Different Characteristics of Busy People and Productive People FEATURED

Different Characteristics of Busy People and Productive People

Differences Between Busy People From Productive People:

The infographic below differentiate the characteristics of a busy person from a productive person.

  • Productive People
  • Busy People

Different Characteristics of Busy People and Productive People

Different Acts Of Busy People And Productive People FAQ

What do productive people do?

Productive people:

  • Have a mission in life
  • Have few priorities
  • Say yes slowly
  • Focus on clarity before action
  • Close doors
  • Let the results do the talking
  • Make time for what is important
  • They focus
  • They take their time
  • They want other to be effective
  • They want to make changes

What do busy people do?

Busy people:

  • They look like they have a mission
  • They have many priorities
  • They are quick to say yes
  • They focus on action
  • They keep their doors wide open
  • They talk about how busy they are
  • They talk about how little time they have
  • They multitask
  • They respond quickly to emails
  • They want other people to become busy as well
  • They want to talk about how they will change

Why do you need to be productive than busy?

People need to be productive than busy because a productive person embraces changes and acts accordingly to achieve their goals in life.

Why do you need to have a mission in life?

You need to have a mission in life so you can set your priorities and achieve personal development. A mission in life also helps you to think deeply about your life, identify its real importance and clarify its purpose.

Why do you need to have few priorities?

Fewer priorities mean that you can focus on them intently and you can find ways to achieve them.

What should be your priorities in life?

Your top priorities in life should be:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Security
  • Development
  • Play

Why do you need to think things first before saying yes?

Agreeing into something means you are committing your time and yourself to its success. You need to assess yourself first if you can carry out all the necessary tasks to avoid failures.

Why do you need to clarify things before acting on it?

Acting without clarifying will only complicate the situation. You need to understand and hear both sides of the story before acting on it.

Why should you avoid talking too much about how little time you have?

The act instead of talk. Rather than talking and wasting your precious time talking about the time you have, you should instead strive to finish your tasks on or before its due date.

Why do you need to take time on things that are important?

You need to 00prioritise your priorities. There will come a time when you have to choose between something that both matters to you. However, remember to choose the most important one and do your best to achieve the best out of it.

Why do you need to focus?

The focusis the gateway to all kinds of thinking including memory, perception, learning, decision making, reasoning,andproblem-solving.

What are the common distractions?

Common distractions include noise, gadgets, multitasking, interruptions, clutter, hunger, anxiety, attention span, email, and slack.

Why should you inspire others to be effective?

Inspiring others is one of the secrets to success in your fields of interest. Not anyone can do this work but to those you do, they may achieve a superstar status sooner or later.

Why do you need changes?

Changes can be hard and frustrating. However, changes are totally good for you especially because of these reasons:

  • It pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  • It allows you to experience more
  • It allows you to find the real you

What is the difference between productive and busy people?

Productive people progress more in life while busy people are just busy pretending to be successful when in fact they are not.


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