The 40 Best Marketing Agency Software & Tools

There is enough marketing agency software and tools available to turn this article into a never-ending scroll. 

Do you have time to research and find out which tools will upgrade your marketing game? 

No, you don’t. 

We did it for you! You’re welcome. 

We are always on the lookout for the most innovative and best agency software and tools to help with your marketing agency growth.

Are you ready to scale? Or do you need to reevaluate your current marketing tools stack and workflows to improve efficiency and cut costs?

According to the ‘Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic’ list by Scott Brinker, there are over 8,000 marketing tools, all of which can be considered on your quest to find the best marketing tools & agency software.

Let’s narrow down the field on your own with the process of elimination. See the areas where you most need marketing agency software, and then keep digging until you find the one that best suits your needs. 

To Help You Select The Best Tools, Start With These Foundational Questions

  • What are Marketing Agency Software and Tools?
  • How are the Marketing Agency Software and Tools Divided?
  • The 40 Best Marketing Agency Software and Tools!

Let’s dive straight into it! for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

What Are Marketing Agency Software And Tools?

Whether you are a small to medium scale organization or you run on an enterprise-level, you need the help of some software or tools. 

While there aren’t too many Swiss army knives like’s OmniChat out there, these software or tools will help improve the performance and increase the efficiency of manual and repetitive tasks. 

And we know that you know there are many such tasks in the marketing profession. 

As mentioned above, there are thousands of tools and software, but not all of them would fit your company’s puzzle. Find the missing piece here!

How Are The Marketing Agency Software And Tools Divided?

From a 10,000 ft. view, the 40 best marketing agency software and tools we are going to explore can be divided into the following six groups:

  1. Content Marketing Tools
  2. Analytics Tools
  3. Project Management Tools
  4. Design Tools
  5. Email Marketing Tools
  6. Social Media Platforms

The 40 Best Marketing Agency Software & Tools

What might be working the best for your competitor’s organization or even your friend’s agency might not work well for you. 

Here are a few guidelines to follow that will help you select the marketing agency software and tools that will bring the most benefit to your business. 

How To Select The Right Marketing Agency Software

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine which tools will fit your needs best. 

  1. Is the customer service supportive and readily available? There’s nothing worse than a pressing issue and having to wait days for a response. 
  2. Is the tool user-friendly? Don’t invest your resources in a tool that everyone on your team can’t quickly figure out. Productivity is the key to profitability. Time is money, right? 
  3. Is it agile enough? Everything is always changing, fast. How will the tool change over time? Are the developers regularly releasing updates and adding new features? Don’t waste time on something that will be stale and cumbersome in a year or two because it comes from lazy developers.
  4. How much customization do you need? Do you need a client-facing view? 
  5. Is it easy to collaborate with your current team setup and workflows? Can it improve workflows or eliminate a bottleneck somewhere in your processes? 
  6. Does it integrate into other marketing agency software and tools you depend on? API-friendly?
  7. What will your customers or clients gain from you implementing this new software? 
  8. What is the primary objective? What’s the point? 
  9. Is there going to be a learning curve for you or anyone on your team? 

With these questions in mind, you will make a better-informed decision about which trials to sign up for and which to skip.

Best Marketing Agency Software for Content Marketing

1. Cookieless Facebook Ad Pixel

The best marketing agency software to restore and ramp up ad retargeting campaigns

With, you can capture website visitor data, create audiences, and send it directly to ad platforms, including Meta.

See 2-3x higher conversion rates by leveraging your first-party data in a privacy-compliant manner, far surpassing Facebook Advantage+ or interest-based ad targeting methods.

Boost your retargeting capabilities, get more leads, close more sales, and create a better customer experience! 

2. SEMrush

Optimize your content for search with the best marketing agency software for SEO research

This is a fantastic tool for tracking keywords, analyzing competitors keywords, view backlinks, and more! SEMrush is one of the best SEO tools available for marketers. 

