How to Use Restore by to Boost Your Ad Campaigns

Digital marketing’s getting trickier by the day, isn’t it? Between all the new privacy laws, the end of those handy third-party cookies, and the ever-annoying bots tricking us into wasting our ad budgets, it feels like we’re running an obstacle course. And let’s not even get started on trying to keep up with how fast everything changes, including what our audiences are looking for. It’s a lot.

But, imagine if we didn’t have to stress so much about these things.

What if there was a way to get ahead of the game…to really understand and reach the people we want to talk to, without stepping on any privacy landmines? And what if we could make sure our hard-earned ad dollars were actually going towards real, live human beings interested in what we have to offer?

Enter Restore.

It’s our new tool that’s all about making your life a whole lot easier. We’ve figured out a way to track what matters—real interest and intent—without relying on those disappearing cookies. And bots? We can help you spot those so you’re not throwing your budget into the digital void.

In this blog post, we’re diving deep into what’s been making digital advertising such a headache lately and how Restore is changing the game.

It’s not just about keeping up anymore; it’s about setting the pace. We’ll talk about how Restore’s tech can give you a clearer view of who’s actually interested in what you’re selling, all while playing nice with privacy rules and keeping your ad spend in check.

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Common Digital Advertising Problems

Let’s take a step back and explore how the digital advertising landscape has evolved, leading us to navigate through some challenging waters today. It’s been quite a journey from the simpler times of online advertising to the complex scenario we’re dealing with now.

• The Rise of Privacy Concerns

One of the most significant shifts has been the heightened focus on privacy. With regulations like the GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in California coming into effect, the importance of respecting user privacy and handling data responsibly has taken center stage.

These changes have fundamentally altered how we can collect and use data, emphasizing the need for transparency and user consent. It’s a necessary evolution, ensuring that trust and respect form the foundation of our interactions online.

• Navigating a World Without Cookies

The gradual elimination of third-party cookies is another pivotal change. Major browsers are moving away from cookies, pushing the industry towards more privacy-friendly ways of understanding user behavior. This transition challenges us to innovate and find new methods to reach our audience without compromising on privacy.

• The Challenge of Bots and Fraud

Bots have also become a more pronounced issue, creating a landscape where ad fraud can easily eat into budgets without delivering any real engagement. Identifying and mitigating the impact of bots is crucial in ensuring that our advertising efforts reach real people and drive genuine interactions.

• Ad Saturation and Consumer Fatigue

Ad Saturation and Consumer Fatigue: With the digital space becoming increasingly crowded, capturing and maintaining audience attention has become more difficult. Consumers are bombarded with ads, leading to ad fatigue and making it harder for messages to stand out. This saturation calls for more creative and engaging approaches to advertising, prioritizing quality and relevance.

• The Increasing Complexity of Digital Advertising

Finally, the sheer complexity of digital advertising today, with its myriad platforms, formats, and strategies, demands a more sophisticated approach. Staying ahead requires not just keeping up with current trends but anticipating future shifts, all while maintaining an ethical and responsible stance towards privacy and data use.

With all of these changes, the need for tools that can navigate these complexities while upholding the principles of privacy and engagement has never been clearer. Enter a solution designed to meet these modern challenges with integrity and innovation. Let’s dive into how we can adapt and thrive in this new era of digital advertising, making every connection count.

Overcoming Marketing Challenges with Restore by

We’ve designed our Restore tool to help our customers vault over these pernicious hurdles. Here’s how: 

Accurate Retargeting and Lookalike Audiences

Retargeting and lookalike audiences are the two most crucial audience building tools in your digital advertising arsenal. 

But because Facebook’s pixel is blocked by so many browsers, these crucial targeting audiences are built with bad data, meaning your campaigns won’t be reaching who they should. That’s bad! 

Our Restore tool gathers data from our Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel, which isn’t blocked by any browsers. That means that you can build your retargeting and lookalike audience off of people who are actually visiting your site. 

Identifying High-Intent Users

Zooming in on high-intent users is a game-changer. It’s all about spotting those who are just a nudge away from making a purchase or signing up. By tracking key behaviors—like how often they visit your site, what they’re checking out, or how long they linger on certain pages—you get a clearer picture of who’s really interested.

This isn’t just about following the crowd; it’s about understanding who’s ready to take the leap. With smarter analytics, you can tailor your messages to catch them at just the right moment, turning warm leads into solid conversions. This strategy sharpens your focus, ensuring your ad dollars target the people most likely to act, making every penny count.

Our Restore tool allows you to target people who’ve visited specific high-intent pages or viewed the same product several times. This means that you don’t waste money on badly targeted campaigns to low-intent visitors! 

Creating these audiences is very simple! 

In your account, navigate to your My Leads tab and click on “Audiences.” 

You’ll see a big list of all your contacts. Then select “Add FIlter.”

In the Attribute drop-down, select “Landing Page URL” and in the Operator drop-down select “Equals.” Paste the landing page URL in the Value section. 

Then just save it as an audience and you’re good to send it to your Facebook account! 

Understanding the Full Customer Journey

The digital touchpoints a customer interacts with on their journey are like pieces of a puzzle. Having visibility into the entire picture is crucial for crafting campaigns that not only reach the customer at the right time but also with the right message.

This holistic view goes beyond the last click, acknowledging that earlier interactions, though they may not directly lead to a conversion, play a significant role in influencing the customer’s decision-making process.

Our Customer Journey tools allow you to understand your customers’ journeys across devices and retarget ads to them more effectively. 

Avoiding Spending on Bots

The digital ad space is fraught with inefficiencies, one of the most glaring being the expenditure on non-human traffic, namely bots. Bots can skew analytics, drain budgets, and dilute the effectiveness of campaigns. Implementing strategies to identify and exclude bot traffic is not just about saving money; it’s about ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment in reaching real, engaged users.

Because our audiences are built on who actually visits your site–and we verify your contacts–you don’t have to worry about chasing a bot who’ll never purchase from you (because they don’t really exist!). 

Interested in getting started? See how many contacts we could pull for your ad audiences here: 

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