20 AdWorld Pros to Pay Attention to in 2024

Jumping into the ad scene is like entering a party where everyone’s talking at once. You’ve gotta know who to listen to.

That’s where our lineup of the coolest, most savvy ad pros comes into play.

These are the folks who don’t just follow trends; they’re out there setting them.

From crafting mind-blowing digital campaigns to making waves with innovative strategies, they’ve got the creds to back it up.

Want to navigate the ad world like a pro? Follow their lead for a masterclass in making your mark in the advertising universe.

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1. Antonis Kocheilas

CEO, Ogilvy Advertising

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Advertising, Brands, AI

Antonis Kocheilas, the man steering the ship at Ogilvy Advertising, is a strategist at heart with a knack for big-picture thinking. He’s been around the block at Ogilvy for over a decade, and his journey has seen him leading the charge on both sides of the Atlantic. Antonis has a pretty cool way of turning creative ideas into serious business growth, having worked with big names like PepsiCo, Unilever, and many others to create buzz-worthy campaigns that get results.

He’s all about making brands matter more in people’s lives, shifting from just catching eyes to truly engaging hearts and minds. With his forward-thinking approach, he’s pushing the envelope on what advertising can achieve, making it clear that it’s all about weaving brands into the fabric of daily life​.

2. Ralph Burns

Founder & CEO at Tier 11

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Digital Advertising, Direct Response Marketing

Ralph Burns turned a blogging side gig into Tier 11, a leading digital advertising firm managing over $50 million in ads annually. As CEO, he’s renowned for his expertise in Facebook and Instagram advertising, sharing his insights on the Perpetual Traffic podcast with millions of downloads. Ralph’s journey from a “guy in his basement” to an industry leader showcases his knack for turning adversity into opportunity, emphasizing meaningful brand-audience connections.

3. Kasim Aslam

CEO of Solutions 8

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Digital Advertising, Entrepreneurship

Kasim Aslam is the entrepreneurial force behind Solutions 8, recognized as one of the top Google Ads agencies worldwide. His journey began in 2006, transforming Solutions 8 from a vision into a globally acknowledged leader in digital advertising. Aslam’s expertise isn’t just limited to Google Ads; he’s a digital marketing virtuoso, having co-founded Driven Mastermind and Nido Marketing, and co-authored “You vs Google,” a number one Amazon bestseller.

Aslam’s work extends beyond Solutions 8, contributing significantly to the digital marketing community as a Traffic Coach for DigitalMarketer.com and co-hosting the Perpetual Traffic Podcast​

4. Brendan Kane

Managing Partner, Hook Point

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Digital Advertising, Influencer Marketing

Brendan Kane is a powerhouse in digital strategy and social media innovation, recognized for his work as the founder and managing partner of Hook Point. His expertise has revolutionized the way brands, celebrities, and Fortune 500 corporations engage with audiences online, generating 60 billion views and acquiring over 100 million followers across various campaigns​​​​.

His achievements include pioneering influencer campaigns on YouTube, managing substantial marketing budgets, and working closely with high-profile clients to bolster their digital presence. Additionally, Kane has authored best-selling books such as “One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Audience in 30 Days” and “Hook Point: How to Stand out in a 3-Second World,” sharing his wealth of knowledge on achieving online virality and standing out in today’s saturated media landscape​.

5. Depesh Mandalia

Founder & CEO at SM Commerce

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Facebook Ads, Entrepreneurship

Depesh Mandalia stands out as a Facebook marketing wizard, driving over $100M in revenue with his keen ad strategies across diverse sectors. His deep dive into profitable ad spends has positioned his agency, SMC, as a go-to for businesses aiming to scale beyond $10M. Mandalia’s innovative BPM System marries brand-driven and performance marketing, offering a unique approach to growth acceleration for marketers and entrepreneurs.

Additionally, as a Facebook advisor, he extends his expertise globally, furthering his mission to help businesses leverage digital strategies for exponential growth. His training programs and speaking engagements illuminate the path for achieving scalable success in the digital marketing arena.

6. Alex Fedotoff

Founder & CEO at SM Commerce

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: D2C, Facebook Ads

Alex Fedotoff, from a modest beginning in Ukraine, founded several 7 and 8 figure e-commerce brands and the e-learning company eCommerce Scaling Secrets. Starting his journey in 2014 with a minimal salary, he embarked on learning e-commerce and advertising without knowing English.

