Want to See Who Clicked Your Meta Ads? Now You Can

We’ve talked a lot about Facebook and Meta ads over the past few months here at Customers.ai.

From performance issues to rising costs to attribution challenges and more, there’s been no shortage of Meta-related problems.

The thing is, I still believe in Meta ads.

It is an unbelievably cost-effective marketing channel and with the right targeting, can be a huge driver of sales and revenue for ecommerce companies.

Why do I believe in this so strongly?

Because as we speak, our customers are seeing unreal results when using Customers.ai with Meta ads. Here are just two recent examples:

Restore Custom Audience: 40,000 Visitors, $9k in Revenue

An ecommerce site using our website visitor ID X-ray pixel captured 40,000 visitors to their site.

Those visitors were put into a custom audience, pushed to their Facebook ads campaign, and tested against the existing Facebook pixel audience.

Same creative. Same budget. Same everything…except the audience.

In just ONE WEEK, the Restore custom audience brought $9K in additional revenue!

This is revenue they would not have seen otherwise.

It gets better:

  • Only 8% of the CAI audience overlapped with their existing FB pixel audience. Meaning 92% of the audience was net new to Facebook
  • ROAS improved from 2.1 to 2.58
  • CPA dropped from $40 to $34

Super CAPI: 100% Increase in Sales, 50% reduction in CPA

Another customer set up Restore along with Super CAPI

In just three weeks they saw a jump in their Event Match Quality Score from an average of 4.1 to 6.2, including a jump from 7 to 8 on purchases:

More importantly, they saw a huge reduction in CPA.

Using the same parameters as the other customer (same creative, same budget, same audience), sales doubled and CPA went from $46 to $23.

That is HUGE!

These are the types of results that allow advertisers to scale. 

These are the types of results that allow advertisers to make better decisions. 

And here’s the thing.

As we’ve started seeing these types of results roll in, we realized that while yes, we help you reach more customers, we also help you identify who is actually clicking on your ads and better understand which ads work.

How to Identify Who Is Clicking Your Facebook Ads

It’s no secret we’ve lost a ton of click data over the past few years.

Attribution has kind of become a nightmare and it’s getting harder to know which ads are converting.

We can fix this AND help you lower costs!

Here’s how…

1. Add the Website Visitor ID pixel to your site 

To install the Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel, sign up (for FREE!), go to your dashboard, and navigate to My Automations. 

Select + New Automation and get your pixel. We have easy install options for Google Tag Manager, WordPress, and Shopify, or you can install the pixel manually.

2. Ensure you are using unique tracking parameters for your ads

When setting up Meta ads, make sure you are adding tracking parameters to each ad set. This will allow you to know which ads are being clicked on.

3. See your ad clickers in Customers.ai

With our customer journey filter, you can see exactly who landed on any particular page, including those with parameters (see where I am going with this?). 

Now add in our direct CRM integrations and you can know if and when those people turned into sales. 

Cool, right?

Lowering Costs & Improving Performance

What makes this so valuable is that it goes above and beyond website visitor identification.

Yes, we can see who is clicking our ads and track their journey but we can also scale our campaigns with this knowledge!

By understanding which ads are truly performing, we can adjust and grow our strategies.

We can also spend less money on ads.

Think about it – website visit campaigns are expensive. 

But if you’re using a visitor identification tool and the process outlined above, you can run lower-cost awareness campaigns and still see who’s clicking and visiting your site.

The world is your oyster after that!

Put lower-intent visitors into retargeting ad campaigns. 

Send high-intent visitors directly into Klaviyo campaigns.

Retarget shoppers on other ad platforms.

This isn’t about simply capturing clicks, it’s about creating a holistic marketing strategy that reaches the right people in the right places.

This is game-changing stuff and we are excited to see more and more advertisers using the Customers.ai platform to help improve their Meta performance.

Making Meta Ads Work for You

As I said earlier, Meta Ads are a cost-effective way to reach shoppers and with Customers.ai there is so much you can do to help improve your ad performance.

Want to get started? Try Customers.ai free for 7 days or talk to one of our Meta Ads experts and see how we can help you get results in just 30 days. 

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