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The Best Welcome Greeting Message to Give Your Customers and Team Members in 2023

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” – Will Rogers

With no second chances, you wouldn’t want to start a new journey on the wrong foot just because you did not pick the right words. Would you?

Start sending out better welcome greeting message and start making better connections during the onboarding process, whether a welcome message for new employees or new customers. 

We’ll cover the best welcome greeting messages for:

  • New customers
  • New employees
  • New subscribers
  • Remarketing Past Visitors

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How Do You Write A Welcome Message?

We understand that creating a new welcome greeting, which is unique, crisp, and makes the onboarded feel warm and fuzzy, is no piece of banana cream cake. 

Sometimes, just finding the right words and stringing them together can take hours. 

Worry not! We are here with welcome message inspiration. 

You could be onboarding a new employee, a new boss, or a new customer, and each of these will get doughy eyes from different greetings. Find the right welcome greeting message here! 

It Pays To Have A Welcome Greeting Message

Before we board the welcome ship and sail through the muddy ocean of waves, nods, and salutations, let’s take a look at some statistics about why carefully chosen welcome greeting messages are a must. 

  • 58 percent of the employees who receive a strong and compelling welcome greeting message are more likely to remain with a company for 3 or more years.
  • 69 percent of the employees whose’ hearts have melted because you effectively welcome them with warm fuzzies will most likely stay on staff for at least 3 years.
  • With the right greeting via email marketing, you can generate over 320 percent more revenue than usual. Happy clients, happy employees, happy you!
  • A welcome message can increase the chances of customer engagement by 33 percent.
  • You can save approximately $8 billion each year using a chatbot for your welcome greeting message and customer care. Here’s how you can build a bot for your business!

Want to know who else does it? Ralph Lauren! 

The mega-brand sends a greeting message for customers with the promise of giving the latest news and updates along with a 10% discount.

If it works for them, it will work for you too, right? Well, maybe. 

First things first, you’re going to need some insightful data on your customers. After all, we don’t just go around shipping boxes of bananas to our customers (…or do we?). 

Find a meaningful connection — a welcome greeting message that vibes with their interests. 

Let us dig further into how welcome greeting messages can be incorporated into your everyday business, working to help you achieve a higher rate of customer retention

The Best Welcome Greeting Message For Customers

#1: Onboard New Customers With A Welcome Greeting Message & Discounts

Like we said in the beginning, first impressions last. To make them memorable, you should take some steps — and take them fast! 

Procrastinating will have you fumbling through introductions and welcome greeting messages worse than your drunk sibling’s wedding toast.

 Whether you choose mailers or messages, each should guide your customer and give them a touchpoint if they wish to contact you.

Also, who doesn’t love gifts? Your new customers will too! Send them a limited-time welcome offer that will make them love you more (and make them spend more money!).

Maybe throw in a stuffed monkey (or whatever fun mascot you have) to remind them of your warm and fuzzy welcome greeting message. 

#2: Welcome Greeting Message To New Subscribers

After they make their final purchases, it’s time to give your new subscribers something else to look forward to! 

As soon as someone signs up, sending them a welcome greeting message will make them feel wanted and appreciated, and dare we say… warm and fuzzy? 

Also, you can ask them to rate how easy the subscription process was for added engagement. 

Welcoming your target audience should be… targeted. Hence, try using their names with something catchy.

#3: Emails For Cart Abandonment

Did you know that 70 percent of all shoppers abandon their carts!? This is a vast number, and you can remind your abandoners what they are missing. 

Welcome them back to shop more!

Or rather, be smart and twist it up to “your cart is missing you.” 

Cart abandonment emails have indeed been known to make a difference wherein around 50 percent of users end up ordering where they left.


#4: Establish The Central Channel For Communication

One of the best ways to make an impression on your new customers is by sending them a welcome email (or message with Customers.ai), which establishes the central channel for communication.


It is also important and effective to invest in an employee communication platform. This way, you build a foundational line of conversation and give yourself away with the impression of always being there.

#5: Be The Guiding Light

Whether we talk about a new employee, a new boss, or a new customer, guidance is necessary. Tell them about the company, the groups present, the causes the company is associated with, and link to the website

You can use these welcome messages in your confirmation message to new SMS subscribers, email subscribers and more.

They can also be an excellent icebreaker in your website chat.


