What is a marketing bot?

What is a Marketing Bot? 5 Ways to Revolutionize Your Marketing with Bots

What is a marketing bot?

A marketing bot is software used by a business to carry out certain marketing activities automatically.

And that’s where everything starts.

With the right marketing bot, your business can scale to new heights.

Chatbot marketing is a special kind of marketing, where a chat conversation is the end user interface.

Here we’re not just going to tell you about the benefits of marketing chatbots. We’re going to tell you exactly how to put chatbots to work in your business.

You’ll discover exactly how to do the following:

  1. Place a Facebook Messenger chat widget on your website to automatically answer marketing questions, secure new contacts, and deploy ultra-targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. Launch a Facebook Messenger Ad to secure high-value contacts, lower ad spend, and improve conversion rates.
  3. Qualify any audience down to only the users who are likely convert on your audience.
  4. Create an ultra-compelling drip campaign to bring contacts through your marketing funnel, closing in a sale or conversion.

And Larry’s 15-minute training video of how to build a marketing bot to grow a list, promote products and services, and drive traffic to a website is a helpful primer in what businesses can do with marketing bots.

What is a Marketing Bot? 3 Things To Understand

To get ready for the tactical how-to of marketing bots, there are three things you should understand about marketing chatbots.

It’s important to note:

  • A marketing bot carries out marketing tasks automatically.
  • A marketing bot uses conversational interaction to carry out these marketing tasks.
  • To create a marketing bot, a marketer doesn’t need to write code; they can use a visual chatbot builder.

That’s right. Chatbot development used to require writing complex code. But today, a chatbot builder like Customers.ai opens the gates to any businesses, marketing agency, entrepreneur, or freelancer to use Facebook Messenger marketing bots.

With Customers.ai’s robust chatbot builder:

  • Chatbots require no coding
  • The cost is free
  • The process of building a chatbot is simple

Marketing bots are an emerging technology. As such, there is a lot of untapped potential in the technology itself. It’s imperative that marketing bots not only function from a marketing standpoint but also undergo thorough functional testing to ensure that every feature works flawlessly.

Apart from the technology, however, very few businesses are tapping into the power of marketing bots. This gives you first-mover’s advantage as you learn and embrace marketing bots.

Customers.ai is especially powerful for marketing agencies. With a strategic pricing structure and unparalleled features, agencies can massively scale by selling marketing bot services to new and existing customers.

Now that the why and who are established …

How do you use marketing bots?

To get the greatest value from the guide below, first sign up for Customers.ai. It takes just two minutes and it’s free.

Then come back here, and learn these powerful marketing bot tactics.

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Marketing Bots for Drip Campaign Success: How to Develop an Irresistible Drip Campaign on Messenger

Let’s start with a fixture of marketing — the drip campaign.

Drip marketing takes users through a cycle of messages that lead up to a conversion action.

Drip campaigns can have added layers of complexity depending on what action the recipient takes.

what is a marketing bot - drip campaign complex

For the most part, drip campaigns are synonymous with email marketing.

And that’s unfortunate.

Because email is a dreadful way to carry out a drip campaign.

Delivery rates are stunted. Open rates are low. Clickthrough rates are lower still, and the entire campaign can take days or even weeks to complete.

The open and read rate on Messenger campaigns sent by Customers.ai is astronomically higher than email.

what is a marketing bot - open rates

To put it plainly, Facebook Messenger drip campaigns are far superior to email marketing drip campaigns.

Here’s exactly how to create a marketing bot that rus a drip campaign.

For this marketing bot tactic to work, you’ll need to create dialogues — the “conversation” that takes place between the customer and the chatbot.

You will build and save these dialogues in the bot builder → dialogue creator.

These dialogues form the building blocks of so many different types of marketing activities — from drip campaigns to sponsored messages.

Once you create your drip marketing messages, you can construct the drip campaign itself.

Go to Marketing Automation, and then click on drip campaigns.

what is a chatbot - drip campaigns

This opens up the drip campaign creator.

Most drip campaigns are promotional in nature, which means that they will need to comply with Facebook’s regulations surrounding promotional messages.

From the drip campaign creator, you will title your campaign, define your audience, and then set time requirements.

what is a chatbot - drip campaign time setup

After that, you will assemble the various messages that constitute the campaign.

what is a chatbot - drip campaign setup

Once you’re ready, you’ll launch the campaign and benefit from the results.

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Marketing Bots for Converting New Customers: How to Create a Compelling Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign

Facebook Messenger ads are one of the hottest methods of bringing in new leads.

Why? Because Facebook Messenger ads are comparatively inexpensive, intrinsically engaging, and ultra-powerful.

