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21 Powerful Facebook Advertising Tools to Advance Your Ad Performance

Digital marketers: Get a leg-up on your competition and push your Facebook Ads to the next level of profitability with 21 advanced Facebook advertising tools you may not be using.

The Facebook ad tools here will provide you with:

  • Actionable performance insights
  • Effective audience targeting abilities
  • Innovative brand experiences 
  • Better cost per results

The 21 Best Facebook Advertising Tools


That’s how many active monthly users we’re looking at when you add up user activity across all of Facebook’s properties.

Facebook has designed its ad platform so advertisers can run ads to reach users on all of the Facebook properties at once — Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Marketplace, and the Facebook Audience Network. 

You may already be familiar with Facebook’s suite of ad tools that advertisers use to create ads, run experiments, review performance and view competitor ads. 

There are also third-party platforms that will enhance every stage of an ad funnel and analysis.

At Customers.ai we’ve tried a lot of Facebook tools since it launched its ad platform in 2007. 

The tools here make up our actual stack of must-have software we use to break records in cost per acquisition and other key metrics.

Try these 21 Facebook advertising tools that will make your ad dollar reach further: 

  1. Facebook Ads Manager and Ads Manager mobile app
  2. Facebook Pixel
  3. Customers.ai click-to-Messenger ad funnel builder
  4. WordStream Facebook Ads Grader
  5. Facebook customer chat and WordPress plugin
  6. Unbounce landing page builder
  7. Customers.ai sponsored messages advanced ad builder
  8. HubSpot Ad Management Software
  9. Facebook Insights audience tools
  10. Remarketing audiences from chat audiences/history
  11. AdEspresso management and reporting platform
  12. Advanced Facebook inbox manager in Customers.ai mobile app
  13. Agorapulse Facebook Ads report
  14. Facebook boosted post comment autoresponder
  15. SEMrush social media ads
  16. Hootsuite Ads
  17. Canva Facebook ad creative tool
  18. Facebook Ads Manager media tools
  19. Boomerang and Instagram Story media creator
  20. Facebook Ad Library
  21. Facebook Insights

Let’s dive into the performance-boosting power of each tool here.

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Facebook Advertising Tools #1. Facebook Ads Manager and Ads Manager mobile app

Ads Manager is Facebook’s advanced management platform for running paid media across the Facebook family of apps. You may already be using it to create audiences, run ad campaigns and experiments, and review performance.

But did you know that Facebook Ads Manager has a mobile app for iOS and Android with tons of bells and whistles?

Facebook Ads Manager mobile app

Use the app to stay on the pulse of your Facebook ad performance and even create new ads and audiences on the go from your phone.

Facebook Advertising Tool #2. Facebook Pixel

The Facebook universal pixel is a foundational tool in any Facebook advertiser’s toolkit.

Facebook advertising tools - Facebook Pixel

The pixel on you site or app will power the ability to create custom audiences based on user behavior on your website or app, and give you insights into conversions from your ads.

Be sure to install the Facebook Ad Pixel on your website, app and web properties so you can do advanced audience targeting and run event-based conversion campaigns.

Facebook Advertising Tools #3. Customers.ai click-to-Messenger ad funnel builder

My favorite Facebook ad example is called the click-to-Messenger ad and it’s a unicorn because of a feature called instant lead capture.

As soon as someone clicks the CTA button on the ad, they’re sent to your brand’s Messenger experience.

When they engage with your brand in Messenger, they become a contact with captured lead data and the ability to send follow-up messaging.

Use Customers.ai’s Facebook Messenger funnel builder to automate the conversation you have with new lead. This trick can infinitely scale your lead gen efforts because you don’t have to manually qualify and collect lead data.

Use the Click-to-Messenger Ads tool in Customers.ai to set up a Facebook Messenger ad with automated lead capture.

Facebook click-to-Messenger ad builder

Ask qualifying questions and create lasting connections with new leads with a visual chatbot builder that connects right to your Facebook ad.

