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26 WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins Every Marketer Needs

WordPress digital marketing plugins are incredibly handy little pieces of software that can assist you in a number of ways on your WordPress blog or website.

There are more than 50,000 thousand publicly available plugins that you can add to your WordPress site, so how do you know where to start?

Step 1: Start with your goal!

If you’re a digital marketer, or simply want to optimize your blog or website, then you might want to consider using some WordPress digital marketing plugins that excel at enabling your site with various marketing features and functions.

We’ve compiled 25 WordPress plugins that specialize in marketing objectives for you to consider. Read on to find the plugins that the WP community trusts with essential marketing capabilities (and jump to each section with the links below):

Automation WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins

WP-Chatbot by Customers.ai

Customers.ai offers a free and easy-to-use WordPress digital marketing plugin to help you automate your WordPress site.

Add chat to your website with the free WP-Chatbot plugin. This way, you can quickly set up a chatbot to be the first responder to any WordPress website visitor’s questions. Another exciting feature is that a live chat agent – like you! – can take over the conversation any time.

Businesses are expected to save $8 billion with customer service chatbots in 2020. You can cut your customer service costs with chat on your website while simultaneously increasing conversions by reducing uncertainty of shoppers and leads with your 24/7 chatbot.

All you have to do is install the one-click plugin and you’ll have all the power of Facebook Messenger automation right on your site!

The WordPress digital marketing plugin from Customers.ai is a simple way to help your customers contact you from within your site. It’s customizable so you can decide what purpose you want your WordPress chatbot plugin to serve. It also allows you to keep all of your communications from your WordPress site, Facebook page, and more in one unified inbox. 

Title Experiments

Title Experiments is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows you to perform A/B tests on all of your title options for posts.

Choose several different potential blog titles for your content and allow the WordPress digital marketing plugin to split test the options and see which one performs best. This will help you attract views and users to your site.

This free WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to easily optimize your content for views, driving more traffic to your site.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Title Experiments


Is your organization using HubSpot’s CRM and connected tools? Lucky you, HubSpot’s WordPress plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site to your HubSpot account, so you can utilize all of HubSpot’s marketing automation tools for your WordPress site.

Run ads, manage pop-ups and forms, use live chat, create content, or analyze the metrics of all of these things easily within this WordPress digital marketing plugin!

You can also integrate your HubSpot account with hundreds of integrations, allowing you to access and automate even more from right within your WordPress site.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: HubSpot


Jetpack is a WordPress digital marketing tool that provides analytics, integration, SEO tools, and more.

WordPress actually makes the Jetpack WordPress plugin. It will help you automate your site’s security, performance, site management, and speed up your WordPress website as well!

Most importantly, it has the added benefit of automating security for your WordPress site, with features like attack prevention, site backup, malware scanning, secure login, spam filtering, and more.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Jetpack

Email WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins


MailChimp’s WordPress plugin allows site visitors to subscribe to your email list right on your site.

The WordPress digital marketing plugin includes a seamless integration with your MailChimp account and the ability to customize great looking forms that are easy to use and mobile optimized.

You can also integrate with a number of other plugins!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: MailChimp


OptinMonster is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that helps you generate more leads with forms, pop-ups and other lead generation tools.

This WordPress plugin integrates with your OptinMonster account and allows you to use its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder to create beautiful pop-ups and other forms to collect information and easily grow your contact lists.

There’s a number of different campaign types, and you can even easily integrate this WordPress digital marketing plugin with your other email campaign software!


MailPoet Newsletter 

MailPoet Newsletter is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows site visitors to sign up as newsletter subscribers without leaving the page they’re on.

This helps you to build your email lists and also maintain website traffic!

This WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to build signup forms, write newsletters, manage your subscriber lists, send automated messages, and more all within WordPress.

Ninja Kick 

Ninja Kick is an interesting WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows your site visitors to call up your contact form without even leaving the page they’re on.

The plugin provides a side-scrolling form animation that is present on every page on your site.

Not only does this improve user experience, but it generates more communication and website clicks, as the user will not have to leave the page they’re on and can immediately continue what they were doing.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Ninja Kick

Drip Email

Drip Email is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that helps you make your email campaigns simple.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to do all kinds of email marketing from right within your WordPress site, since it easily integrates. You can build contact lists and even convert site visitors, all from within your Gmail account.

