How to promote on Clubhouse

10 Knowledge Bombs on How to Promote on Clubhouse

Clubhouse turns content strategy on its head. How do you promote on an app that doesn’t keep a record of your content? Or host ads? Or allow direct messages? 

As it turns out, you can promote on Clubhouse even without recorded content, ads, or DMs. Our CEO Larry Kim used a brand-new strategy to get over 10K new leads on Clubhouse, all without spending a dime.

We’re here to break down how he did it. Take notes, and get started soon…because with plans in the works to open the app to the public, who knows how long the FOMO-fueled frenzy will last?

We’ll cover:


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What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is somewhere between a podcast and a livestream. Experts discuss industry news, hot tips, and “knowledge bombs.” Anyone can join these rooms in real-time.

If you want to add to the conversation, raise your virtual hand and wait for a moderator to bring you onto the stage. Then, wow the room with your expertise! By delivering value to everyone there, you can snag at least a few followers. (More on that later.)

The kicker here is that none of these conversations are recorded. If you’re not in a room, you don’t get to hear what’s being said, period. It’s actually against Clubhouse’s terms of service to record conversations without the consent of everyone present.

Without a record of your conversations, you can’t rely on a content backlog to bring in followers like you can on…well, on every other social media app ever. So is promoting on Clubhouse even worth it?

Why should you promote on Clubhouse?

To make it brief — over 1,000,000 weekly active users

That said, some industries are more suited to Clubhouse than others. Clubhouse is all about sharing expertise, so industry experts, small business owners, startup CEOs, etc. will easily fit in with the app’s user base.

When deciding whether or not to promote on Clubhouse, figure out if Clubhouse is home to your ideal prospects. For example, if your business sells shoes for babies, you may have less of an audience on Clubhouse than, say, a tech-savvy entrepreneur.

Then again, 1,000,000+ weekly active users is a lot of people. Rooms exist for topics anywhere from bitcoin to self help. Besides, having a smaller audience can actually help you gain traction. That’s because you have a lot better chance of getting called to the stage in a 50-user room than in a room of 5,000.  

So, get your business on Clubhouse, find where your audience hangs out, and start listening!

How can you get your business on Clubhouse?

Before we jump into how you can promote your business on Clubhouse, first let’s lay out exactly what you can — and can’t — do over on the app itself.

If you haven’t received an invite yet, there’s a couple things you can do. First, download the app and reserve your username. Next, reach out to your network. Odds are, someone you know can invite you.

If no one in your inner circle has an invite, reach out to larger communities until you find someone. And if all else fails, there are people out there selling invites…but as with everything sold online, be very careful to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Once you’re in, it’s finally time to start building that funnel. It all starts with your bio.

How to build a Clubhouse lead gen funnel in 10 simple steps

Step 1: Optimize your Clubhouse bio…then optimize it again

Your Clubhouse bio is beyond important. This is why: when someone inside a Clubhouse room clicks on your profile, all they see is your profile photo and the first three lines of your bio.

Compared to apps like Twitter and Instagram, your Clubhouse bio can actually be pretty long. But, you have to make those first three lines count. Use them to spark curiosity and inspire people to visit your full profile.

For inspiration, check out Larry Kim’s Clubhouse bio: 

Larry Kim’s Clubhouse bio. It begins with “Sold my 1st business for $150 Million”

The first line three lines — “Sold my 1st business for $150 Million,” “#8th Most Popular Author on Medium,” and “Founder of!” — highlight Larry’s achievements and build his credibility. 

After that, Larry goes in-depth about’s OmniChat messaging platform and how it can help small businesses. By this point, curious digital marketers will realize that this is someone they can trust for solid advice. So, they scroll through to read Larry’s full profile.

That’s where the next step comes in. 

Step 2: Link to Instagram from your Clubhouse bio

What? Instagram? What’s that doing here?

Yes, Instagram, and here’s why. Clubhouse does not allow you to direct message (DM) anyone within the app. That means that if you want to gather leads, you’ll have to direct people to an app where they can actually, you know…ask you for more information.

Linking to Instagram is far more effective than just linking your website. That’s because Clubhouse bio links aren’t clickable, and users can’t copy and paste them. 

Thankfully, Clubhouse does let you link your Twitter and Instagram accounts in your bio. It’s easy to start a conversation in your Instagram DMs, so include multiple calls to action (CTAs) to make sure people know where to find you.

Larry uses CTAs twice: 

In addition to using multiple CTAs in your bio, use emojis like 👇 to show visitors exactly where they can contact you. You want to make this funnel flow as smoothly as possible!

Step 3: Include a CTA in your profile photo

You only get one photo on Clubhouse — your profile photo. To make your Clubhouse lead gen funnel run even more smoothly, use this real estate to include yet another CTA!

Larry does it like this: 

Larry’s Clubhouse bio with the Instagram logo and the CTA “DM me ‘CLUBHOUSE.’”

Adapting this for your own business is simple. 

First, use the Instagram logo to let people know where to DM you (since they can’t on Clubhouse).

Then, choose a one-word code.

Finally, put it all together on your profile!

There’s a lot that goes into making a good profile on Clubhouse. To keep it all in one place, we’ve included a simple Clubhouse bio template at the end of this blog post. 

But remember — a good profile is only the first step. After you’ve put that together, you’ll need to create real value on Clubhouse by doing the following:

Step 4: Join rooms with relevant experts and influencers

From here on out, your job is to create value on Clubhouse by joining relevant rooms and sharing your knowledge.

Think about what your audience wants to know. What keywords will they search? What rooms will they join? Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and search for what they’re looking for.

