Can AI Help Overcome the Loss of Third-Party Cookies? Google Thinks So

In June of 2021, Google announced they would sunset cookies come 2023. Sure they delayed it a few times but let’s be honest, as marketers, we’ve had plenty of time to adapt and adjust to a web without cookies.

Yet, here we are in 2024 and people still aren’t ready. 

In fact, according to Dan Taylor, Google’s VP of Global Advertising Strategies, only 30% of marketers feel prepared for third-party cookie deprecation and both advertisers and publishers have been reluctant to invest in cookie alternatives.

Well, guess what? There is no more time and Google’s latest announcement is a wake-up call for marketers. 

There will be no more delays, third-party cookies are on their way out, and marketers had better adapt. 

But how? 

While we don’t often find ourselves nodding our heads so enthusiastically at statements from Google, we can’t help but smile at this one. 

Per Taylor, advertisers can overcome signal loss by prioritizing the following:

  • AI investment
  • Refined targeting
  • Measurement and ad delivery strategies

We feel the same way Google. These are the exact things is solving for!

So let’s jump in and look at how marketers can start moving toward a cookieless future. 

1. Hop on the AI Train

I think at this point we can all agree AI isn’t just another trend. It’s big and it’s here to stay.

For marketers, AI opens the doors to not only a whole new level of scalability but also a new level of audience engagement. Imagine being able to predict what your customers want before they even know it themselves. AI can help do that!

But that’s just one power. 

Here at, we are using AI to capture first-party data, create personalized messaging at scale, build and refine ad audiences, and so much more. 

If you are just starting to experiment with AI technology or have started testing out new tools, here are a few quick tips to consider: 

  • Lean into AI tools that can sift through data and uncover insights faster than any human could.
  • Personalize your approach. Use AI to tailor your marketing messages so that they resonate deeply with each individual in your audience.
  • Experiment and Learn. Start with a mindset geared towards experimentation. Start small with AI-powered tools for insights or automation, and learn as you go. It’s about trial, error, and ultimately, discovery.

2. Collect First-Party Data Like It’s Gold (Because It Is)

For years we’ve relied on third-party data to help us make decisions, validate theories, distribute ad budgets, and so on and so forth. 

While that was all well and good when there was loads of data coming in but now with less and less third-party data available, we can’t rely on it to make important decisions. 

First-party data on the other hand is your ace in the hole. 

Names, emails, preferences, demographic data, psychographic data, website activity —this info comes straight from your audience and it’s as valuable as it gets.

That’s what we are doing here. With the Website Visitor ID X-Ray pixel, you can capture exactly what we just mentioned without the need for pop-ups or widgets.

First -party data is also essential for creating custom audiences that can be used across your marketing channels.

After all, a person who abandoned their cart should not be treated the same as someone who merely read a blog. 

As Dan Taylor mentioned, refined targeting is a must and in order to do it effectively, you need first party data. 

Want to start capturing website visitors for free? 

To install the Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel, sign up, go to your dashboard, and navigate to My Automations. 

Select + New Automation and get your pixel. We have easy install options for Google Tag Manager, WordPress, and Shopify, or you can install the pixel manually.

3. Turning Insights Into Action

The loss of data really means a loss of insights and a loss of accountability when it comes to marketing performance. 

But with AI and first-party data, there is so much we can do! 

It’s important to remember that AI is your ally. It’s not about replacing human insight but enhancing it.

Take the insights AI and first-party data provide and turn them into actionable tactics and strategies. Here are a few examples:

  • Get Personal. One of the best things about AI and first-party data is the ability to get granular and create specific audience segments. For example, not only tells you who is on your site but also enriches the data, giving you more insights into each individual. These custom audiences allows you to craft messages that don’t just sell but connect on a human level.
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions. Use first-party data to make informed decisions about your marketing strategies. This data tells you what your audience loves (and doesn’t), helping you to refine your approach continuously. Plus, with customer journey tracking, you can actually see which channels are working and what is driving the path to sale.
  • Test. Test. Test. Combine AI with your data to supercharge your testing. AI can help identify trends and patterns you might miss, enabling you to optimize campaigns in real-time.

Let’s Redefine Marketing with AI & First-Party Data

When it comes to dealing with the loss of third-party cookies, marketers need to adapt now. There is no more time. 

By embracing AI and valuing first-party data, you can not only adapt to change but you can also redefine your marketing strategy as a whole. 

At the end of the day, the departure from third-party cookies may feel like a huge loss but we need to look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to redefine digital marketing, to build deeper connections with our prospects and customers, to create more personalized experiences, and to focus on the data we have – the data that we own. 

So why don’t we simply embrace this new era with open arms and innovative minds? The future of marketing is exciting and AI is leading the way!

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