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10 Hottest Tools for Instagram Influencers To Increase Your Followers in 2021

There’s a lot of content on the best Instagram influencer marketing tools — as in the best tools to find and manage a business relationship with one or many influencers. However, there is not a lot of content on the best tools for Instagram influencers — as in the Creators moving mountains on their own two feet.

So, if you’re an influencer or creator looking to empower community growth with tools to grow your Instagram audience, you’re in the right place.

It can be hard work to maintain your position as an influencer on Instagram. And, with an overwhelming amount of software, plug-ins, extensions, apps, gadgets, and websites claiming to be must-haves, how can you be sure they’re “the best”?

Not to worry – we’ve compiled a list with the help of our own network of influencers and our own influential Founder, Larry Kim.

Since we know you’re busy creating the next big announcement, let’s get straight to it! 

Here they are: The 10 hottest tools for Instagram influencers to 10X followers and engagement in 2021:

  1. The official chatbot for Instagram Creators: 100% Instagram-approved engagement tools.
  2. Instagram analytics that grow your audience.
  3. Build and own your Instagram contact lists.
  4. Create beautiful images and videos for your posts and Instagram Stories.
  5. Take control of Instagram DMs with multi-user inbox management tools.
  6. Create a dynamic link for your Instagram bio
  7. Boost the visibility of your content with engaging Comment Auto-Responders.
  8. Discover what your audience reads, watches, follows, and listens to.
  9. Sell more products on Instagram by turning your page into a storefront.
  10. Instantly engage with fans that mention you in their Instagram Story.

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#1. Tools for Instagram Influencers: 100% Instagram-Approved Chatbot Engagement Tools –

The #1 secret weapon for even the biggest Influencers and Creators on Instagram in 2021 is

In fact,’s new tools for Instagram, which just dropped in February 2021, make our list of tools for Instagram Influencers multiple times because there’s never been a chatbot with 100% Instagram-approved engagement tools.

As far as using a chatbot to get instagram followers goes, is atop the leaderboard because there’s only one way to get the ‘right’ followers on Instagram: Organic engagement.

Not only will’s Instagram tools get you more of the followers that you actually want, has Instagram tools that allow influencers to:

  • Finally! Manage your DMs like a pro with multi-user inbox management tools.
  • Instantly reply to comments on your posts.
  • Turn Instagram traffic into website traffic.
  • Run a contest or do a giveaway on Instagram that incentivizes comments, shares, and mentions of your brand by your followers using auto-reply tools. 
  • Automatically engage with the people who share your content in Instagram Stories. Founder, Larry Kim, who is has been an influencer in the digital marketing space for over a decade now, can’t believe what he’s seeing: 

“It’s crazy, we have accounts that are doing nearly 100,000 messages per week and they are growing by tens of thousands more followers than normal!”

Larry Kim, Founder,

The results of using Larry’s own software has convinced him that Instagram is the place to be for influencers in 2021.

Want to start using Instagram Tools right away? To get started with Instagram bot automation tools, check out InstaChamp and all its features, here!

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#2. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Analytics that Help to Increase Instagram Followers – SocialFox

SocialFox is an analytics platform built specifically for Instagram. 

With SocialFox, influencers and creators get the data they need to grow their audience in realtime.

Influencers can use SocialFox to track their followers, hashtags, Instagram Stories, competitors, and more. 

Furthermore, SocialFox provides actionable insights on when to post, the type of content to post, and the right frequency to post at.

SocialFox makes our exclusive list of tools for Instagram influencers because it comes highly recommended by the top digital marketing influencer, Neil Patel.

#3. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Build and Own Your Contact Lists –

Another very exciting and brand new tool for Instagram Influencers delivers what many of us have wanted for years: The ability to own and take control over your contacts on Instagram.

New Instagram tools from empowers your community growth with tools to: 

  • Capture leads and build contacts lists 
  • Automatically store, tag, segment, and export contacts.
  • Reengage contacts via email, SMS, Messenger, and more via automated workflows.

Using, you can set up an automatic greeting message that’s suitable for multiple inquiries. To do so, build what’s called a menu-based chatbot where you present multiple options for your fans or followers to choose from. 

For example, each could be a different product or service you provide that leads to a series of questions and multiple choice answers, finally ending with one of many ways to capture and store a qualified lead’s contact information.

Here’s an example of an automatic welcome message for Instagram in action:

Instagram auto-reply bot

With the Instagram Page Welcomer tool from, it’s incredibly easy to nurture people down your funnel and ultimately capture email addresses and other important contact information.

Test it out for yourself on the Instagram page by clicking the Message button, then say ”Hello” (must be done on a mobile device).

#4. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Create Beautiful Images and Videos for your Instagram Story Posts – CutStory

Over 500 million active users are on Stories every day, and your business can capitalize on this largely untapped funnel with Instagram Stories best practices.

One of those best practices is to create cute images and videos.

Among the many apps available to create short videos and still images on Instagram, CutStory is turning heads with its ability to easily capture and edit 15-second clips, which are perfect for Instagram.

Here’s how CutStory works: 

  • import your video of any length
  • Choose a layout, stencil or mask 
  • Add stickers, text, or music, and
  • Let CutStory cut it up and save it all in your smartphone’s camera roll as fragments of 15 seconds or any other length, in chronological order.

Learn more about how to make the most of your Instagram Stories with the top 20 Instagram Story hacks for 2021!

