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Alert: Facebook Is Giving Away $100M Free Facebook Ad Credits. Apply Now.

Breaking news: Today Facebook announced it is offering $100M in cash grants and Facebook ad credits to up to 30,000 eligible small businesses experiencing challenges from COVID-19.

Learn how your business can apply to the Facebook Small Business Grants Program.

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How to Apply for Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Businesses eligible for the Facebook business grant can apply in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Businesses located in an active grant distribution metro can begin the grant application.
  • Step 2: Submit one of the official proof of business documents.
  • Step 3: Describe how your businesses will use the grant to help your community.

Who is eligible for the Facebook business grant program and free Facebook ad credits?

Facebook will accept up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in more than 30 countries to receive the grant. To be eligible to apply, a business must meet these requirements:

  • Be a for-profit company
  • Have between 2 and 50 employees
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19
  • Be in or near a location where Facebook operates

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Learn more about the Facebook business grant and how to apply here

FAQs about Facebook Business Grant

What is a Facebook Business Grant?

A Facebook Business Grant refers to financial assistance or support provided by Facebook to eligible businesses. These grants are designed to help businesses overcome challenges, invest in growth opportunities, and achieve their goals.

How can I apply for a Facebook Business Grant?

Facebook periodically announces grant programs, and the application process may vary for each program. To apply for a Facebook Business Grant, visit the official Facebook Business Grants website or the specific grant program’s website. Follow the instructions provided and submit the required information and documentation as outlined in the application guidelines.

Who is eligible to apply for a Facebook Business Grant?

Eligibility criteria for Facebook Business Grants can vary depending on the specific grant program. Typically, grants are available for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, or specific industry sectors. Eligibility factors may include the business’s location, size, revenue, impact, or alignment with specific goals or initiatives outlined by Facebook.

What types of expenses can a Facebook Business Grant cover?

The types of expenses covered by a Facebook Business Grant can vary depending on the grant program and its specific guidelines. Common areas that grants may support include business development, marketing and advertising, technology investments, workforce training, community initiatives, or other areas relevant to the grant program’s objectives.

How much funding can I expect from a Facebook Business Grant?

The amount of funding provided by a Facebook Business Grant can vary widely. Some grant programs offer a fixed grant amount, while others may award funding based on a specific percentage of eligible expenses. It’s important to review the grant program details for information on the funding amount available and how it will be determined.

How are recipients selected for Facebook Business Grants?

The selection process for Facebook Business Grants depends on the specific grant program. Typically, applications are reviewed and evaluated based on predetermined criteria, such as the business’s financial need, impact, alignment with program goals, or potential for growth. Selection processes may involve internal Facebook teams or external panels of experts.

Are Facebook Business Grants available globally?

Yes, Facebook Business Grants are available globally, but the availability and specific grant programs may vary by region. Facebook often tailors grant programs to specific countries or regions to address local challenges and support businesses in those areas.

Are there any reporting or accountability requirements for Facebook Business Grant recipients?

Yes, Facebook typically requires grant recipients to comply with reporting and accountability requirements. Recipients may be asked to provide periodic updates, reports, or documentation that demonstrate how the grant funding was utilized and the impact it had on their business. It’s essential to review the grant program guidelines and fulfill any reporting obligations outlined.

How can I stay informed about Facebook Business Grant opportunities?

To stay informed about Facebook Business Grant opportunities, regularly check the official Facebook Business Grants website, subscribe to relevant Facebook newsletters or business resources, and follow Facebook’s official social media channels. Additionally, consider joining business communities or organizations that provide updates and resources related to grants and funding opportunities.

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