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How to Grow an Agency Business with Chatbot Marketing Services

This is our second webinar in our series on Facebook Messenger marketing and chatbot training.

The webinar contains advanced chatbot marketing tactics and pricing models for Facebook Messenger services designed for agency marketers:

✓ Quick intro to Messenger marketing
✓ How to 10X results for clients with 3 case studies
✓ Product demo for chatbot campaign setup
Finding clients and pricing chatbot services appropriately
✓ Special offer for agencies
✓ Q&A works with marketing agencies to grow their monthly retainers by servicing clients with high-impact, high-ROI marketing agency bot campaigns for Facebook and Instagram Messenger, SMS, live chat, and more.

Sharing three killer case studies of unicorn return was our special guest, Samir ElKamouny, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at agency partner Fetch & Funnel.


Watch a replay of the chatbot marketing agency webinar: How To Turn Your Agency Into a Unicorn with Chat Marketing

And for the full presentation deck, take a look here:

A full run-down of the chatbot marketing agency webinar and chatbot case studies is below.

Watch our first webinar “Getting Started with Facebook Messenger Marketing: 101” here. for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

3 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Campaigns and How to Execute Them

Samir’s digital marketing agency specializes in customer acquisition through online advertising, influencer marketing, conversion rate optimization, and recently, chatbot marketing software.

“In a few years, Facebook Messenger will be the biggest digital channel,” he tells clients.

Samir’s seeing great results by getting clients around the email promotions tab and in front of customers with push notifications via Facebook Messenger

The fantastic results of these chatbot marketing campaigns he shares with us.

Chatbot Case Study 1: Facebook Ad Coupon Bot

→ Coupons, discounts, promotions, cart abandonment

There’s a little-used Facebook ad type: the click-to-Messenger ad.

Click campaigns send traffic to your website landing page anonymously. You have no way of knowing who visited and no way to follow-up if they leave.

Click-to-Messenger ads meanwhile:

  • Engage your audience on their own turf
  • Get higher usage and effectiveness for promos
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Generate sales
  • Increase ROAS

These Facebook Messenger ad campaigns are a type of direct response marketing. Direct response marketing campaigns are characterized by their ability to drive immediate engagement and sales.

A Messenger ad features the “Send Message” button:


Click “Send Message” results in an engaging Messenger chat page you design in


The quick how-to on a send to Messenger ad:

  1. Use the Send to Messenger ad format.
  2. When the user clicks on the “Send Message” button on the ad, it opens a Facebook Messenger page.
  3. The user clicks the CTA, opting into the offer.

Ready to see some impressive ad performance?


Samir’s marketing agency used Messenger ads targeted to their client’s abandoned cart audience and saw 1113% increase in conversion rate and 50X return on ad spend!


Facebook ad performance before chatbots:

  • 7.5x ROAS
  • $234.53 CPA

There’s room for improvement there.

Facebook ad performance with chatbots:

  • 50.4x ROAS
  • $33.83 CPA

Ohhh yeah!

To start running Messenger ads for your clients, the setup is simple:


See how to set up Facebook Messenger ads in our blog tutorial and for a quick video and Messenger ads best practices, check out the help portal.

Chatbot Case Study 2: Lead Gen Bot

→ Webinar registration with Zapier integration

Webinars are great B2B marketing tools for businesses to provide an interactive education experience.

Doing lead gen like webinar sign-ups in Facebook Messenger has key benefits.

(By the way, there’s a pre-made lead gen template in’s chatbot templates.)

Benefits of lead generation via Facebook Messenger:

  • Minimal friction, super easy to register or opt in
  • More leads at a lower cost
  • Significantly more engaging for users
  • Lead qualification
  • Easily guide users through a funnel

When a user enters into a chat session with, Facebook automatically gives first name, last name, gender, location and Facebook ID permission for Messenger. Plus, all chat sessions are identifiable.

This data is added as a contact in

Contacts can be enriched with more data collected in session, like email, phone number or the type of product they are interested in.

All the data you used to have to ask for in long contact forms can be collected in mobile-friendly chat sessions!

Where webinar registrations cost around $15 each previously, the cost per webinar registration dramatically dropped to $1 using a chatbot for sign-ups:


Another win for chatbots in webinar registration: Webinar attendance is higher thanks to event reminder blasts with push notifications in Messenger chat.

