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1 Amazing Facebook Messenger Ads Example + How To Create a Click-To-Messenger Ad in 10 Minutes

Whether you attended the Customers.ai Chat Marketing Summit this year or not, you may have seen an awesome Facebook Messenger ads example that I’m betting you’ll want to recreate.

Yes, you’ll get to see (and experience) the ad in a short minute.

But this Click-to-Messenger ad’s performance was worth writing about because it literally generated half of our registrants at a CPA (cost per acquisition) of under $2.

So, first I want to provide a little context for those unfamiliar with this Facebook ad super-weapon called a Click-to-Messenger ad. And for those who have already seen or created plenty of Click-to-Messenger ads, feel free to skip straight to the Facebook Messenger ads example or any other part of the article here:

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What is Facebook Messenger Advertising?

Facebook Messenger ads present a rare opportunity that savvy digital marketers are jumping on. As we enter 2021, however, Messenger ads are leaving the “lesser-known” category and entering the mainstream. 

And that’s because Facebook Messenger ads are different than regular Facebook ads, as you may have guessed by now. 

But more importantly, Messenger ads perform better than normal Facebook ads because they start a more engaging conversation with chatbots.

In fact, in this Messenger ads case study, you’ll see how a Customers.ai customer was able to decrease their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 44%, increase their Conversion Rate by 75%, and 2.3X their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS):

A couple of types of Facebook Messenger ads exist. There’s an ad viewed on any Facebook property that directs traffic to Messenger. And then there’s sponsored content that’s native in Messenger.

Another cool thing about Facebook Messenger ad experiences is that they can take place across the Facebook family of apps, including the Facebook newsfeed, Instagram newsfeed, Facebook and Instagram Stories, Marketplace, Messenger, and others.

And the key reason why Facebook Messenger ads differ from the average Facebook ad is that they always lead to a conversational experience.

But if you take anything away from this article other than a great Facebook Messenger ads example and the knowledge of how to build one, consider the following.

Four reasons why Facebook Messenger ads are one of the most powerful new marketing tools:

  • Messenger ads outperform other ads by 2X-10X.
  • One of the only tools with built-in instant lead and data capture.
  • Many more features available for personalization than regular Facebook ads.
  • Fully automated lead qualification and follow-up drip campaigns with chatbots.

And now it’s time to see this (hopefully not too over-hyped) Facebook Messenger ads example for yourself!

Facebook Messenger Ads Example

The Facebook Messenger ads example we want to show you today was launched for the Customers.ai Chat Marketing 2020 Virtual Summit. And it truly is one of the best Facebook Messenger ads you’ll see, based on its performance.

This Messenger ad is what’s known as a Click-To-Messenger ad, or a Send-to-Messenger ad. Here’s a video of what it looks like, as well as a small bit of the Messenger interaction from the ad:

Experience the Click-to-Messenger ad for yourself, here!

Using our own chatbot software at Customers.ai, we’ve tested Click-to-Messenger ads for lead gen compared to Facebook traffic ads and produced a 97% better CPA from Messenger ads.

With traffic ads, we spend about $3 to $5 per click. And our average website traffic conversion rate is 2%.

For this particular Facebook Messenger campaign, however, we were able to get our CPA, or in this case the cost per even registration, down to $1.79.

Once we were able to consistently keep our CPA at this level, we went all in and got half of our 5,000+ registrants from this one Click-to-Messenger ad campaign. And we were able to do so at an average below $2 per registration.

Keep in mind that we barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with ads in Messenger. There’s also Sponsored Messages ads for Messenger, and the capabilities to create extremely interactive, as well as dynamic content in Facebook Messenger are virtually limitless. 

Okay, want to get started building engaging Facebook Messenger bot ads? Here’s how!

How to Create a Facebook Messenger Ad

You can build and run a Facebook Messenger ad campaign through Facebook’s Ads Manager.

However, that won’t get you the unique benefits I mentioned earlier, such as instant lead capture in a contact database or automated follow-ups for lead nurturing.

For that, you’ll need Customers.ai’s Facebook advertising tools.

So, I’m going to show you how we made the above Facebook Messenger ads example in just five minutes using Customers.ai’s Facebook ad chatbot builder.

Here’s how to create a Facebook Click-to-Messenger ad for your business!