3. Ahrefs

Know all of your SEO metrics

Another epic SEO tool right up there with SEMrush and Moz. 

Don’t pass Ahrefs without trying their backlink checking and site audit. 

Start driving more organic traffic to your site with a little research.

4. Consumer Directory

The best marketing agency software for finding intent-based leads

The intent-based Consumer Directory can help you not only enrich leads data but also build your ad retargeting audiences with customers who fit your ICP.

Consumer Directory helps marketers by offering focused functionalities including:

  • Targeted Consumer Profiles: Detailed and segmented consumer profiles to help marketers tailor their strategies and messages effectively.
  • Behavior Insights: Insights into consumer behavior and preferences, enabling more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with various marketing and sales tools, enhancing data-driven decision-making and campaign management.

5. Grammarly 

Dodge spelling and grammar mistakes

Don’t let your content marketing, chat blasting, or ad campaigns suffer a single typo with Grammarly. 

It’s a sweet tool with browser extensions to check your emails as you type and more. 

6. SE Ranking

Rank your keywords efficiently

A comprehensive SEO tool built with SEO agencies in mind. 

SE Ranking offers highly accurate keyword rank tracking to SEO/PPC competitive research, website audits, backlinks, and more. 

It has a slick interface with tons of historical data access and insights. 

7. KWFinder

Find organic and effective keywords fast

KWFinder is a handy SEO tool for researching long-tail keywords to inform your overall SEO strategy. 

8. BuzzStream

The best marketing agency software for influencer outreach

Another great tool for email outreach, email list and link building.

9. Content Snare

Create content while collaborating with your clients

This is a great solution for marketers who feel like they are constantly twisting their client’s arms to send them content. 

Get out of email inbox limbo and collaborate with your clients on Content Snare. 

10. Customer Journey Insights

The best marketing agency software for tracking the customer journey across your website  

Track your website visitors across different pages and workflows and build audiences based on those signals.’s Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel allows you to track the journey of every new contact you generate. Even better, setting it up is super simple. 

  1. Add the Pixel to every page on your site. This ensures that you can track the whole journey. If a page doesn’t have our X-Ray Pixel on it, you won’t be able to see whether a customer visited that page or not. 
  2. Click on your My Leads tab. 
  3. Click on the contact. 
  4. See their whole Customer Journey, including which pages they visited, the order of the pages they visited, which emails they’ve received, and what they did after they received the email! 

See Who Is On Your Site Right Now!

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11. Keywords Everywhere

PPC keyword research browser extension

Simplify your keyword research with the Keywords Everywhere browser extension. 

When you eat and sleep SEO, you truly do see keywords everywhere, and this app helps too. 

12. Moz Pro

Get fast SEO analysis 

Moz is another great tool that has long been compared against SEMrush and Ahrefs as some of the best SEO analysis tools. 

Different strokes for different folks, which is your favorite? Tell us why in the comments below! 

13. Leadfeeder

Don’t let any leads go to waste

There is something incredibly satisfying about knowing who is looking at your website at any given moment. 
Imagine seeing a rep or exec from the gorilla-sized prospect you’ve been pursuing actively checking out your website! Call them! Message them! Go, go, go!

And what about your social media page visitors? Engage with them too! Engage, engage, engage! 

“Simplify, simplify, simplify!” – Henry David Thoreau

Best Marketing Agency Software for Analytics

14. Google Analytics 

Know your analytics like the back of your hand

You can glean enough information from a basic knowledge of Google Analytics to satisfy most client needs. However, are the dedicated data nerd that like to dig deeper? 

Google Analytics is a powerhouse and deserves to be near the top of any marketing agency software and tools list. 

15. Nuvi – Get real-time insights and data visualization

This is a fun tool, aesthetically speaking, and analytically speaking. 

It can analyze your social media as good as any other tool, and it makes pretty graphs, what’s not to love? 

It has a slew of other social media features as well, fighting to be a comprehensive social tool. 