Today, he operates multiple e-commerce brands, investing significantly in advertising with positive ROI, and helps clients achieve similar success. Forbes has dubbed him “The King of Scaling Facebook Ads,” highlighting his expertise not just in advertising, but in building scalable, sellable businesses.

7. Judy Sahay

CEO & Managing Director of CROWD MEDIA GROUP

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Marketing Technology, Digital Advertising

Judy Sahay is a trailblazer in the tech and media industries as the Managing Director of Crowd Media Group. Her innovative approach has successfully harnessed the power of influencer marketing and data to elevate brands like Montblanc and Ray-Ban.

Sahay’s efforts to forge deeper connections between brands and consumers have not only included global giants but also local businesses and non-profits. Her leadership and vision have been instrumental in utilizing CROWDINK to authentically engage audiences and foster brand loyalty​.

8. Jess Vassallo

Founder & CEO at Evocative Media

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Ecommerce Marketing

Jess Vassallo is the innovative force behind Evocative Media, a digital marketing agency specializing in e-commerce growth. Since its inception in 2014, Vassallo and her team have driven over $100 million in revenue for their clients, focusing on holistic, data-led strategies.

Committed to transparency and integrity in the digital marketing space, Evocative Media stands out for its high-converting ad campaigns and email marketing strategies aimed at high-value customer acquisition.

9. Robert Katai

Founder, The B2B Creator Newsletter

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: B2B Marketing, Content Marketing

Robert Katai is the go-to guy for B2B marketing, rocking it as the brains behind the B2B Creator Newsletter. With 15+ years in the marketing game, he’s cooked up campaigns that hit the headlines in Adweek, TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur. Katai’s all about trying out new stuff in content marketing and loves to share the wisdom he picks up along the way with anyone keen to listen.

He’s a standout for his dedication to evolving both as a marketer and a person, always aiming to level up​.

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10. Jaleh Rezaei

CEO & Co-founder at Mutiny

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: SaaS, Growth Marketing

Jaleh Rezaei is no ordinary leader; she’s the co-founder and CEO of Mutiny, a company that’s reshaping B2B marketing with AI magic. Since kicking things off in 2018, she’s been on a mission to make marketing personal, ditching the one-size-fits-all approach.

Mutiny’s tech can tweak your website on the fly, making sure it speaks directly to whoever’s looking. With a rebel spirit and a knack for bringing people together, Jaleh’s crafting a new marketing era where community and collaboration reign supreme.

11. Russ Perry

CEO & Founder @ Design Pickle

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: SaaS, Growth Marketing

Russ Perry is the mastermind behind Design Pickle, a graphic design powerhouse known for its flat-rate, no-fuss service. Starting in 2015, Perry’s vision was to offer something fast, affordable, and reliable, a total 180 from his previous venture.

He’s turned Design Pickle into a global success story, with a team that’s handled over 750,000 creative requests. Not just a CEO, Perry’s also an author and a family man, juggling his thriving business and personal life in Scottsdale, Arizona.

12. Martin Kocandrle

COO VirtualAd


Expertise: Ecommerce, Digital Marketing

Martin Kocandrle is all about championing the e-commerce entrepreneurial spirit, guiding online store owners through both challenges and chances. As the COO of VirtualAd, he steers an agency that’s a powerhouse in e-commerce and premium lead generation, handling 7-figure ad budgets with finesse.

Martin and his crew use a blend of precise tracking methods, dynamic paid advertising, email strategies, and compelling creatives to deliver stellar results. They’re pioneers in solving tricky attribution puzzles, ensuring advertisers have access to clean, actionable data for a thriving ad environment.

13. Ward van Gasteren

Growth Marketing Expert

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Growth Marketing, Retention

Ward van Gasteren is the cool mind behind Grow with Ward, where he turns the digital marketing game into a playground for growth. He’s all about showing the ropes to both up-and-coming and established brands, helping them find their stride in the digital world. Ward mixes the best of growth hacking with good old marketing magic to push brands into the spotlight.

He’s not just about sparking growth; he teaches brands how to keep the momentum going, making him the go-to guy for digital growth strategies.