Facebook click-to-Messenger ad funnel tool

Customers.ai customers are cutting their cost per lead in half or more with this engaging new ad format. See what I mean in this Facebook Messenger ad case study.

Facebook Advertising Tool #4. WordStream

Want a pointed review of your Facebook Ad account with a checklist of areas of improvement?

Facebook advertising tools: Wordstream Facebook Ads Grader

That’s exactly what you’ll get from the WordStream Facebook Ads Performance Grader.

Each recommendation includes you an action you can take that will increase your ads adherence to best practices, and a step closer to optimum ad setup, audience targeting and more.

Facebook Advertising Tool #5. Facebook customer chat and WordPress plugin

Did you know that you can integrate Facebook advertising tools onto your own website for lead gen as well?

Facebook advertising is a full-funnel channel for reaching leads at the top of the funnel, nurturing leads into customers, and re-engaging customers into repeat business.

And when you power the web chat on your site with Facebook Messenger chat, every new conversation becomes a contact in your Customers.ai database that you can follow-up with, engage deeper with, and create meaningful customer relationships with.

These contacts can be used as a remarketing audience via in Customers.ai Facebook ad audience sync (see tool #10), as well as the seed for a custom lookalike audience.

Start by adding the Facebook customer chat widget to your site. Use the chat widget tool to create a custom greeting, placement, and automated welcome conversation.

Facebook Website Chat Widget

See what the chat widget looks and behaves like on your site with the new customer chat previewer.

Facebook Website Chat Preview Tool

The customer chat widget is totally free to install on your site with Customers.ai’s Free Forever special edition, available for a limited time.

If you’re using WordPress for your site, installing the chat widget is just a WP-Chatbot plugin away.

Facebook Advertising Tool #6. Unbounce landing pages for social ads

When using Facebook traffic or conversion ads, you want to provide a high-converting experience on your website landing page.

Facebook Advertising Tools: Unbounce Social Ads Landing Page Tools

Unbounce makes custom Facebook ad landing page creation possible by anyone, no coding skills required.

Facebook Advertising Tool #7. Sponsored messages advanced ad builder

Facebook sponsored messages are one of the best Facebook ad examples because they are like a message in the inbox of a friend or family member, but the content of the message is an offer from your brand.

Sponsored Message ads are so native to the platform that they don’t even look like an ad until your audience member clicks on it.

Send a message into your target audience’s inbox and automate the follow-up conversation with Customers.ai’s sponsored message campaign builder.

It’s just like the Facebook ad manager — choose your audience from Customers.ai audience segments, add an image and ad text, then write the conversation funnel with Customers.ai’s chatbot builder.

Facebook Advertising Tools: Facebook Sponsored Message Ad Autoresponder

The final ad looks a little like this, sent straight to the Messenger inbox of your audience.

sponsored messages alert to messenger

Learn more about sponsored message ads with automated follow up.

Facebook Advertising Tool #8. HubSpot Ad Management Software

HubSpot’s ad software allows you to create, manage, and report on your digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, and other various ad networks. This is an especially great option if you’re looking for an easy way to tie back your advertising to your entire marketing efforts, all in one place.

The free version is ideal if you’re getting started running Facebook ads and want to generate new leads. With a HubSpot free account, you’ll be able to:

  • Build ads quickly and easily using the built-in editor
  • Sync your leads to make sure all your contacts are in one place
  • Access reports that will let you see exactly which ads your contacts clicked before converting

HubSpot’s free plan also includes additional tools to help you nurture your leads into customers:

  • Form and popup builder
  • Live chat and chatbots
  • Landing page builder
  • Email marketing
  • And more

Once you begin to outgrow the free limits, HubSpot’s paid plans are designed to assist you on your journey and follow you through your growth as you scale your business.

