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Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate Benchmarks & How to Improve Yours

Are your Facebook Ads not converting as well as you’d hoped? You’re not alone! The overall Facebook ads average conversion rate is 9.21%. 

That’s more than 9 out of 10 people that you painstakingly drive into the final stages of your advertising funnel bouncing away to donkeyland.

Worse than that, Facebook Ads are getting more expensive and less effective. What a terrible combination! 

Fortunately, we’ve got several hacks to teleport you from the world of donkeys to the world of unicorns. 

In this article, we’ll go over: 

Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

What exactly is an ad conversion rate? Conversion rate is the percentage of people out of those who see your ad that complete the desired action. 

  • Making a purchase
  • Filling out a form
  • Signing up for a newsletter

Essential KPIs for Facebook Ads

Other important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Facebook advertising are: 

Cost-per-click (CPC): Cost-per-click is the amount you pay for each click on your ad. The cost can vary depending on your target audience, competition, and other factors.

Cost-per-action (CPA): Cost-per-action is the amount you pay for each desired action that results from your ad, such as a purchase or lead.

How the Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate Has Changed 

The Facebook ads average conversion rate has remained pretty stable over the years. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you’re getting the same value for your investment! 

In fact, your dollar isn’t going anywhere near as far. Bummer! 

This is happening for two reasons. 

The Rising Cost-per-Click

The cost-per-click for Facebook ads has been shooting up like a rocket. 🚀

According to Wordstream, the average cost-per-click has more than doubled since 2014! That’s bad news for someone trying to grow their business. 

The Impact of Apple’s Privacy Change on Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate 

Facebook used to have excellent targeting information to help you find your ideal customer. That’s not the case anymore! 

Apple’s new privacy policy, introduced in iOS 14.5, requires users to opt-in to tracking. This has made targeting much less effective. 

Without accurate tracking, getting your ads in front of the right customers has been a much heavier lift! 🏋️

Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate by Industry

Here’s how Facebook ads Average Conversion Rates break-down by industry: 

IndustryAvg. Conversion RateAvg. Cost Per ClickAvg. Cost Per Action
Food & Beverage5.3%$1.64$18.50
Real Estate1.8%$1.81$100.91

Industries with High Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rates

According to recent studies, industries such as beauty and skincare, fitness, and food and beverage have a higher Facebook ads conversion rate. 

This could be due to their visual appeal and relatability with people.

Industries with Low Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rates

The industries with the lower Facebook Ads average conversion rates are B2B, real estate, and finance. 

These industries are less relatable to people and may require more technical or professional knowledge, which could make it harder to convert leads into customers.

Basic Facebook Ads Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics 

There are some best practices most Facebook advertisers will be familiar with in improving Facebook Ads Conversion Rates. 

If you invest your time and your money, maybe you can use them to improve your ROI a smidge. 

1. Use high-quality images and videos to grab attention and entice people to click.

Example: A beauty brand showcasing its products in a way that is visually appealing, with high-quality images and videos.

2. Create advertising copy that speaks to your target audience’s pain points and desires.

Example: A fitness brand using ad copy that addresses the common struggles people face when trying to get in shape, and how their product can help.

3. Test different audiences to see what works best.

Example: A food and beverage brand testing different audiences, such as people who are interested in cooking, dining out, or following food bloggers, to see which audience responds best.

4. Keep an eye on your metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Example: An education brand tracking their cost per action and conversion rate and adjust their strategy if they notice a decrease in performance.

These tips may help you to eke out small improvements to your Facebook ads performance anywhere. 

But full disclosure, those are tips for donkeys. 

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High-Impact Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

But you’re not looking for run-of-the-mill strategies! You want the good stuff! 

Here are a few high-leverage, low effort Facebook ad hacks to increase conversion popularized by guru Larry Kim, founder of Customers.ai: 

1. Use Facebook Ads Inverted Targeting for insanely relevant and highly engaging ad creative.

Anyone can click on the targeting “Suggestions” button. This is how you follow in the hoovesteps of the donkeys who came before you.  

Instead, target unrelated interests. This will make your ads feel extremely personalized to everyone who sees them!

Here’s an example:

An image showing how an email marketing company targeted people who were interested in game of thrones to improve their Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rates
An example of inverted targeting to improve your Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate

And here’s a description of how you should approach it:

Behold: The Inverted Unicorn Facebook Ad Targeting Method for improving your Facebook Ad average conversion rate. Image has three circles demonstrating totally unrelated interests suggesting marketers target the overlap.
What sorts of overlaps can you come up with to increase your Facebook Ads average conversion rate?

