how to create a sales funnel in instagram

The Complete Guide to Creating an Instagram Sales Funnel From Scratch (With Step-By-Step Instructions and Examples)

We all know the power of Instagram marketing. It’s a fun and interactive way to generate leads, increase sales, and generate buzz for your business. However, many people don’t know that there’s a new way to create Instagram sales funnels entirely inside of your Instagram page!

Facebook quietly rolled out the Instagram Automation in the middle of 2021, but there are only a handful of 100% approved tools (shameless plug for ourselves). The reason for allowing Instagram Automation in the first place is to continue to create new features and tools to make Instagram a better shopping platform, for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and creators, just like you!

In this post, will show you exactly how to create automated Instagram sales funnels!

This is the same process that world-class marketer Neil Patel uses to get more mentions on Instagram.

It’s the process that author/entrepreneur John Lee (2.7M IG followers) teaches in his business coaching.

And it’s the same system that marketing agency owner and growth hacker Kekoa MacAuley uses to DOUBLE the efficiency of his sales team. They TRIPLED sales in the first 30 days of implementation.

Read on to find out more about what you’ll need in order to put this system in action for your business.

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Step 1 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel — The Hook

Just like every other sales funnel, you’ll first need to create a lead magnet or incentive to get people to sign up. This could be anything from a free ebook, access to a members-only area, a discount code, a free training, or even something like an Instagram shoutout.

The key is to create some sort of incentive that’s related to what you’re selling. If you’re a fashion brand, for example, then a free piece of clothing could be the incentive. If you’re a service-based business, then a free consultation could be the incentive.

In other words, generate your lead magnet and give it a name. This will be the first step in your Instagram funnel.

Step 2 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel – Decide How To Trigger Your Instagram Automation

InstaChamp Instagram automation works like this: you can lead people into your sales funnel by asking them to either type a keyword into your DMs or in the comment section of a post. Once they enter the keyword, your pre-built automation will trigger and they’ll see your first message in their DMs.

Deciding between DM automations or Comment automations really depends on your content creation preference, but post comments do have a unique benefit that can 10X your engagement and help you reach new users!

Step 3 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel – Creating Your First Message

And this is where the fun and the magic begins! Now that you have your hook, you’ll need to create your messaging for your Instagram sales funnel within InstaChamp.

For this example, I’ll be sharing how I built an InstaChamp DM keyword funnel.

With my first message, I always try and get users to engage with new features like button options. Instagram automation is fairly new, so a lot of the time, this will be someone’s first experience with the chatbot features InstaChamp offers like button options, gifs, and image carousels. This is your opportunity to look cool and showoff your brand personality in front of your potential customer!

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Step 4 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel – The Illusion of Choice

After my first message, I’ll follow up with another question with options. Your options should always lead your potential customer to your desired outcome. In this case, it’s to signup for InstaChamp.

In the image above, you’ll see that there are different colors for the different options. You have to hit the on on/off toggle button to be able to create different choices for each option, or else all choices selected will only have one response. In some cases, you only want one reply choice, and that’s totally ok! In this example though, I want to provide my curious or unsure customers with more relevant information before I send them to sign up for the product.

Step 5 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel – Personalize Your Automated Messages

Huh? How can you personalize something that’s fully automated? That’s the power of InstaChamp!

In the image above, in purple, you’ll see a button that says “personalize messaging.” InstaChamp can automatically enter a user’s first name, last name, full name, or Instagram handle. I like to sprinkle first names and Instagram handles throughout the process to build a 1:1 relationships! Crazy right!!? Who knew you could build rapport with a chatbot?

Then again, that’s the entire plot line for the Movie “Her” staring Joaquin Phoenix.

Step 6 in Creating Your Instagram Sales Funnel – Close The Deal!

In my example, I provided an option that provides more information to my curious yet unsure leads. My other option is for leads who are 100% sure that they’re ready to start their InstaChamp journey to boundless riches at the bottom of their Instagram sales funnel. In both scenarios the ending was the same: a link to sign up right now.

This funnel was short and sweet, but once you get in to the tool and start playing around with it yourself, the possibilities are endless.

Find what makes sense for your product, your offering, and ultimately your call-to-action! It could be a link to a better landing page where you collect your leads. If you don’t have a good landing page, you can ask for emails and phone numbers directly inside of your DMs; simply select the “reply with text” option shown below when setting up your automation.

Final Thoughts

The InstaChamp funnel has been designed so that you can have a high conversion rate, but it’s always important to test different scenarios and see what works best for your business. Funnels aren’t one size fits all, so feel free to mix and match the different messaging scenarios that I’ve outlined above!

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