Once you get more ad spend budget, you can upgrade to the premium features of HubSpot’s ad tool which will allow you to use retargeting to reach people based on their past interactions with you and what you know about them, as well as automate these processes, along with more detailed attribution reports.

See Who Is On Your Site Right Now!

Turn anonymous visitors into genuine contacts.

Try it Free, No Credit Card Required

Facebook Advertising Tool #9. Facebook Insights tools

The Audience Insights tool from Facebook lets you explore the audience targeting capabilities from the Facebook network.

Facebook Insights Audience Tools

Starting with the total Facebook population, layer on filters including whether they’re connected to your Page or Place, any of Facebook’s interest, behavior, and demographic audience targeting, age, gender and location.

Get familiar with the rich interest-based audience targeting with the Audience Insights tools located within Facebook IQ.

Facebook Advertising Tool #10. Remarketing audiences from chat audiences/history

Targeting the right audience is key to ad performance. Remarketing audiences convert 4X higher than cold audiences because a warm audience already knows you.

Facebook Messenger Audience Sync

There are many ways you can create a custom remarketing audience, like from website traffic, post engagement, and people connected to your Page.

You can also create very granular audiences based on messaging history with your Page.

Use Customers.ai audience attributes to create audience segments based on chat history, expressed interests, what they’re looking for, and really anything you ask in interactive messaging from your Facebook Page, website and more.

Facebook Advertising Tool #11. AdEspresso 

AdEspresso’s platform is an all-in-one digital advertising suite that lets you manage campaigns in Facebook Ads and other ad networks like Google.

This streamlines our team’s ad management by giving us a centralized place for collaboration, optimization, analysis and reporting.

AdEspresso Facebook Advertising Tools

There’s also a smart optimization engine that will automatically pause and run ads based on optimization rules for CPA, CPL and other metrics.

Facebook Advertising Tool #12. Advanced Facebook inbox management in mobile app

Response time is critical for a business. Outside of regular office hours, or if you are on the go, Customers.ai offers a way to stay connected to customers across Facebook Messenger, web chat and other messaging channels from a unified mobile app.

Customers.ai Messenger Chat Mobile App

Advanced customer support features mean like push notifications make the Customers.ai chat marketing app for Android and iOS one of the most convenient ways to be notified when someone chatting with you in Facebook needs follow-up.

Facebook Advertising Tool #13. Agorapulse Ads Report

Let’s face it, Facebook’s native advertising reporting tools are lacking.

There’s data, but it can take a bit of work to get it in the form of insight-at-a-glance.

Agorapulse Ads Report

We like Agorapulse’s take on a visual centric report for Facebook Ads. The AdsReport is especially useful for agencies because it gleans insights and makes for a nice deliverable.

Facebook Advertising Tools #14. Facebook boosted post comment autoresponder

The boosted post ad is awesome because you take your best performing organic Facebook content and blast it into the News Feeds of more people than the organic algorithm will show.

This gives the boosted post ad the advantage of a really native content experience, with the extended reach of an ad.

But you can really pour fuel on the boosted post ad when you make it a lead capture tool with a comment guard autoresponder.

Give it a try, just leave a comment on this post and you’ll experience the Messenger autoresponder in action.

Facebook post with comment guard

The comment guard will automatically reply to you in Messenger.

Facebook comment guard boosted post ad

And, when you engage in the conversation, Customers.ai collects your info, including name, location and language.

Even better, an advertiser can design an ad funnel for learning more about the new contact so future brand messaging can be personalized and more relevant.

Facebook Advertising Tool #15. SEMrush social media ads

What SEMrush offers for digital advertisers is a simplified and streamlined process for creating ads.

SEMrush Social Media Ads

Use the Social Media Ads tools in SEMrush’s Social Media Toolkit as part of a holistic system for gaining research and insights, competitor tracking, and developing ad creation.

Facebook Advertising Tools #16. Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite is a proven platform for social media management teams with essential efficiencies like bulk post and scheduling.

