12 Habits That Hinders You From Becoming Productive FEATURED

12 Bad Habits That Hinders You From Becoming Productive

12 Bad Habits You Should Break To Be More Productive

The Infographics below explains the 12 bad habits that you need to avoid to become productive.

  • Impulsive Web Browsing
  • Multitasking
  • Actively Checking Email
  • Moral Licensing
  • Putting Off Your Most Important Work Until Later In The Day
  • Taking Too Many Meetings
  • Sitting All Day
  • Hitting The Snooze Button
  • Failing To Prioritize
  • Over-Planning
  • Under-Planning
  • Using Your Phone in Bed

12 Habits That Hinders You From Becoming Productive FEATURED 12 Habits That Hinders You From Becoming Productive

12 Bad Habits That Hinders You From Becoming Productive

How do bad habits hinder you from becoming productive?

Being productive requires you to do a lot of things. It demands self-knowledge to be able to see clearly the bad habits that you have so you can change them soon before it stunts your potential.

What is impulsive web browsing?

Impulsive web browsing means that you are not thinking of the things that you want to know before browsing the web. It’s easy to get sidetracked looking up the answers to random questions as you think of them. Instead, write down your questions and look them up when you’re not working.

How does multitasking hinder you from becoming productive?

According to a scientific research, only 2% of the total population has the capability to effectively multitask. Sadly, the rest of us should maintain focuson one task at a time.

How does the constant checking of email affect you from becoming productive?

Constantly checking of email makes you lose about 25 minutes of your precious work time. Check your emails only for a few times every day.

What is moral licensing?

Moral licensing is doing something that creates a positive self-image but also makes you less worried about the consequences of the immoral behavior that you’ve done.

Why should you never set aside important tasks?

People have a limited amount of willpower, and it decreases throughout the day, so it’s best to get your hardest, most important tasks done at the beginning of the day.

Why should you avoid joining too many meetings?

Too many meetings to attend disrupt your productivity. As much as possible, attend only to meetings which have clear agenda and time limit.

Why should you avoid sitting all day?

The longer we sit, the less alert we become. Try walking and talking 20 to 30 miles a week to drive fresh thinking.

Why should you avoid hitting the snooze button?

As much as possible, avoid hitting the snooze button of your alarm clock. Doing so will drain out the finite supply of willpower that you greatly need throughout the day.

Why is it important to prioritize your priorities?

Having goals makes you productive but having too many goals will create confusion as to what really matters most. Pick the things that are more important and ignore the rest.

Why should you avoid over-planning?

In a day, there’s a great chance that you’ll encounter unexpected happenings. As much as possible, avoid planning every hour of your day. Instead, plan only for the next 5 hours.

Why should you avoid under-planning?

If over-planning hinders your productivity, under-planning has the same effect. It’s better to determine what you want your outcome to be and lay out a series of steps to get there than to try to come up with your endgame midway through the project.

Why is it bad to use your phone in bed?

The blue light of your smartphone suppresses the production of melatonin in your body. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the sleep cycle and makes us happier.

What should you do to become productive?

To become productive, you need to avoid all the things mentioned above.

Is there an easy way to success?

There is no easy way to success. You need to strive hard and avoid the bad habits so you can become productive in life.

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