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20 Key Facebook Best Practices For Business Pages To Get More Fans, Increase Engagement & Traffic In 2021

In 2004, Facebook was just a 19-year-old’s fun idea for college students. Today, it’s safe to say that Facebook is the most popular and well known online platform. Zuckerberg is pretty well known too. 


It’s not just for the kids either (we turned that corner a long time ago). With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, people of all demographics and professions are engaging on Facebook. 

Facebook, Then And Now

Facebook was the first social media platform to consider launching ads, and that was revolutionary. 

Today, Facebook ads have become a yardstick on other social platform’s ad algorithms. 

Facebook has since been a powerful tool for businesses of all sorts. 

And if your business depends on Facebook in any capacity (it probably does), then you owe it to your business to understand the 15 key Facebook best practices.

Before we jump the gun on Facebook best practices, let us first better understand why it matters.

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Why Is Facebook Such A Powerful Marketing Tool?

Within the last decade, Facebook now has more than 1 billion active users daily!

Approximately 93% of marketers state they utilize Facebook best practices to keep their marketing and advertising top-notch!

This percentage translates to roughly 3 million businesses, which are using Facebook for the sole purpose of marketing! (Are you one of those?)

Potential customers are always on Facebook, and with our list of 15 key Facebook best practices combined with the proper use of Facebook Analytics, you will find them and convert them! 


Facebook Best Practices #1: Ask Questions To Generate Engagement

Asking questions is one of the best ways to get someone to engage with you.

Of course, be relevant and stay true to the ethics and motif of your brand.

Facebook Best Practices #2: Leverage Trending Topics To Generate Engagement

There’s always something happening in the world, and to show your business cares and is relevant in your niche or industry, say something!

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

With a loyal following on social media comes great responsibility. People want to hear from you. They want to know if your business has integrity and upholds the values that attracted them as customers in the first place. 

Don’t let your post get lost in the mix. Get your message read with a Facebook Messenger Chat Blast!


Facebook Best Practices #3: Weave Stories To Generate Engagement

Content is still king, and your small business can gather the right audience by weaving some good stories.

Everyone loves a good story. Tell them about your journey, what your business stands for, and how you are giving back to society. 

Give them something to look forward to, tell them what you have in store.

Facebook Best Practices #4: Add Creative Pictures To Generate Engagement

You know your brand best, and you know the best way to showcase it.

Flaunt your products and services in a way that compels people to stop and look!

Incorporate your products with themes like upcoming seasons, festivals, games, sports, or whatever your target audience is into.

Keep your creativity rolling!

Facebook Best Practices #5: Give Out Industry Tips To Generate Engagement

If you have a problem, you will go to an expert. 

Why not use your Facebook platform to establish yourself as an expert?

Give out tips and tricks for your industry, and people are going to follow you for the value you add to their existing knowledge. 

Facebook Best Practices #6: Test Multiple Posting Frequencies & Lengths To Optimize Engagement

The best part about social media is the variety. 

It’s not one-size-fits-all, and your target audience might be busy on Facebook in the wee hours of the night. Or perhaps they are early birds who like to get to the point quickly. 

This is where scheduling comes in handy, as well as measuring some basic analytics that show what time of day or night your audience is most active. 

While we could share some general averages and statistics regarding posting times, ultimately what might work exceptionally well for one business may not yield as beneficial results for someone else.

There is only one way to find out! 

Facebook Best Practices #7: Use Videos To Generate Engagement

Facebook has an excellent ‘Watch’ section, which you can use to expand your business, attract new clients, boost engagement and your revenue.

Have fun experimenting with videos and see how your audience reacts.  


Start a simple video strategy, try 10-15 second short videos, use a smartphone, and ask team members their names and what they do at the company. 

Show “A Day in the Life” at your company through video shorts/stories. 

Facebook Best Practices #8: Use Infographics To Generate Engagement

We love infographics!


A humongous amount of data with minimalistic words and catchy design.

What more could anyone ask for? 

Try Canva for simple and free templates to get started with creating eye-catching infographics. 

Facebook Best Practices #9: Find an Optimal Time To Optimize Engagement

Just as you have to find your zen when it comes to posting frequencies and post lengths, finding the optimal time is also on you.

Try and try and try and bingo! Check your analytics, and you’ll find what you are looking for! 


Facebook Best Practices #10: Go Live To Generate Engagement

When Facebook gives you a live feature, you use it!


Going live will give you an edge with added authenticity, and your viewers will love it (unless you completely botch it somehow — no publicity is bad publicity, right?).

Facebook Best Practices #11: Get Candid To Increase Brand Affinity

Whether you are a gorilla-sized household name or a smaller business, your customers are going to engage better with candid information.

  • Share some behind-the-scenes pictures and content.
  • Give them insight into what you do, how you do it, and where you do it!
  • People want to see people, share more faces than places for more engaging content.  

Facebook Best Practices #12: Stamp Your Graphics To Increase Brand Recognition

Graphics can make or break your social media wall, aesthetically speaking. You need to be as slick as your competitors. 


If your social is shoddy, customers move on to better-looking brands that feel more pro and trustworthy. 

Use some eye-catching colors, read about color psychology, and use it to attract your target audience. 

And whatever you do, never forget to stamp your logo on your graphics!

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Facebook Best Practices #13: Share Your Company’s Blogs To Generate Site Traffic

Social media marketing is cool and everything, but what about content marketing

Do you have resources, news, or a blog page on your website? 

Then put it to good use — twice! By sharing your company’s blogs on your social media to garner more traffic.