Hootsuite Social Media Ads Tools

The ads tools bring that collaboration and efficiency to social teams that work on the ads side, unifying the management across social and search platforms, and the organic and paid side of the house.

Facebook Advertising Tools #17. Canva ad creative

Innovative, eye-catching creative is a must in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

But that’s no small job. Each ad type has small differences in optimal image sizes. With all a nimble digital advertiser has to juggle, the ever-changing ad dimensions may send you over the edge.

Canva Templates Facebook Ads

Canva is one of the best options for DIY Facebook ad creative creation. The Pro tools make it possible to convert ad creative into different sizes automatically.

And there’s a big selection of animation stickers that will add scroll-stopping movement to your graphics.

Facebook Advertising Tool #18. Facebook Ads Manager Media Tools

Just in case you weren’t aware, you can use stock photos powered by Shutterstock directly from the ads creation process in Facebook Ads Manager.

Search stock photos when you create a single image ad.

Facebook Ads Manager Media Tools

Facebook also offers animated templates for creating a video or slideshow from your own images or graphics.

Facebook Advertising Tools #19: Facebook Ad Library

The best competitive intelligence tool for Facebook Ads out there is hands-down the Ad Library.

Facebook Ad Library tools

Search the Ad Library by advertiser name (i.e., your competitor) and you’ll see the ads they’re running or have run.

Precious data includes ad spend, sorting by impressions, and if the ad is active or inactive.

Facebook Advertising Tool #20: Boomerang and Instagram Stories

Users are spending a lot of time in Instagram Stories and you don’t need a big budget to create ad creative that blends naturally into the space.

Instagram ad Story maker

Use the actual Story creator from your Instagram mobile app to add text and stickers to an image or video you upload to the editor. Use advanced camera features like lenses and Boomerang to create something that feels native to the format.

Then download your new creative and upload it into your Facebook ads management platform of choice.

Facebook Advertising Tools #21: Facebook Insights

What’s data-rich, integrated into every Facebook account, and totally free?

The Facebook analytics right insight Page Insights!

Facebook advertising insights

View the Facebook Page Insights within a Facebook Page to get data about people who interact with your Page, actions taken on your page, reach of your content, and more.

Many of the Facebook analytics reported right within Page Insights are broken down into paid and organic sources, giving you insights on reach, engagement, and more from advertising campaigns.

Important Next Steps

You’ve seen a lot of Facebook advertising tools here today, I’d venture a few you’ve never heard of.

Give them a try and let me know how it goes for you.

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FAQs about Facebook Advertising Tools

Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Advertising Tools

Q: What are Facebook advertising tools?

A: Facebook advertising tools are software or platforms designed to help businesses create, manage, and optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns. These tools offer various features such as ad creation, audience targeting, performance tracking, and analytics to enhance the effectiveness of Facebook advertising efforts.

Q: What are some popular Facebook advertising tools?

A: Some popular Facebook advertising tools include:

  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • AdEspresso
  • Qwaya
  • Driftrock
  • AdStage

These tools offer a range of features to streamline ad creation, audience targeting, optimization, and reporting.

Q: How do Facebook advertising tools help businesses?

A: Facebook advertising tools provide businesses with powerful features and functionalities to:

  • Create visually appealing and compelling ads
  • Target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors
  • Optimize ad campaigns to improve performance and maximize ROI
  • Track and analyze ad performance through detailed reporting and analytics

These tools simplify the process of managing and optimizing Facebook advertising campaigns, helping businesses achieve better results and reach their marketing objectives.

Q: Are Facebook advertising tools suitable for small businesses?

A: Yes, Facebook advertising tools are suitable for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. Many tools offer user-friendly interfaces, intuitive features, and budget-friendly options that cater specifically to the needs and resources of small businesses. These tools can help small businesses create effective Facebook ad campaigns, reach their target audiences, and achieve their marketing goals.

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