Welcome Message Samples For Your Customers

  1. Welcome to the gang! We are thrilled to have someone with such impeccable taste amongst us (well, duh! You chose us!)
  2. Hola! We’re so excited you are a part of (brand name). We love all our customers, and that includes you too!
  3. To show our happiness at having you here, we are offering you a (percentage) discount. Enjoy & spread the love!
  4. Hey there! Your love keeps us going! Keep shopping because you deserve gifts!!!!

Welcome Greeting Message Examples For A New Employee

  1. We just heard an awesome new person became a part of our team! Welcome to the jungle!
  2. We are so delighted to welcome you on board. Your intelligence and energy make you an asset to us. Can’t wait to work with you!
  3. Welcome to our team, and we hope your presence will make it stronger. Let’s hope you being here will help in the growth and expansion of the company
  4. A big congratulations on the new role, and we welcome you with open arms. We wish our ways never part, and our partnership grows into the future!


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Make An Impact!

A welcome greeting message can help your business grow. Whether sent to a customer or a new employee, these greetings make the receiver feel appreciated and are known to increase employees’ retention rate and customer conversion rates.

Stand Out — Be A Unicorn, Not A Donkey! 


Finding the perfect welcome greeting message is not an easy task. But you can rest assured that custom-tailored greetings hold the power to capture the attention as well as the heart of your receiver and get you a positive response. 

Be sure to captivate the essence of your brand/organization for the best outcome. 

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Important Next Steps

Frequently asked questions: How to write welcome greeting messages for your business

Q: How do you write a welcome message?

A: A great welcome message is personal, heartfelt, and tailored to the individual or company. 

It should include a greeting, an expression of joy at the new connection, and a bit about what to expect from the relationship. You can also offer a special incentive to encourage them to get started.

Know your audience and keep it simple and positive.

Q: What are some good examples of welcome messages?

A: Here are a few examples of great welcome messages:

  • Welcome to our company! We’re so excited to have you as part of our team.
  • We’re glad you’ve chosen us, and we want to show our appreciation by giving you a special incentive.
  • We’re delighted to have you as our customer. We know you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.
  • Thank you for joining us! We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Q: Why is it important to have a great welcome message?

A: A well-crafted welcome message is important because it sets the tone for the relationship. It shows that you’re excited to connect with the person or company and that you’re committed to providing them with a great experience. It also encourages them to take the next step in the process.

Did you know that 58% of the employees who receive a strong and compelling welcome greeting message are more likely to remain with a company for 3 or more years?

Did you also know that with the right greeting via email marketing, you can generate over 320% more revenue than usual?

These are just a few stats to encourage you why it’s important to create engaging and personalized welcome greetings.

Q: How do you say welcome to a client?

A: Here are some examples you can use:

  • A warm welcome to our newest client! We’re excited to work with you and hope you’ll be delighted with the results.
  • Use creative and motivational quotes like “Happy Humpday”, “Rise and Grind”… you get the idea.
  • Here are some examples for new employees:
  • Welcome to our company! We’re so excited to have you as part of our team.
  • We’re glad you’ve chosen us, and we want to show our appreciation by giving you a special incentive.
  • Welcome to our website! We hope you find everything you need and that you enjoy your experience.
  • Thank you for joining us! We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
  • We hope you have a great day!

Q: What should you avoid in a welcome message?

A: There are a few things to avoid in a welcome message, including being too pushy or sales-oriented, and avoiding coming across as generic or impersonal.

Don’t forget to avoid unpleasantries like legal jargon or difficult-to-pronounce words. Just be friendly and welcoming, and you’ll set the tone for a great relationship.

Q: How do you welcome people on a page?

A: You can use a variety of greetings on your page, depending on what you want to say. Some good examples include:

  • Welcome!
  • Hello!
  • Welcome to our website!
  • Thank you for visiting us!
  • We hope you find what you’re looking for and that you enjoy your stay.
  • Have a great day!
  • Thank you for your interest!
  • We look forward to serving you.

Using images with text or gifs on your welcome page is likely to increase engagement as it starts creating that 1:1 relationship.

Q: Can I say welcome instead of you’re welcome?

A: In some cases, it might be more appropriate to use one term or the other, depending on the situation. For example, if you’ve done something for someone else that they might not have expected, it’s polite to say you’re welcome. 