Hopefully, you have a good idea of what your audience wants to know from existing market research. Questions your audience have on Instagram and Google are likely similar to the questions they have on Clubhouse

Also, think about if there are any influencers your audience is likely to follow, and follow them as well.

By doing this, you’ll build a relevant feed full of rooms that interest both you AND your audience. That means they’re perfect for you to swoop in and drop some knowledge bombs.

But before you do…

Step 5: Remember to listen as well as speak

As excited as you are to start sharing your knowledge and showcasing your business to new prospects, you’ve got to remember that Clubhouse is a two-way street. 

Think of it like an in-person conversation. If you were at a conference, you wouldn’t barge into a room and immediately start shouting about your business, right? (At least, we hope you wouldn’t.)

In the same way, take the time to listen to what’s going on in a room before you raise your hand to speak. Get a feel for what the conversation’s about, what material has already been covered, and what the room already knows (or doesn’t)! 

With hundreds of thousands of experts on Clubhouse every day, it’s very likely you’ll learn something valuable as well! Follow people who drop hot tips and really engage with this community.

Then, once you’ve settled in, put your digital hand up and wait for your time to shine.

Step 6: Use Engagement Pods to showcase your expertise

“Engagement Pods” are another term for starting rooms of your own. When you create a room about a topic you’re both passionate about and expert in, you can quickly establish yourself as an industry expert.

So, open a room and start engaging with like-minded experts!

Options for opening a room on Clubhouse.

When you create a room in Clubhouse, your followers will get a push notification to join in. The more rooms you host, the bigger your audience gets!

After you create a room, you automatically become a moderator. That means you get to pick who speaks and when. You can also appoint more moderators who have the same power. Use this platform to keep the conversation running smoothly!

As host, it’s your job to make sure to figure out in advance what your audience needs. If the conversation has been going on for awhile, try taking a 5-minute break. Prompt your audience to follow your moderators, and when you start up again, ask them to ping someone else into the room.

Hosting Engagement Pods like this is a great way to establish your expertise and build your following. It sets you up perfectly for the next step:

Step 7: Drop knowledge bombs in big Clubhouse rooms

Being an expert in your field is one thing. Getting comfortable speaking live on Clubhouse is another. So, after you’ve built your confidence in smaller rooms, get ready to make a splash in the big leagues!

One of the appeals of Clubhouse is that anyone can speak with anyone. So if you’re a digital marketing guru and you join a big room hosted by Neil Patel, nothing’s stopping you from raising your hand and waiting for your turn.

And once your turn is up, make it count! Drop a few highly valuable knowledge bombs…then watch your follower count blow up. As long as you’re contributing real value, you should see a near instant return.

So, to make the most of your brief moments alongside the stars, make absolutely sure to complete Step #8 before your speaking time ends!

Step 8: Tell your listeners who you are

This is crucial. If you want people to actually be able to follow up on your knowledge bombs, they have to know who you are.

A few people might be interested enough to click on your profile photo without this step, but don’t count on that! As always, people respond best to a strong CTA. So, give them one!

When you’re done sharing your expertise, you can say something like this: “Hey, I’m Paul, the customer retention cowboy! If you’re having problems with runaway customers, I can help. Go to my Clubhouse bio and find my Instagram link. Then DM me using the code ‘YEEHAW’ and I’ll send you my information and a time to chat!”

After that, you can sit back, let the conversation resume, and watch the leads flow in. 

Step 9: Sign up for and the Instagram beta

Now, unless you like spending hours answering hundreds upon hundreds of Instagram DMs, you’ll need a tool to instantly send each new lead into your marketing funnel.

Sign up for a free account to let our multi-channel chatbots reply to all your Instagram DMs and send your Clubhouse leads into your marketing funnels!

This is why that keyword you included in your Clubhouse bio and knowledge bomb signoff is so important. You can use it as a trigger word to start an autoresponder sequence every time that word is used in your inbox.

So, when Larry Kim used this strategy and woke up to an inbox full of messages like these…

Larry Kim’s inbox full of message requests from Clubhous

…he could rest easy knowing every single lead was taken care of. 

Step 10: Use Instagram messaging automation to manage your new leads 

To put the finishing touches on your funnel, you’ll need a messaging automation tool to answer your leads’ questions, gather their data, and follow up with them automatically.

When you build a messaging automation funnel with, it’ll look a little something like this:

An image of’s messaging automation funnel builder.

And voila! You’re ready to run your marketing funnel on autopilot. 

If you want to see what this looks like in action, head to our Instagram profile (on your mobile device), click “Message,” and say hi!

What’s that? You didn’t test it out? Here’s a photo of what the interaction looks like (last chance to click the link to our profile now before we spoil it for you!)

Screenshots of’s autoresponder tool in action.

As of May 2021, our Instagram tools are still in beta, but you can apply now to try them out! If you qualify, we’ll work with Facebook to grant you early access

With that, you’ve made it all the way to the end! As a reward, here’s the Clubhouse bio template we promised. Use it well, and soon you’ll experience lead gen like you’ve never known before. 😎’s Clubhouse Bio Template

Your Profile Photo (with a CTA!)


  • Eye-catching achievement #1
  • Eye-catching achievement #2
  • Eye-catching achievement #3 (Make sure this one is brand-related!)

Briefly explain what your product/service is, what it does, and why it’s awesome.

Put social proof here

CTA #1 (Need help with X? DM “code” to my Instagram for more info. 👇)

More details about yourself and your business

List your relevant interests

CTA #2 (Need help with X? DM “code” to my Instagram for more info. 👇👇👇)

Social media links!


Are you looking for an edge on Instagram? Influencers, artists, brands and D2C businesses, you may qualify to be the first to use tools that generate elite engagement via Instagram DMs.

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