But not everything needs to be done via Messenger chatbot software.

Instead, you can also use OmniChatⓇ to send reminders to segmented audiences via SMS text message blasts, or even ping them via live chat the next time they visit your website.

See our blog tutorial How to Do Webinar Sign-ups and Engaging Event Reminders with a Messenger Chatbot to set it up for your clients next. for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

Chatbot Case Study 3: Product Recommendation Bot

→ CRO, alleviate funnel bottlenecks, lead qualification

Here’s a generic example that shows the power of building an if-this-then-that chatbot. Ask them a question and when they answer you have an automated conversation with them.

For this client, the number one barrier to selling a $1,500 electric skateboard is that people aren’t sure what size to get.

So Samir built a chatbot that asks three simple questions:

  • How tall are you?
  • What’s your riding style?
  • What’s your snowboard stance?

Boom, the user gets their recommendation for skateboard size:

product recommendation bot example

They embedded this bot on the website with a button so it’s easy to find and interact with.

As a follow-up, they introduced an automated drip campaign with timed messages.

The first message on the following day is, “Thanks for using our sizing bot. Do you have any questions or need additional assistance?”

This opens up a dialog with their customers, a powerful tool for improving conversions. How powerful?

These 60-day results say it all:

  1. 500+ visitors have used the sizing bot
  2. 12% increase in Avg. Monthly Sales

Plus, the business can message users later with follow-up deals, promos and content. That’s a lot of marketing power.

You can create your own product recommendations, taking people down any pathway, setting attributes that let you follow-up with relevant messaging.

Positioning and Pricing for Agency Chatbot Services

Samir has actionable recommendations for how to start building your chatbot services business:

These tips allow you to specialize and find clients:

  • Pick an industry to target, like gym, real estate or ecommerce.
  • Create a demo chatbot in that industry. Seeing the chatbot in action is the most powerful sales tool. Build a showcase case study.
  • Demo your chatbot example and review your case study.
  • Focus on the results that you can get for them. You can get them significantly better results doing the same Facebook ads (targeting and offers) moved to Messenger.

When it comes to pricing your chatbot marketing services, here’s some advice:

Start with something small but impactful for free. Offer it to your current clients for free. If you already run Facebook Ads for clients then ads are a logical place to start. It’s the easiest way to get started and you get the case study data.

When it goes well and you have case studies and examples, you can move to point-based pricing. This is pricing based on how many functionalities are in place, like auto-drips and blasts you build out:

  • Functionalities are landing pages in
  • Drip campaigns are auto-drip sequences programmed for any audience segment.
  • Opt-in points are like ads or campaigns to get more contacts.
  • Blasts are sending out content to your list.
  • Webhooks are the setup of integrations with other business applications, like the CRM, email marketing platform, webinar platform and more.

You might eventually graduate to value-based pricing, a fee that estimates the value that the project brings to the client. An agency can always charge based on time, or deliverable, but you probably want to charge for value because that’s when profits become exponential.

Bonuses for meeting a set goal for new contacts or sales attributed to the bot is a type of value-based pricing strategy you can employ immediately.

Check out our digital marketing agency pricing guide to maximize revenue for both your agency and your client!

Differentiating Your Services with Chatbot Marketing

If you message a big brand and tell them that you’re going to improve their AdWords performance, they’ll probably pass on the offer. 

If you tell them that you’re going to build a chatbot for them, they’re going to be interested.

They’ve been paying attention to chatbots and have heard of them, but they don’t have the resources and expertise in-house. Building the best chatbots for business are an easy way for you to get noticed by clients.

When you have the proven results and can show the value and a chatbot demo you can show people, you can charge according to the business receiving the services, what the bot is going to do and the value you’re going to bring them.

Chatbot Marketing Resources for Digital Agencies has a plethora of resources for digital marketing agencies. 

We have great relationships with our agency partners, and continue to be amazed by the returns agencies get by selling chatbot services to clients.

Start by watching the Marketing Agency Growth Accelerator Summit with Larry Kim.

Or, if you prefer print, here are our latest knowledge bombs to help you grow your client portfolio, increase your average deal size, and win more business: agency Team Plan partners get advanced web chat marketing automation features, multi-page and multi-user dashboard, and new client referrals as a certified agency. for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

Be a Unicorn in a Sea of Donkeys

Important next steps:

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