Step #1: Connect your Facebook Page to a Free Forever Customers.ai account then upgrade to a PRO Unicorn account to get Facebook Messenger ad features

Step #2: In Customers.ai, go to Campaigns > Click-to-Messenger Ads > Create Click-to-Messenger Ads

You’ll find the Campaigns tab at the top of the Customers.ai app homepage.

Then, find the “Click-to-Messenger Ads” tab on the menu bar to the left.

Step #3: Set up your ad campaign target audience, budget, and schedule

From Customers.ai, you can create audiences from the leads that come into your bots. Or, if you’re already running other Facebook ads in your Facebook ad account, you can target the same audience used in those ads right in Customers.ai. 

Click-to-Messenger ads are just like regular Facebook ads in this regard. And all the audience data in your Facebook Ads Manager account will sync with your Customers.ai account.

For our Facebook Messenger ads example, the majority of our audience was actually capture by our Facebook live chat widget on the Customers.ai website, as well as through our Facebook business page’s automated Messenger greeting, Facebook post autoresponders, and other Messenger tools that make it easy to get email addresses from Facebook.

A few more things to can do with your audiences in Customers.ai:

You can learn more about Customers.ai audiences in our help docs here.

Step #4: Create the ad by either cloning an existing ad’s creative and text, or by uploading an image or video and text from scratch

Step #5: Write the conversation flow to greet and qualify leads automatically

Choose how you want to set up your Messenger ad. You can either sync an existing ad created in your Facebook Ads Manager or create an ad directly in Customers.ai.

Next, you’ll create your chatbot dialogue and add an answer of “Yes” for those who wish to experience your ad.

The screenshot below is called a Quick Question Widget, which is one of over a dozen chatbot dialogue widgets you can choose from in Customers.ai by clicking on the “+ Add widget” button.

The cool thing here is that for anyone who is not already one of your Facebook contacts, the moment they click the “Yes” button, you’ll instantly capture their contact data, which will be stored in your Customers.ai account.

Additionally, you’ll want to create an attribute. In the above screenshot, you can do so by clicking on the “User replies with” button, check off the “Save response to attribute” box, and give your attribute a unique name. 

In this Messenger ad example, we used CM2020_CTM in order for us to know the contact clicked on our Messenger ad for the Chat Marketing Summit and the vehicle used was a Click-to-Messenger ad.

Next, build out the rest of your dialogue. In our example, we simply let the person know that they had been invited and gave them three options to choose from.

Each option is made up of buttons, which are easy to add. With each button, you can link to another dialogue, a phone number to call your office, link to a live chat agent, or add a URL to a landing page – which is what we did.

Step #6: Test your dialogue in Messenger, then hit “Activate” to activate the ad

You always want to test your chatbots before setting them live! To do so, click on the “Test my bot” button or link at the top of your Messenger ad dialogue page.

After hitting the “Test my bot” button, you should receive a message from Messenger on your desktop and phone. 

Experience the full ad for yourself if you haven’t yet, here.

And that’s it, you’ve done it! Congratulations! 

Leads from Facebook Messenger ads are saved in your Customers.ai contact database where you can view and segment audiences based on default Facebook contact info and previous chat history. 

From here, you can set up drip campaigns to automatically nurture leads, and send sponsored message ads to re-engage qualified leads directly in their Messenger inbox.

What to Learn from this Facebook Messenger Ads Example

Facebook Messenger ads have unique advantages over other ads:

  • You can reach people in a direct and engaging way via Messenger, automatically capture valuable lead data without asking for it, and send automated follow-up messages.
  • The post-click ad experience is optimized for mobile and happens in chat, where customers would rather connect with businesses.
  • Lead qualification and follow-ups are automated around the clock, saving your business on the cost of live chat support and sales agents.
  • The post-click experience is highly personalized and learns more about your prospects instead of making assumptions.
  • And all these benefits add up to a huge performance boost in lead volume and CPA (cost per acquisition).

Getting Started with Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads 

I hope you’ve learned a ton from these Facebook advertising examples. Take what you’ve learned here to create the most successful Facebook Messenger ads for your business.

And now that you’re finished with our Facebook Messenger ads example, definitely check out these 10 Facebook ad examples for even more ideas!

If you’re looking for more amazing Facebook ad ideas, check out the Facebook campaign examples found in Larry Kim’s top Facebook ad hacks of all time.

Lastly, here are 5 Facebook Messenger Ad tips to help you get started with the best performing ads on Facebook!

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