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Organic Social Media Hacks: How I Get 20-30 Million Views a Month on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Medium

Today I wanted to share how I get 20-30 million organic views a month on Twitter, Medium, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Last week I shared my social media hacks with my friend Michael Stelzner on his show, Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Mike is the founder of Social Media Examiner, brains behind one of my favorite digital marketing industry events, Social Media Marketing World, and host of the insight-packed Social Media Marketing Podcast.

So why did Mike invite me on his podcast?

Over the last few years has grown from literally nothing to the fastest growing Facebook Messenger marketing platform, provider of web chat and SMS marketing tools, and pioneers of OmniChat

Today has over a million users!

How do you fuel this kind of growth? 

My Secrets to Hacking the Organic Algos of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Medium

Listen to the episode and read the full write-up of our conversation on Social Media Examiner.

I talked to Mike about how I generate:

  • 20-30 million organic impressions/month on Twitter
  • 2 million views/month on Medium
  • 10K/month LinkedIn profile views

And you can listen to our interview here:

Here are a few more behind-the-scenes resources you might find interesting.

What’s the ROI of Social Media Impressions?

It’s hard to quantify the value of social media marketing.

But social media visibility has led to some amazing opportunities for me and my businesses including mainstream media interviews like this one:

And this one:

As well as countless opportunities for fundraising and networking.

Social Media Hacks for Twitter

Listen to the show to hear about how I get 20-30 million organic impressions/month on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the social media channels where I find the greatest marketing leverage. 

I post to Twitter to audition content for LinkedIn. Learn more about that on the podcast.

Social Media Hacks for LinkedIn

Here are a couple of screenshots from my LinkedIn Premium insights. 

Lately my content has generated +8K profile views a week on LinkedIn.

And popular posts have seen more than 280K views on LinkedIn:

One of the best content marketing techniques I use on LinkedIn is like short-form business/work-life poetry. 

This post that I wrote in 15 minutes generated 850K views on LinkedIn and drove 25K visitors to my website.

Social Media Hacks for Facebook 

Facebook Groups are the most engaged area of Facebook. Get engagement from groups by posting icebreakers like this one on my Facebook group Island:

We also generate engagement on Facebook by restreaming our video content in syndication. 

There’s software that will simulate a livestream on Facebook Groups, Facebook Business Pages, Periscope and other social media platforms. 

Social Media Hacks for Medium

I get between 1 million to 3 million views a month from my Medium blog.

Want to know how I’ve climbed the ranks to the top 10 Medium authors?

And over half-a-million views per article?

Then check out the interview!

Thank you, Mike, for having me on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.

Remember it’s not the goal of marketing to do everything but to do a few things like a unicorn in a sea of donkeys!

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And now back to our regularly scheduled web chat and messaging programming…

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