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The #1 Site Search, Merchandising, and Personalization Platform Built Exclusively For Ecommerce.

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About Searchspring

Searchspring delivers the ultimate shopping experience. As the #1 search, merchandising, and personalization platform built exclusively for ecommerce, Searchspring enables brands to get the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

Who is Searchspring?

To put it simply, we’re the difference between a single transaction and a meaningful relationship. We help you create an amazing shopper experience.

Why Searchspring?

Online shoppers hate visiting a site and not being able to find what they want. They won’t convert, they’ll jump to a competitor, and never come back. Searchspring gives you total control over your ecommerce site, so shoppers actually enjoy being there.

Increase cart size, conversions, and repeat customers with search, merchandising, personalization, and insights that get the right product, in front of the right shopper, at the right time. 

That’s how you deliver the ultimate shopper experience.

Use cases

  • On-Site Search

    Guide shoppers throughout the complete buyer journey by providing hyper-relevant search and product discovery experiences that get shoppers to the right set of products.

  • Product Merchandising

    Take total control over how products are displayed and arranged on-site, while customizing the buyer experience with targeted content and offers that resonate with shoppers.

  • Personalization

    Create unique, tailored shopping experiences with automatically curated personalized recommendations and product bundles based on shopper history, real-time behavior, and customer preferences.

  • Ecommerce Reporting and Insights

    Understand your shoppers on a deeper level with insightful, meaningful data that helps you make informed decisions based on real behaviors.