you’re curious about.

For example, let’s say you’re a salesperson at an ecommerce platform provider like Salesforce and you come across a site that looks like a good prospect for you to reach out to. So I click the BuiltWith Chrome extension and see the following:

In this case, you could use BuiltWith to see what payment processing solutions they’re currently using, which will help you tailor your pitch.

BuiltWith also has a paid-for account where you can download lists of all the different websites that are using certain technologies. However, learn how to use the tool properly and figure out which reports are going to provide you actionable data. 

Then, use UpWork or a cost-effective solution to clean up and enrich the lists you’ve downloaded, because the data you get from BuiltWith is not always up to date or reliable.

#4. Account Based Marketing Tools for Capturing Anonymous Site Visitor Emails

What if you could get the email addresses of the people that visit your website, but never fill out a lead form? 

GetEmails identifies up to 35% of your anonymous site traffic and promises some pretty impressive results on the data it does capture.

You can use GetEmails data for:

  • Email marketing and retargeting
  • Creating Facebook lookalike audiences
  • Triggering direct mail to be sent

GetEmails is worth testing out. All you need to do is install a snippet of code on your site, choose what email marketing platform you’re using, and the software will start going to work for you.

Here are 8 easy ways to find anyone’s email address!

#5. Account Based Marketing Tools for Data Management

InsideView allows you to manage the quality of your data by cleaning your accounts, contacts and leads in real-time or on a schedule so that your sales and marketing teams always have the most up-to-date information. 

InsideView is made up of three key components: 

  • Discover new markets: Identify your total addressable market (TAM), expand your reach to new look-a-like businesses, and improve sales performance at each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Target the right prospects: Find more prospects that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP), and build a high quality, high-value pipeline that maximizes ROI for your ABM campaigns.
  • Engage with buyers: Access the most accurate data, insights, and connections needed to identify and engage with buyers at your target accounts.

If InsideView doesn’t match up with your tech stack or you don’t find all the features you’re looking for, take a look at Owler for your lead data management.

#6. Account Based Marketing Tools for Building Sales Pipeline is an AI-powered demand generation platform that helps to optimize ABM campaigns across paid media channels at scale. 

To use, you’ll first need to connect the tools in your marketing tech stack. For example, you’ll want to connect your CRM and social media accounts. 

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you can paint a picture of your ideal customer profiles based on your data and create lists of target accounts.

After discovering your ideal customer profiles and creating lists of target accounts to go after, Metadata’s AI operator can automate campaigns.

Lastly, the platform will enrich leads before syncing them with your CRM. Use the reports and your KPI dashboard on the platform to monitor performance based on pipeline generated, target-account information, existing pipeline impact, and more.

#7. Account Based Marketing Tools for Personalized Experiences

Uberflip is an account based marketing tool you can use to drive pipeline, revenue, and retention through engaging content experiences along the customer journey.

The Uberflip platform has three key components: 

  • Experience Management
  • Journey Acceleration
  • Audience Intelligence

With its ‘Experience Management’ tools, you can create engaging and personalized campaign destinations quickly. A content experience is an environment in which your content lives, how it’s structured, and how it compels prospects and customers to engage with your business.

Its ‘Journey Acceleration’ tools allow you to drive content consumption with AI-powered recommendations and experiences that encourage consumers to accelerate through their decision-making process and your pipeline.

Finally, Uberflip ‘Audience Intelligence’ tools are used to understand what content and experiences attached to every channel are working so that your marketing team can effectively optimize their campaigns for conversions.

#8. Account Based Marketing Tools for Digital Advertising

AdEspresso provides tools that give you more control over the management of hundreds or even thousands of ads at a time.

And Whether you’re a freelancer, a performance marketing manager, or a marketing agency, AdEspresso has a solid combination of marketing automation tools designed that will save you time and generate more leads.

The platform allows you to quickly create endless versions of an ad and analyze all your campaigns across three ad networks:

  • Facebook ads
  • Google AdWords 
  • Instagram ads

With one solution to manage all your ads, you’ll spend less time switching from one ad platform to the other, and have all of your data in one place. Additionally, AdEspresso connects to many of the most popular CRM platforms.

Learn how to create super-targeted and personalized Facebook ads with these 19 powerful Facebook advertising tools.

#9. Account Based Marketing Tools for Account Insights

Einstein Analytics by Salesforce is great for account based marketers whose company uses Saleforce as its CRM. It allows you to spot opportunities, predict outcomes, get recommendations, and more. Think of it as a tool to make Salesforce more ABM friendly.

