Why I Fired My Marketing Agency (and How to Be an Irreplaceable Marketer)

I recently broke up with my marketing agency.

What went wrong?

First let’s take a look at marketing agency doing everything right.

Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids had a goal of shattering previous records and launching the largest Grand Opening in the most cost-efficient way.

The hair salon worked with Almost Magical Marketing, a Customers.ai Premier Agency, to launch Facebook ads that click to Messenger where a Customers.ai chatbot enters new clients in a giveaway, delivers a voucher, and assists applicants in booking their appointment for Grand Opening Day.

The result was a record-breaking opening day that cost 58% lower cost than previous campaigns.

Source: Customers.ai case study

In 2018, brands were surveyed to find out what they wish their marketing did better.

Or their marketing agency did better, specifically.

The #1 reason companies are dissatisfied with their marketing agency is a lack of innovation.

Source: Hannapin

This tracks with marketing agency owners I’ve talked to who say there are two types of clients: 

  • Clients who want their agency to do everything
  • Clients who hire a marketing agency to train their team so they can eventually fire the agency

I’ll admit I’m part of the second group. 

I recently broke up with an agency because we had picked up on all the tricks up their sleeve and they hadn’t brought any innovations to the table to grow our leads.

If you want to be irreplaceable as a marketer, or as an agency, here’s my tip: Invest in your skills with cutting-edge marketing tactics and strategies.

Customers.ai for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

I started Customers.ai in 2017 because I saw an opportunity to be on the forefront of what I knew would one day be an essential marketing channel: automated chat and text messaging.

Then came COVID-19. 

The pandemic has been a true disruptor to business.

There have been winners and losers in the transition to total reliance on online commerce.

What do the winners have in common?


Pivoting to be where their customers are.

News flash: Real-time chat and text is the way we stay in touch with everything critical to our lives.

chat marketing automation: a graph showing shifts in messaging and communication trends

Yet at last count only 2% of businesses use chat marketing automation in their customer communication and marketing strategy.

If you’re reading this, you might know that scaling real-time instant chat and text messaging is what Customers.ai does.

And on Wednesday, October 7, at Chat Marketing 2020 Virtual Summit we’re sharing the fool-proof playbooks that Customers.ai’s fastest growing customers are using to:

  • Drive tons of customers into your inbox using Facebook Messenger ads that convert
  • Grow an SMS marketing list to create a direct line to customers text message app
  • Boost ecommerce revenue +13% with on-site chat
  • Sign more marketing agency clients and get bigger contracts with chatbot services

This summit is for you if:

  • You want your business to grow
  • You want to learn more about scaling leads with chat marketing
  • You see the writing on the wall and it’s time to do real-time customer communication
  • You’re driven to be an innovative, irreplaceable member of your team

Customers.ai for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

Why I Fired My Agency: Important Next Steps

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