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Top 10 Facebook Messenger Marketing Hacks of All Time: SEJ #BOSSwebinar

Closely related to the majestic unicorn is the GOAT — also known as the Greatest of All Time.

Last week I spoke to Search Engine Journal founding partner Brent Csutoras as a guest of the SEJ Summit #BOSSwebinar series. We reviewed the top 10 Facebook Messenger hacks of all time — GOAT hacks if you will. You can watch the webinar here.

I’d definitely recommend this webinar to get my pro tips for building more and better Facebook Messenger chatbots for your business.

But real quick, why should you care?

Here are 4 reasons why Facebook Messenger marketing with chatbots is the GOAT digital marketing opportunity happening today.

4 Reasons the Time for Facebook Messenger Marketing Is Now

1. There are more daily active users on messaging applications than there are social media users. And yet less than 1% of companies are engaging automatically with messaging users!

messaging app vs social network usage   

BTW, there are 1.3 billion Facebook Messenger users, and the number is growing. Your customers are using messaging, and marketers can reach them there.

2. Facebook Messenger marketing has the best engagement rate of any marketing channel right now.

fb messenger marketing engagement

Facebook Messenger averages 70-80% open rate in the first hour because people are obsessed with their phones. Who knew?

3. Online chat has been around for a while. But Messenger chatbots are better for the customer because you don’t have to wait and better for the business because you don’t have to staff a customer service line with human operators.

messenger chatbot advantage over live chat

Combine chatbot automation with live operator takeover for a true GOAT maneuver.

4. If you’re spending money on mobile PPC ads, you know the pain of high costs per click and low conversion rates.

mobile conversion rates

So consider which of these customer experiences sound better? Send the visitor to a clunky contact form where you might get back to them next week.

Or, use a Facebook Messenger chatbot as your mobile landing page experience; automatically convert them in real-time in a mobile-friendly and engaging format.

Bonus reason to build your first Facebook Messenger chatbot today: Building a chatbot is FREE and easy with Customers.ai

Since acquiring ChattyPeople, Customers.ai has even more power to bring your stupid-simple tools for building chatbots.

Check out all 10 game-changing GOAT Facebook Messenger marketing hacks and more in my chat with SEJ. Then sign up for your free Customers.ai chatbot builder and start building.

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