16. – Increase your outbound sales with actionable data

Increase your chances of conversions and inform your outbound and direct response marketing efforts with deep data analytics. 

Best Marketing Agency Software for Project Management

17. Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite) 

Collaboration and communication in one

G Suite has been a strong and competitive option for any size organization looking to digitally transform. 

It recently underwent a rebranding and is now Google Workspace.

Whether you were a brick-and-mortar agency before and need to go remote fast or you’ve been fully digital since day one, it couldn’t be easier to store your data, collaborate, and create than with Google Workspace. 

Two thumbs up! 

18. HubSpot Marketing – Track your funnel’s top 

HubSpot has been killing it at inbound since way back when they coined the term “inbound marketing”. 

It’s no surprise that the HubSpot Marketing platform has a robust set of features that deserve an article dedicated to solely utilizing and glorifying it. 

19. Jira – For increased agility while managing your projects

If you are in software development or your agency is associated with it in any way, you know about Jira. 

Keep those agile projects humming along quickly with this slick platform for project management. 

20. PandaDoc – Create proposals and track them

Keep your sales process simple and organized with PandaDoc. 

This smart software offers proposal and contract templates, e-signing, payments, and more. 

21. Skype – Best video calling for business meetings

This one is a hot debate leftover from the 2020 office exodus due to the pandemic.

Either you love the video calls or you hate them, but they aren’t going away anytime soon. Skype is a great option for high quality video meetings amongst other competing apps. 

A big benefit to Skype is the Microsoft integrations. If you are already on a Microsoft Teams and Office 365 setup, this is a logical alternative choice outside of what Teams already offers. 

22. Samepage – Get the entire team working cohesively on a project

A great option for project management when it comes to collaborating on a shared project. 

23. Teamwork – Handle all multifaceted project management scenarios

Which came first, Monday or Teamwork? It doesn’t matter, even if they are riffing off each other (nothing is sacred in marketing land, mwahaha) they each offer a unique project management platform.

Compare the features and decide which better suits your agency’s needs. 

24. Basecamp – Everything for project collaboration and management

Another project management powerhouse, Basecamp is great for any size organization. 

If you aren’t a fan of the Jira, Trello, and ClickUp board layout then Basecamp may better vibe with your tribe. It relies on notifications (lots of notifications if you don’t adjust your settings, warning!) to collaborate and comment threads. 

It’s a powerful beast of an app and you could get lost easily without some guidance. 

25. Slack – Simplify your team’s communication

This is a must-have for collaboration amongst remote and distributed teams. Slack has tons of cool chatbot features and options built in. 

Did you know that you can integrate with Slack? YES! 

There is a lot of fun to be had with a plethora of options but for now try sending notifications into a specific Slack channel whenever captures a new contact. 

26. HubSpot CRM + Sales Pro – Keep an eye on your sales pipeline

The marketing agency software and tools that HubSpot offers within their free CRM is pretty epic. Every marketer has used it at some point in time, whether they wanted to or not. 

Clients love it, marketers love it, and Larry Kim loves it! 

27. Loom – Create and send screen recordings super fast

It’s not only fun to use, but it makes you look pro! 

Loom automatically uses the picture-in-picture of you (if you want to show yourself) while your recording a screencast. 

We love using Loom for internal training and onboarding resources. 

28. Calendly – The easiest way to book meetings

Generate a custom link that takes your prospects or clients to a calendar that integrates with all of your other calendars to provide accurate availability. 

Create a gap or time cushion between meetings to avoid overlaps or to have a moment of zen between closing unicorn deals. 

29. ClickUp – Strong project management for free

This is a feature rich PM tool, holy cow! 

If you need flexibility and customization galore, ClickUp is the way to go.  ClickUp is a highly scalable tool that will grow with you, keep your team accountable and productive. 

30. Drip – The best marketing agency software & tool for swift marketing automation

Automate your customer’s journey with Drip. 

We like drag and drop workflow builders at This tool is reminiscent of our very own visual chatbot builder or Zapier (which easily integrates with by the way). 