Einstein Analytics adds 5 major benefits to ABM teams using Salesforce:

  1. Automate product discovery: Automatically find simple answers to complex business questions in your data. Learn what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and what to do about it with transparent, understandable AI models.
  2. Focus on outcomes: Get the exact information you need by tailoring analytics to your business. Improve any business outcome with precise recommendations and specific guidance.
  3. Unify on one platform: Avoid needing multiple systems and logins. Create complete visualizations, predictions, insights, and more by bringing all your data — even from external systems — onto a single platform.
  4. Take instant action: Take instant action from the point of insight, like collaborating in Chatter, updating records, and sharing dashboards.
  5. Build with clicks: Don’t spend hours coding, or waiting in the IT queue. Create advanced experiences quickly by using easily customizable templates, third-party apps, or custom-built dashboards.

#10. Account Based Marketing Tools for Visitor Insights Data

Here we’ll cover one tool that should already be readily available to every digital marketer. And that’s the User Explorer report in Google Analytics. 

Unfortunately, although almost all digital marketers use Google Analytics, this completely free marketing software tool is highly underutilized and extremely valuable for account-based marketers.

In the GA User Explorer report, every user is hidden behind an anonymized ID. At the highest level of the report (in the screenshot below) you can’t see if the individual user is male or female, where they are located, or any other detail. However, you can examine the actions of each user by different metrics. 

What you can see are the number of sessions, average session duration, bounce rate, revenue (if you’ve configured payments with your website), and goal conversion rate.

When you click on an individual’s user ID, you can see more details about their sessions, such as: 

  • The individual profile of the user 
  • Their first visit date 
  • What devices they used 
  • How they found you, and 
  • Symbols that suggest page views or different events.

You can also get a detailed report of each user’s journey, which includes the history of the user by session, the pages the visited, and the goals they completed. 

Now, obviously this isn’t going to be super time-efficient if you click through each individual user. But if you use the following tips and tricks, you can learn a lot about your ideal prospects from the data.

Create user segments

Instead of trying to click through all of the IDs, set a custom segment to only view a specific action. The segment can be set based on any combination of actions. Then, it will be applied to your report to find the users that reacted in the same way on your site.

Match emails up with User IDs

This could be a bit controversial, but if emails are submitted to your site, you can use a tool called Lighthouse to connect with the random user IDs. This way you can match the user behavior with an identity.

Learn which filters provide you with the best data

Play around with the filters. For example, you can filter the number of sessions from lowest to highest. Or, if you’re an ecommerce marketer, use the Revenue and Transaction filters. For non-ecommerce sites, such as blogs, you might want to look at the average session duration.

Exclude yourself from tracking

In Google Analytics you can remove tracking of your own visits in order to not skew data and get a more accurate analysis. There are multiple ways to do this. The easiest way is to download the Google Chrome Extension called “Block Yourself from Analytics.”

#11. Account-Based Marketing Tools for Live Chat Customer Support

Studies have shown that live chat software increases conversions on websites by up to 45%. And for account based marketers that need to keep track of prospect accounts across multiple channels, while working closely with their sales teams, there’s no better chatbot platform than

account based marketing tools:

Using OmniChat technology, your marketing, sales, and customer support teams can instantly communicate with customers and collaborate from one unified inbox.

Furthermore, the unified inbox keeps track across your website, Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, and other web chat apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, all from one inbox.

This allows you to manage all customer communications from one place, as opposed to needing to manage different live chat tools across multiple platforms.

account based marketing tools: OmniChat inbox by

The benefits of omnichannel technology are huge for account based marketers. In fact, companies with omnichannel customer support strategies retain on average 89% of their customers. Compare that to just 33% of companies that lack an omnichannel customer engagement strategy.

Other key benefits to being able to manage all prospect and customer interactions from one unified messaging inbox include:

  • Stronger customer profiles that are rich with data and behavioral insights
  • Better customer support team collaboration and faster response times
  • Time and money saved by using one, as opposed to many inboxes

Audience segmentation and targeting for ABM teams

Another big win for ABM companies is’s audience segmentation and targeting tools.

By combining Facebook Messenger captured data, as well as custom variables and attributes, you can run targeted, personalized campaigns. 

All of your chat conversations can be found in the one omnichannel inbox, along with information about your contacts including:

  • Name
  • Geographic data
  • Conversation sessions
  • Tags
  • Custom attributes

Additionally, all profile attributes and tags are searchable, including custom tags.

Want to know more about customer support chat tools to enable superior service and customer satisfaction across your website and other key marketing channels? Learn all about and OmniChat in this article with our latest video!

Need More Marketing Software?

If you’re looking for more marketing tools, we have you covered! Browse through hundreds of more marketing tools in the following lists:

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