14. Loren Baker

Founder of Search Engine Journal

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: SEO & Lead Generation

Loren Baker is the brain behind Search Engine Journal, diving deep into the SEO world to bring the latest trends and insights. He’s the guy who makes SEO less of a headache and more of a strategic game plan for businesses looking to dominate online.

With a knack for breaking down complex topics, Loren has turned SEJ into a go-to resource for digital marketers and SEO enthusiasts. He’s all about sharing knowledge, fostering community, and pushing the envelope in digital marketing strategies.

15. Craig Campbell

SEO Trainer & Consultant at Craig Campbell SEO

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: SEO & Digital Marketing

Craig Campbell is the go-to SEO Trainer & Consultant, known for his expertise in boosting online visibility and driving search engine success. He’s been in the SEO game for over two decades, sharing his deep knowledge through training sessions and consultations.

Craig’s approach is all about practical advice and strategies that work in the real world, making SEO accessible to businesses of all sizes. He’s passionate about helping others master the SEO landscape, ensuring they stay ahead in the competitive digital space.

16. Ross Simmonds

CEO at Foundation Inc

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Content Marketing

Ross Simmonds, the dynamo behind Foundation Inc., is a digital marketing maestro dedicated to crafting content strategies that resonate and drive results. As CEO, he’s all about leveraging the power of content, from blogs to social media, ensuring brands not only get noticed but stay remembered.

Ross combines data-driven insights with creative storytelling, making him a sought-after voice in the digital space for companies aiming to break through the noise. His approach is fresh, his strategies are proven, and his passion for digital marketing is infectious.

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17. Lauren Schwartz

Owner @ The Loft325

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Paid Media, Ad Creative

Lauren Schwartz is at the helm of The Loft 325, where she blends her prowess in creative strategy with her digital marketing savvy to fuel e-commerce growth. With a rich background in design and over a decade of expertise in the e-commerce realm, she’s known for turning brands into digital success stories.

Lauren’s work, especially with notable beauty brands, showcases her ability to marry aesthetics with effective digital strategies, making her a beacon for those navigating the ecommerce waters. She also enriches minds at Chapman University, sharing her insights on creative campaign strategies.

18. Jason Hunt

Co-Founder at Merged Media

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

Jason Hunt, co-founder of Merged Media, has been shaping the digital marketing world since 2007, starting with leveraging social media for his Japanese rock band. At Merged Media, he focuses on social media marketing, Google advertising, content management, and SEO.

Beyond managing the agency, Jason enriches the industry with The Merged Marketing Podcast, speaks globally at marketing conferences, and authored ‘Drop The Mic Marketing: How to Find Your Social Media Voice’ in 2022, offering insights to aspiring entrepreneurs.

19. Mirella Crespi

Founder at Creative Milkshake

Twitter / LinkedIn

Expertise: Paid Ads, Digital Creative

Mirella Crespi, the dynamo behind Creative Milkshake, has transformed it into one of Europe’s top performance creative studios. With a knack for crafting over 2000 multilingual ads monthly, Mirella and her team partner with giants like Johnson & Johnson and N26.

Leveraging a decade of media buying savvy, she empowers brands on platforms like Meta and TikTok with cutting-edge, data-smart creative strategies. Her journey from marketing coordination to spearheading Creative Milkshake showcases her deep dive into digital marketing, setting a benchmark in innovative advertising.

20. Alice Hogg

Global Enterprise Solutions at Meltwater


Expertise: PR

Alice Hogg brings a decade of PR, media, and marketing prowess, stretching from the UK to New York. With a rich background including agency work with global brands, she now excels at Meltwater, driving strategic measurement for clients.

Beyond her professional life, Alice is a dedicated sportswoman, with achievements in hockey, skiing, running, and yoga, showcasing her leadership and teamwork skills on and off the field.

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Following these AdWorld maestros isn’t just about getting tips; it’s about inspiration to push boundaries in your own work.

They’ve navigated the tricky waters of digital marketing and emerged as leaders, showing us that creativity mixed with strategy can make all the difference.

So, take a leaf out of their book, experiment, and who knows? You might be the next big name on this list.

Keep creating, keep innovating, and let’s shape the future of advertising together.

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