Don’t forget to send a chat blast to drive massive traffic to your new blog article! 


Facebook Ads Tip: The lead capture rate for ‘Click-to-Messenger’ ads is 100 percent. This is because you automatically capture basic contact info and the ability to send follow-up communications to all Messenger contacts via Facebook Messenger marketing!

Facebook Best Practices #14: Discounts & Sales To Drive Conversions From Social Channels

People enjoy shopping, throw in a discount, and reel them in. 

You can use your Facebook Page as the medium to update your existing clients about discounts, sales, and deals and generate leads and capture new customers.

The best way to do this is with a Click-to-Messenger campaign that sends traffic to your discount or promotional ad. 

Using this method guarantees a 100% conversion rate as you instantly and automatically capture their lead info as soon as they click the ad and engage your Customers.ai chatbot. 


You can also create a chat blast for your list of prospects or fans, it’s easy with Customers.ai’s visual chatbot builder

Facebook Best Practices #15: Use Contests And Giveaways To Grow Followers

Here is a sure-fire way to increase your reach on Facebook, get more fans and followers, and increase engagement – contests and giveaways!

Run a relevant contest, and offer a giveaway to increase your brand awareness, gain better reach, and more followers. You can also take advantage of Facebook polls!

Customers.ai and Click-to-Messenger ads can amplify your contests with unicorn potential, we even offer free contest chatbot templates you can copy and paste to get started! 


Check out this demo chatbot and see it in action! 

Facebook Best Practices #16: Create Contacts You Can Follow Up With From Facebook Posts With Comment Guards

Grow your contacts list and take a break from monitoring comments on your posts with a Facebook autoresponder, also known as a comment guard. 

Not only will it engage and retain your followers, automatically, it also transforms your posts into lead magnets. 

For every comment, the user is sent a drip sequence via Messenger where you instantly scrape and save their contact information the moment they reply. 


Learn how to create your own Facebook post autoresponder or comment guard to create in a few simple steps with Customers.ai. 

Facebook Best Practices #17: Add A Messaging Answering Service To Your Facebook Page CTA Button To Create Contacts You Can Follow Up With

In some way or another, everyone is in sales, right? What better way to follow up with leads than an automated messaging service — that captures the lead info with every click! 

Without one, you risk a lot of missed opportunities. Make those connections happen, fill your calendar with demos, meetings, and walks along the ocean. You can do all of that and more with the Free Forever Edition of Customers.ai!

Engage at lightning speeds! Build lists and follow-up with ease. 

Facebook Best Practices #18: Boost Your Best Performing Facebook Posts To Extend Their Reach

If you didn’t notice some algorithm changes with Facebook’s newsfeed over the years, you aren’t in digital marketing. 

One of the most significant changes was the shift to a “pay-to-play” type model, where Facebook gave better organic reach to personal accounts vs. business to encourage businesses to use Facebook ads. 

It worked. 

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to play the game. You can simply “Boost” your best performing posts to stretch their engagement. 

You’d be amazed by the difference just a few dollars on a post makes.


Bonus Tip! The Comment Guard can be used on boosted posts for warp speed contact list building!  

Once your posts are getting wicked engagement, turn each one of those comments into a contact with a comment guard!

Facebook Best Practices #19: Convert Facebook Engagers Into Contacts Using Click-To-Messenger Ads

Once you’ve tried a Click-to-Messenger campaign, you won’t be able to go back to your old ways of Facebook Ads. 

We’re talking 10X better ad performance and 97% better CPA compared to other methods!

There are many ways for a person to start a conversation from your Click-to-Messenger ads: 

  • Facebook newsfeed
  • Instagram feed
  • Facebook Stories
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Audience Network
  • Facebook Messenger

Here is a real live example of what your customers might experience after clicking “Send Message”. 

The best part? Instant lead captures. That’s right, when you use a smart platform like Customers.ai, every person who communicates with your Facebook Business Page is added to a bucket of contacts with follow-up info.

Facebook Best Practices #20: Convert Anonymous Website Traffic Into Contacts Using Click-To-Messenger Ads

Have you heard of the exciting new Facebook retargeting strategy called Conversational Remarketing

It’s easier and encourages more conversions, is 3X more effective than generic Facebook ads, and adds revenue to the bottom of your funnel. 

So what is it? Essentially you are going to be starting a Facebook Messenger conversation with prospects that once visited your website, engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages, or other custom audiences you’ve previously built. 

You will be turning every interaction into a named contact. In a nutshell, the strategy is to combine your Click-to-Messenger ads with Messenger Sponsored Messages ads.

You can find detailed steps on our blog for creating your own Conversational Remarketing strategy using Customers.ai.

What Is The Best Content For Facebook?

Well, this is a tough one because every business is so different. 

What you ultimately want from your business, internal processes, and how you wish to pursue your potential clients will be significantly different.

But we will let you in on a secret – people love authenticity! Just be you!

If you are real and what your brand is offering is genuine, let your content reflect the same. 

Generally speaking, videos tend to perform better, and images (or videos) with your team or people’s faces in them receive the best engagement.

Join The Party. Publish A Post!

One of the best pieces of advice regarding social is don’t hesitate! Putting it on the backburner is a creativity killer and missed opportunity. If you have a good idea for a post, get it out there as fast as possible.

When the inspiration fades, or you overthink it — the moment has passed. The key is more quality content more often.

Improve your Facebook Page and overall marketing strategy with these 15 key Facebook best practices. It would help if you also learned about chat marketing tactics for a competitive edge.  

Do what works best for you, and as long as you are actively trying to engage, your customers will love you!

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