#5. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Multi-User Inbox Management Solutions for Instagram DMs –

Do you have time to manage the hundreds, or even hundreds of thousands of messages coming into your Instagram Inbox every week? Clearly, that’s a rhetorical question.

But even if you hire multiple VAs (virtual assistants) to manage your inbox, they end up tripping over one another, logging each other out, and can only reply to so many messages each day. 

With, take full control over the Instagram inbox with multi-user inbox management solutions.

Additionally, and just as (if not more) important, allows you to scale message volume and even increase your send limits per day. 

For those of you that this just resonated with, I’m sure you’ve already left this page and gone to the for Instagram Messenger page to apply for early access.

So, instead, turn the Instagram DM inbox into customer support chat tools to answer complicated questions, build data-rich user profiles, and alert live chat agents with notifications of hot leads.

People turn to Instagram to stay in touch with people, products, and service providers they love. Be there for your audience 24/7 and launch an answering service to sell, support, and engage your fans with max efficiency and authenticity!

Learn more about for Instagram, here!

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Your Instagram bio is one of the only places on Instagram that you can place a link. So make the most of it!

With Linktree, you can use your bio link to send your Instagram followers to a landing page that allows them to pick and choose which of your other landing pages to visit.

So, instead of limiting your Instagram bio link to redirect to only one page on your website, use a dynamic link from either Linktree or Rebrandly to direct Instagram traffic to your most relevant landing page.

You can customize your “link screen” however you like. In fact, the beauty of Linktree is how simple it is to use. All you do is copy and paste new URLs into your Linktree builder as you need them. Then simply drag and drop them into the order you desire.

Not a fan of Linktree? Check out Rebrandly’s product for Instagram, Link.Gallery.

#7. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Boost Content Visibility by Incentivising Engagement –

Adding an Instagram Comment Auto-Responder to your Instagram posts is a guaranteed way to increase visibility and engagement on Instagram. 

Not to mention a tool that influencers and digital marketers have been dreaming of for years.

Instagram Comment Auto-Responders, by, allow you to automatically reply to the comments on your Instagram posts with an engaging chat dialogue. 

Here’s an example of a Comment Auto-Responder that’s triggered by the keyword “INSTATOOLS” :

Tools for Instagram influencers: Comment Auto-Responder

Auto-responders are easy to set up and extremely effective. For any of your Instagram posts, ask your followers to comment with a specific keyword. When people comment with the keyword, it triggers a sequence that allows you to start a conversation using any dialogue you choose. Some popular options are:

  • Send Instagram traffic to one of your landing pages.
  • Opt-in followers to your email newsletter, SMS text messages, Facebook Messenger promos, and other communication channels. 
  • Capture their contact information using one of many lead generation tools from

Comment Auto-Responders dramatically increase the visibility of your posts because not only can you opt these leads into your funnel and capture their contact information for retargeting, but you’re earning Instagram algorithm trigger points for the extra engagement!

Amplify your reach by incentivizing comments, shares, and mentions of your brand by your followers using Instagram auto-reply tools.

And get more engagement on your Instagram posts with Comment Auto-Responders from!

#8. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Discover what your audience reads, watches, follows, and listens to – SparkToro

As we already know, the best tools for influencers are built by the influencers and creators themselves. 

Rand Fishkin, one of the biggest names in SEO over the past decade, has built his own tool called SparkToro.

SparkToro is an analytics platform built with influencers in mind. It helps you uncover what your followers read, watch, listen to, and follow.

SparkToro wants you to forget about expensive surveys or time-consuming research by identifying your audience’s biggest sources of influence so you can reach them where they are on the web.

Earning attention and engagement on social channels is vastly more difficult than ever before, but if you have the right targets, the right message, and the right amplifiers, there’s still extraordinary potential. 

SparkToro helps you execute on that potential by uncovering which accounts reach your target audience, and showing you where and how. 

Combining SparkToro’s data with your campaigns results in maximizing reach, engagement, and provable ROI.

#9. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Sell More Products on Instagram – Bazaarvoice

Making Instagram “shoppable” isn’t easy due to the nature of the platform. 

However, Bazaarvoice’s Like2Buy product (formerly Curalate) helps to drive traffic and revenue to your business from Instagram by providing your audience with a way to take action on the visual content you share.

Instagram only allows your fans to more-or-less “window-shop” your products, services, and content. 

With the Bazaarvoice Like2Buy gallery, your audience can browse your shoppable Instagram feed, read your stories, reserve a room, or take any other action you wish. And according to Bazaarvoice, Like2Buy-referred visitors spend more time browsing on-site, view more pages, and have a greater average order value than the average mobile consumer.

To make your Instagram page shoppable, you can connect your product feed and select the content you want to feature. Then, Like2Buy will auto-generate a link for your bio, so your customers can shop.

Learn more about how to sell products on Instagram!

#10. Tools for Instagram Influencers: Engage with Fans That Share Your Content in Instagram Stories –

How cool would it be if one of your favorite people in the world sent you a personalized thank you for mentioning them in your Instagram Story? Pretty cool, right?’s Instagram Story Mentions tool gives influencers and creators the power to do exactly that!

Here’s how the Story Mentions tool works:

When someone mentions you or your brand in their Instagram Story, will start a chat conversation by instantly replying with a chatbot dialogue.

And not only can you thank your fans for sharing your content, but you can also send them a link to your latest promotion or a relevant landing page in the same dialogue.

Using’s Story Mentions tool is guaranteed to encourage Instagram followers to share more of your brand in their Stories while building influence and loyalty!

Important Next Steps

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