Messenger ads require chatbot integration. In Customers.ai, go to Advertising → Messenger Ads.

what is a chatbot - facebook messenger ads

The Messenger Ad creator makes the process of assembling your ad really simple — from selecting your content to syncing it to a campaign.

what is a chatbot - facebook messenger ad setup

You will, of course, need to create the ad in Facebook Ads Manager in order to set it up and launch it successfully.

The chatbot builder walks you through the entire process. If you’re just getting started with Facebook ads, you’ll understand exactly what to do.

The power of Facebook Messenger ads is in the targeting. So when you’re developing your audience and placements, be sure to get the in-depth intel on how to structure your ad for maximum success.

What differentiates a ho-hum Messenger ad from an explosive one?

It’s all about post-click engagement.

Your goal is not only to get contacts to click on the ad. That’s the starting point, of course, but then what?

Then you set up this new audience with a drip campaign.

what is a chatbot - facebook messenger ad with drip campaign

In this way, you’re connecting the intrinsic appeal of a Messenger ad with the compelling nature of a drip campaign — win and win!

Marketing Bots for Customer Support: How to Place a Facebook Messenger Widget on Your Website to Add New Contacts

Think about all the people who visit your website every day and then leave.

You have no idea who they are. You have no idea if they got what they wanted. You have no idea if they had questions you could have answered.

You just don’t know.

What if that could change?

By adding a Messenger widget to your website, your website transforms from a sieve into a contact-collecting bucket.

Users will land on your website. Then, instead of passing through like ghosts, you can capture the information of the ones who really are interested and engage with them in a conversational way.

This too-good-to-be-true scenario is accomplished with a Facebook Messenger widget.

You’ve probably seen them before, a little chat widget somewhere on a website that allows you to ping customer service with questions.

what is a chatbot - website chat widget example

Okay, great, but so what?

Most of these widgets allow people to chat and then leave. It’s the same issue — those potential leads are gone and you have no way of interacting with them again.

Another problem is that there are too few humans to answer too many questions, meaning that a potential customer is chatting into empty space until someone has the time to respond.

A Facebook Messenger chatbot widget solves these problems.

Here’s how to add a chat widget to your website.

  1. Install the WP-Chatbot plugin onto your WordPress site.
  2. Connect the chatbot to Customers.ai.
  3. Set up a chatbot to respond to people who open up a chat on your website.

The sheer quantity of leads that this widget brings in is astonishing.

The chat widget not only functions as a service to interested website visitors. It also allows you to retarget those customers with promotional chats in the first 24 hours (plus one additional promotional chat outside of the 24-hour window).

Here’s an overview of how the chat widget works.

Adding a chat widget to your website is one of the quickest, easiest, effective and most direct ways to employ the power of a marketing bot on your website.

Marketing Bots for Qualifying the Right Customers: How to Automatically Segment Your Contacts to Isolate the Hot Leads

Many businesses and agencies face a common problem — not enough leads!

When you turn on the power of Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots, you might have a different problem: too many leads.

This is, of course, a good problem to have.

But how do you solve it?

Not every lead will turn into a customer. So you’ll need to sort out the tire-kickers from the real McCoys.

You can do this using a chatbot.

When assembled correctly, a chatbot can manage first contact to final qualification without you doing a thing.

To show you how this works, we’ll use the example of Cat Howell, who used this process in her agency. Howell’s agency provided Facebook marketing services for events and speakers.

Her funnel started with a Facebook ad and finalized in a call booking.

what is a chatbot - qualifying leads

In order to make sure that every lead who booked a call was prepared to become a client, she created the following qualification parameters using a chatbot.

what is a chatbot - qualifying leads with a chatbot

This way, a potential customer would answer a few questions — for example, how much revenue per month are you looking to generate?

Some users provided responses that predicted a paying client. Other users did not.

The chatbot automatically funneled high-potential users into a call booking. And those who did not qualify were provided resources and placed in a Facebook group for nurturing until they eventually became clients.

All of this happened automatically with no time-wasting activities by sales personnel, account reps, or agency team members.


Best of all, true to the conversational nature of chatbots, the entire process feels natural and interactive.

If you’d like to use this marketing bot for your business, go to the templates section of Customers.ai and view the templates library.

what is a chatbot - chatbot templates library

From the templates library, choose Cat Howell’s Agency Bot.

what is a chatbot -  lead qualifying chatbot

You can clone the marketing bot and customize it to your exact needs.

What is a Marketing Bot? All of This & More

So, what is a marketing bot?

A marketing bot is a form of marketing automation that business use to get more customers and support existing customers with time-saving automation.

Marketing bots on Facebook Messenger use the powerful form of conversation to improve engagement and to bring users closer to conversion.

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Here’s what to do next:

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