Best Marketing Agency Software for Design

31. Ceros 

The best marketing agency software to create interactive ebooks, infographics, and landing pages

This is a fun cloud-based tool for marketers and designers looking to create code-free immersive content. We think it’s worth a look! 

32. Fotor – Who doesn’t like a free online photo editing tool?

Fotor is a fantastic online photo editing tool with powerful features.

It also makes it super easy to collaborate with other photographers or editors around the world. 

33. BrowserStack – Offers cross-device and cross-browser testing 

A really cool app to test out your website, app, or software on 2000+ devices and browsers. 

Measure twice, launch/rollout once! 

Best Marketing Agency Software for Email Marketing

34. Seventh Sense

Send your emails at the perfect time

If you are looking to take your email marketing to the next level, Seventh Sense might be a good tool for you.

Know exactly when to send and automatically personalize it with the power of AI. 

35. Beacon

The best marketing agency tool for speedy ebook lead magnet creation

This is another excellent option for growing your email lists, specifically with ebooks, a pretty effective lead magnet. 

There are many ways to utilize ebooks in marketing, but most notably for building an email list. 

36. Right Inbox – Turn your Gmail account into a personal CRM

A handy little tool, probably most suitable for the solopreneur or freelancer. Right Inbox basically adds all of the features to Gmail that a marketer would want but Gmail was missing.

But a startup or small agency could enjoy enormous benefits of utilizing a CRM in your Gmail account.

MacGyver your email into a full blown CRM tool, sweet! 

Best Marketing Agency Software for Social Media Platforms

37. Oktopost

Generate leads via social media

A fairly new contender, Oktopost came out the same year as CoSchedule and some other social media management platforms. 

They continue to make upgrades that makes this social scheduler and all-in-one social management tool worthy of your consideration.

38. AgoraPulse Social Media Management Software

Agorapulse is an all-in-one dashboard for social media management that simplifies the understanding of social media metrics.

AgoraPulse has great monitoring and engagement capabilities, giving you audience insights and a way to take advantage of otherwise missed opportunities.

Additionally, AgoraPulse has lots of options to build a pipeline for your content calendar, allowing you to store unlimited posts tied to particular themes, and queue them up for publishing.

39. Iconosquare Social Media Analytics & Management

Iconosquare is one of the leading analytics and management platforms used by agencies and social media marketers.

Agencies use Iconosquare to help their clients manage their social media accounts. (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are available).

Some of the best features for agencies on Iconosquare are:

  • In-depth analytics to understand their clients’ audience for increased account growth and engagement.
  • Easy reporting – easily report the performance to your clients thanks to branded PDF reports at the click of a button.
  • Multi profile management – report and analyze the social media performance of multiple social media profiles and content for your clients from one dashboard.
  • Automatic scheduler – save time by setting and forgetting your content in advance.
  • Scheduler collaboration – facilitate collaboration with your clients or your team by sharing your scheduler calendar with external approvers.

40. SocialBee Social Media Management

SocialBee is a comprehensive tool designed for the seamless management of your social media profiles. With this platform, you can schedule and automate posts and receive assistance in creating a tailored social media strategy. 

Monitor key performance metrics such as engagement and follower growth, and efficiently handle messages, comments, and mentions—all from a unified interface.

For agencies overseeing multiple accounts, SocialBee enables the organization of clients’ dashboards into distinct workspaces for a more structured approach. Collaborative efforts are facilitated through features like assigning roles to team members, obtaining content approval from clients, and leaving notes on posts for effective communication.

Out With The Old, In With The New

In marketing, you have to always be on the lookout for better ways of doing things. 

It’s an industry that lends itself to innovation, especially with automation. 

Are you still using your legacy systems and processes? If you want different results you’ve got to try something new. 

With, you can start capturing website visitors, giving you larger ad audiences and helping you turn visitors into leads. It’s free to try and no credit card is required. Give it ago!

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