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About Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a dynamic and innovative software company that specializes in providing powerful tools and solutions for website optimization and user behavior analysis. With a mission to empower businesses to enhance their online presence and boost conversion rates, Lucky Orange offers a suite of cutting-edge products designed to help companies gain valuable insights into how visitors interact with their websites.

Lucky Orange, offers real-time visitor tracking, heatmaps, session recordings, and live chat functionality, allowing businesses to visualize user journeys, identify pain points, and engage with their website visitors in real-time. These actionable insights enable our clients to make data-driven decisions, optimize their websites for improved user experience, and ultimately increase conversions and revenue.

Lucky Orange is trusted by over 450k of businesses worldwide, from small startups to large enterprises, across various industries. Our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement sets us apart as a leading player in the field of web analytics and conversion optimization.


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Use cases

  • E-commerce Conversion Boost

    An e-commerce site struggled with cart abandonment. Lucky Orange revealed issues during checkout, such as payment confusion and slow loading. After optimizations, they saw increased conversions and happier customers.

  • Lead Generation and Engagement

    A B2B software company improved lead generation and engagement. Lucky Orange's heatmaps highlighted issues with their "Request a Demo" button and lead forms. They made adjustments, resulting in more leads and better customer interaction.

  • Content Engagement Enhancement

    A content-rich website wanted to improve user engagement with its articles and blog posts. By using Lucky Orange's heatmaps and session recordings, they discovered that visitors often scrolled quickly through content or abandoned pages. Insights led them to redesign their article layout, add interactive elements, and optimize load times. These changes resulted in increased time spent on pages, higher engagement, and more social sharing of their content.

  • User Onboarding and Product Adoption

    A SaaS company aimed to improve user onboarding and product adoption rates. Using Lucky Orange's session recordings and live chat features, they tracked how new users interacted with their software. They identified common stumbling points and proactively engaged users through live chat to provide guidance. These personalized interactions helped users overcome obstacles, resulting in higher product adoption rates, reduced churn, and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization for a Landing Page

    A digital marketing agency was tasked with improving the conversion rate of a client's landing page for a new product launch. They employed Lucky Orange's heatmap analysis to identify areas of low engagement and high drop-off rates. Based on these findings, they made strategic changes to the page design, optimized the call-to-action placement, and A/B tested different headlines. Thanks to these adjustments, the landing page saw a substantial increase in conversion rates, leading to a successful

  • Multichannel Marketing Campaign Optimization

    A digital marketing agency running multichannel campaigns for a retail client needed to maximize ROI. They used Lucky Orange to track user behavior across different campaign landing pages, including social media, email, and paid search. By analyzing session recordings and heatmaps, they identified variations in user engagement and conversion rates across channels. Armed with this data, they reallocated their budget to focus on the most effective channels and adjusted ad messaging to align with u