It’ll cost you less money and attract more clicks! What could be better?

2. Increase conversion rate by prioritizing Facebook Advertising remarketing audiences.

When you target remarketing audiences, you target people who have heard of you before and already that familiarity creates brand affinity. 

Instead of trying to stand out of blending in with the other donkeys vying for brand new attention, target people who already think of you as a unicorn!

A bar graph showing that remarketing improves your conversion rates improves your Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate dramatically!
The power of remarketing to improve your Facebook Ads average conversion rates

People who have heard of your brand and have high affinity for your brand are 2-3X more likely to convert.

3. Run Boosted Post ads with Comment Autoresponders to capture leads from low-cost engagement ads

This one might be new to you, even if you’ve been doing Facebook advertising for a long time.

There’s a little-known tactic that turns an Engagement objective ad into a conversion driver.

Screenshot of the campaign objective  section in Facebook's ad manager. Pick engagement instead of sales to improve your Facebook ads average conversion rate.
Choose Engagement and use a comment guard to sneakily make it a conversion ad

Typically Engagement objectives ads have lower CPM (cost per impression) because they are optimizing for higher-funnel marketing objectives.

What if you could generate a conversion from an Engagement ad?

Surprisingly, you can. With a Facebook messaging automation.

A comment autoresponder starts an automated Messenger conversation with anyone who comments on a Facebook post, including a boosted post.

Use Customers.ai to set up comment autoresponders that automatically message people who comment on your posts! When they reply, you can ask them for qualifying information or to complete a conversion action like signing up for your newsletter or event.

And setting this up is simple!

  1. Log into your account and click “+ Automation.”
  2. Select “Email” automation and pick your email settings.
  3. Click “+ Other Lead Triggers” and pick “FB Comments Autoresponder.”
  4. Pick what information you’d like and how many qualifying questions you’d like to ask
  5. Pick which post you want your automation to apply to
  6. Set up the messages you want your chatbot to send
  7. Boost the Facebook post
  8. Sit back and watch your leads roll in!
Set up your automation by clicking +Automation
Pick an email automation

Choose your email settings

Click "Other Lead Triggers"
Select "FB Comments Autoresponder" to improve your Facebook Ads average conversion rate.
Select what information you want your autoresponder to ask for and how many qualifying questions you want to ask.
Pick the post you want your automation to apply to.
Set up your first message to get their email.
Set up your next two widgets!

And viola! You’re done.

The One Facebook Ads Average Conversion Rate Hack You Need ASAP

Beating the Facebook ads average conversion rate isn’t the end goal. Turning people who see your ad into lifelong customers is! Doing this is easier than ever with Customers.ai X-Ray! 

This amazing tool can get you the contact information of 20% of visitors to your Facebook ad’s landing page. Combining this incredible data with Customers.ai Sales Outreach Email Automations is a recipe for success!

Here’s how:

  1. Log into Customers.ai and click the button to “+Automation”.
  2. Choose the “X-Ray Lead Generator” trigger.
  3. Specify your Facebook Ad landing page URL as the trigger.
  4. Configure the email address from which you want to send email automations.
  5. Write your email and set up the automated email sequence.
  6. Connect the automation to a Google Sheet to see X-Ray captured visitors to your Facebook Ad landing page.
Click +Add Trigger
Put in the link to your Facebook ad to increase your conversion rates
Pick your email information
Write your email
Click the re-engagement automation plus sign
Click "Google Sheet"
Tell it which sheet to send the information to

Customers.ai X-Ray tool captures the contact information of 20% of the people who visit your website! That’s more than double the Facebook ads average conversion rate! 

With Sales Outreach Automation technology, turning them into a loyal customer is more streamlined than ever. 

Check out your Website Report to see the leads you are missing out on! 


Before you head off to smash your Facebook ads average conversion rates, here are the key takeaways you need to remember: 

  • The overall Facebook ads average conversion rate is 9.21%.
  • The cost-per-click for Facebook ads has been increasing.
  • Apple’s privacy changes have made targeting less effective.
  • Some industries have higher Facebook ads average conversion rates than others.
  • Common ways to improve your facebook ads performance include using high-quality images and writing better copy.
  • Uncommon powerful hacks to improve Facebook ads performance include inverted targeting and focusing on remarketing.
  • Customers.ai X-Ray technology is a secret tool that can 7x your Facebook Ads conversion rate! 

Important Next Steps

If you want to blow your past performance out of the water and crush the competition, keep these tips in mind.
Get your Lost Leads Report now before any more customers slip through your fingers!

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