Conversely, if someone has just greeted you, it’s more appropriate to say welcome. In most cases, though, either term is acceptable.

Q: How do you say you’re welcome formally?

A: You can say you’re welcome in a variety of ways, depending on the situation. Some formal expressions include:

  • My pleasure.
  • I’m happy to help.
  • Don’t mention it.
  • You got it.
  • Customers are our first priority.
  • I am happy to assist you and serve you.

These are just a few examples you can use.

Q: How do you write a welcome back message?

A: A warm and heartfelt welcome back message is the perfect way to show someone that you missed them and that you’re glad they’re back. Some tips for writing a great welcome back message include:

  • Be genuine and authentic.
  • Show your appreciation for their time away.
  • Welcome them back with open arms.
  • Here are some examples of great welcome back messages:
  • You again! We’re beyond delighted you’re back.
  • Hey [first_name], it’s great to see you again.
  • You’re back… cheers to you!
  • Psst… we noticed this isn’t your first time here. Thanks for showing us your support.
  • [First_name], thanks for being a loyal customer. We want to give you a “xx” discount for being so loyal.

Q: How to write a welcome message for a new employee?

A: Here are a few ways to start a welcome message for a new employee or team member:

  • A warm welcome to our newest employee!
  • We’re excited to have you onboard and hope you’ll be a valuable asset to the team.
  • We’re glad you’ve chosen us, and we want to show our appreciation by giving you a special incentive.
  • On behalf of the members and supervisors, we would like to welcome you to the team. We are delighted and excited about working as a team starting from today.
  • Welcome to our company! We’re so excited to have you as part of our team.
  • We’re looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
  • Congratulations on being part of the team! The whole company welcomes you, and we look forward to a successful journey with you! Welcome aboard!
  • Having you in our company is a great honor! 
  • Thanks for choosing to be part of the company! 

Your welcome message should also include information about the company and what to expect in the coming days or weeks.

Q: What is a good way to end a welcome message?

A: A good way to end a welcome message is to express your excitement about developing a relationship with the customer or employee. You can also invite them to explore the website or contact you for more information.

  • Thank you for your interest!
  • We look forward to serving you in the future.
  • Have a great day!
  • Thank you for your time.
  • We hope you enjoyed your stay.
  • But wait, we’ve got a special offer just for you.

Q: What should I avoid when writing a welcome message to my customers?

A: Grammar and spelling mistakes are one of the worst things that could possibly happen in your welcome message… any message for that matter.

Aside from that, avoid generic and overused phrases.

Q: How do you greet higher officials?

A: When greeting a higher-up, you should use a more formal term such as Mr./Ms. followed by their last name. If you are on a first-name basis, use their first name only. 

For example:

  • Hello, Ms. Smith.
  • Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson.
  • Hi, Bob!
  • Hello, sir.

Q: Is Good afternoon formal?

A: It can be, but it also depends on the situation.

If you’re meeting someone for the first time or if it’s a more formal occasion, then yes, Good afternoon would be formal.

If you’re just saying hello to someone you know well, then it would be less formal.

Q: What should I do if I’m not sure how to address someone?

A: If you’re not sure how to address someone, it’s best to play it safe and use a more formal term such as Mr./Ms. followed by their last name.

You can also call the company or search online for a guide on how to address certain individuals.

Q: How do you say hello in a cool way?

A cool way to say hello would be to use their name. For example:

  • Hi, (name).
  • What’s up, (name)?
  • Hello, my friend.
  • Hey, (name)!
  • Good morning/afternoon/evening, (name).

Q: What should I do if I forget someone’s name?

A: If you forget someone’s name, it’s best to apologize and try to remember it. You can also ask them to reintroduce themselves.

It’s also a good idea to write the person’s name down and keep it in mind for next time.

Q: What is the difference between Hi and Hello?

A: Hi is a more casual way of saying hello, while Hello is more formal.

Hi can be used in any situation, while hello is typically used when meeting someone for the first time or in a more formal setting.

We hope this helps you create amazing greetings for everyone! Here are a few things to remember:

  • Keep your messages brief and to the point
  • Avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Be respectful and use the appropriate term when addressing someone
  • Make sure your tone is friendly and welcoming
  • Include information about the company and what to expect in the coming days or weeks
  • End your message with a gesture of excitement and anticipation for the relationship to come

Feel free to leave us a comment below if you enjoyed this article!

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