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Social Media Content Ideas for Your Content Calendar

Social Media Calendar Ideas

The infographic below outlines the social media content ideas that can be included in your content calendar.

  • Discount or Promotion
  • Ask A Question To Your Audience
  • Inspirational Quote
  • Share What You Are Reading
  • Share A Tip Or Trick
  • A Day In The Life Post
  • Testimonial Quote
  • Answer A Customer’s Question
  • Highlight A New Product or Service
  • Infographic
  • Long Post or Story
  • Share A Free Resource
  • Contest or Giveaway
  • Breaking News
  • Beyond The Scenes Photo
  • Take A Poll
  • Highlight A Biz-Friend’s Page
  • Quick Video Training
  • Fun Fact
  • Industry Article
  • Comic or Meme
  • Share an Eye-catching Photo
  • Highlight Post
  • Share an Interesting Statistics
  • This or That Question To Get Followers Input
  • Recommend A Helpful Tool
  • Weekly Round-Up Interesting Articles
  • Share A Fam Photo
  • An ICYM (In Case You Missed It) Post To An Old Blog Post
  • Product Pics
  • Thank Your Fans
Social Media Calendar INFOGRAPH
Social Media Calendar INFOGRAPHIC

Social Media Content Ideas For Your Content Calendar FAQ

What is social media content calendar?

Social media content calendar is the best way to plan and organize all upcoming content that you will post on social media.


  • Think of the interests of your audience
  • Conduct a research on the best content to post
  • Perform an audit of your existing content
  • Make an overview of the major events that garner the interest of your audience
  • Plan and schedule ahead

Why is it necessary to have a social media content calendar?

It is necessary to create a social media content calendar so you can plan accordingly all your content and ensures that you won’t end up scrambling.

How can it help your business?

Social media content calendar helps in supporting greater social media marketing plans.

Why is it necessary to keep your social media profiles active?

Active social media profiles provide better rankings, brand awareness, more traffic, and increase in conversion.

How can social media content affect the purchasing decisions of consumers?

According to Sprout Social, about 74% of consumers make a purchasing decision based on their social media accounts. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allows retailers to showcase their brands, creating a wider audience.

What are the sample campaigns for discounts and promotions posted on social media?

Creating creative campaigns in social media helps in driving customer acquisition and increases their loyalty as well. Some of the sample campaigns for discounts and promotions include weekly/monthly offer, pre-launch offer, holiday/seasonal offer, offers for liking/following/sharing on social, volume/cart size offer, exclusive social offer, customer loyalty offers and influencer offer.

What are the things to consider when asking a question on social media?

Take note of these things when asking question towards your audience in social media;

  • Look for popular questions under your niche
  • See your competitors activity
  • Utilize your site to look for more questions
  • Look for question inspiration on Twitter

What kind of tips and tricks can you share on social media?

Most social media followers love to see tips and tricks that they can apply to their daily lives. You can create DIY remedies or quick solution to daily problems.

What is testimonial quote?

Testimonial quotes are product reviews from people who personally used your products. There are different kinds of testimonial which includes Influencer testimonial, Social media testimonials, consumer reviews, case studies, video testimonials and documentary series.

What are the tips when answering questions on social media?

Here are some tips when answering questions on social media;

  • Avoid being impulsive
  • Answer in short and concise sentences
  • Answer by stating your key points
  • Tell something unique and factual

Why is it important to include contest or giveaways on your social media calendar?

Contest or giveaways should be included in your social media calendar because it helps build community, rewards people who follow your page builds brand awareness, increases subscribers, increases sales, and increases engagements.

Why is it important to share an eye-catching photo on social media?

It is important to share eye-catching images on social media to increase user engagement. Here are some tips when creating eye-catching photos:

  • Consider the location
  • Choose your team
  • Choose a good concept
  • Plan accordingly and find the perfect timing
  • Choose the perfect model

Why is it necessary to include an interesting statistics in your social media calendar?

Interesting statistics help user engagement because of the factual information you are relying on the public.

How can posting interesting articles help boost your social media followers?

Interesting articles help improve your SEO, making it easy for both users and search engine robots to understand your website content.

How To Write Interesting Articles:

  • Tell a Story
  • Use Foreshadowing or hinting the upcoming events of the story.
  • Use Transition

Why is it necessary to include product pictures on your social media calendar?

Product pictures on your social media calendar effectively communicate to your audience the entire details of your product.

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