It’s also customizable, so you can make your email marketing campaigns match your business.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Drip Email

Content WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins


ImageInject is the answer to spending too much time searching for the perfect free-to-use stock photo style image to add to your blog.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to search on Pixabay and Flickr for the perfect image, right from WordPress! Then all you have to do is easily (and quickly!) insert the image into your post.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin even does the work of searching the internet for the proper attribution links, saving you tons of time to work on your content!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: ImageInject


EditFlow is a customizable WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows you to collaborate with your editorial or content team from right within WordPress.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to make your editorial process easy with calendars, statuses to help you determine stages of workflow, timely notifications, and more.

It also improves communication amongst your editorial team by offering user group options and editorial comments, allowing for direct and private communications between writers and editors.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: EditFlow


Grammarly has a WordPress digital marketing plugin that brings that handy tools of Grammarly straight to your WordPress site.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin is a useful writing assistant that will make sure your content marketing is top-notch.

The plugin detects potential errors in spelling, grammar, word choice, and more. It even detects stylistic mistakes in your writing.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Grammarly


Canva is an incredibly useful tool for designing various graphics for all of your graphic needs, and they also offer a WordPress digital marketing plugin so that you can create these graphics from the comfort of your own WordPress site.

Use Canva’s millions of images, layouts, graphics and more to create beautiful images for your site. Then, when you’re ready, the design is automatically inserted into your WordPress post.

This makes it easier than ever to have a beautiful, eye-catching post or website.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Canva

Word Stats

Word Stats is a useful suite of content tools to add to your site as a WordPress digital marketing plugin.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin helps you improve the quality of your content by offering the ability to analyze your content for word count, top keywords, and more.

It also provides reports on your post types and a graph that shows you your monthly word count per post type!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Word Stats

Social Media WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins

Click To Tweet

Turn your blog or site content into a Tweetable moment with callout formatting using Click To Tweet.

This plugin allows visitors to your WordPress site to easily Tweet out your content thanks to the simple and efficient “click to Tweet” buttons that will appear on your posts and pages, and inline with your content.

For one thing, this social sharing plugin turns your readers into engaged sharers, giving your brand the power to reach a larger audience and drive traffic to your WordPress site.

And second, it adds a visually interesting callout element to your text blocks.

Two for one benefits in this WordPress social media sharing plugin!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Click To Tweet

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Easy Social Sharing

You know what they say: word of mouth marketing is the post powerful kind.

Easy Social Sharing is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows you to add social media sharing buttons to your WordPress site so that readers can easily post your content to their social feeds.

With this WordPress digital marketing plugin, you can easily customize the design, layout, and more of up to 18 social sharing buttons allowing your site visitors to easily share your content to a number of social media platforms.

You can even track the number of shares your site gets with the automatically-updating social share count feature that this handy WordPress digital marketing plugin provides.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Easy Social Sharing


Let your readers be your content advocates!

AddtoAny is a social sharing WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows your website visitors to easily share your content to over 100 different social platforms.

The buttons are customizable and AddtoAny’s WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to choose from various types.

It also includes follow buttons so that site visitors can quickly and easily follow your social media channels, as well as share counts so you can see how much your content has been shared!

Increase your traffic and user engagement with this handy WordPress digital marketing tool.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: AddtoAny

Shared Counts 

Bring the social proof to your WordPress content with Shared Counts.

This is another WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows you to easily add social sharing buttons to your WordPress blog or website.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to customize buttons, some of which support social count display and tracking features, so you can see how much of your content is being shared.

The interesting difference between Shared Counts’ WordPress digital marketing plugin and others is that this plugin does not use cookies or tracking scripts, or store any user data. That will comfort your site visitors and promote brand trust!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Shared Counts

Instagram Feed

What’s better than combining your content to make it easy for users to shift from one type to another?

The Instagram Feed WordPress digital marketing plugin allows you to do just that!

Now, you can easily display your Instagram feed right on your WordPress site. This will save you time, as you won’t have to upload your photos to multiple platforms. Simply upload to Instagram and the photos will automatically be displayed on WordPress.

Hello, shoppable ecommerce Instagram feeds?

Additionally, it will increase engagement, as it will be easy for users to see your content in various places.

wordpress digital marketing plugin: instagram feed

SEO WordPress Digital Marketing Plugins

SEO Friendly Images

The process of adding images to a blog post can be a chore. You have to find the image, insert it, and then optimize it for SEO in the Alt and Title texts.

With the SEO Friendly Images plugin, that work is done for you.

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that automatically optimizes all of the Alt and Title attributes for all of your images.

You can also override the plugin’s automatic attributes with your own.

wordpress digital marketing plugin: seo friendly images

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a great WordPress digital marketing plugin to use if you want to a single plugin to control many search engine optimization signals from page meta data to breadcrumbs.

Yoast SEO’s WordPress digital marketing plugin helps you improve your site’s content for SEO purposes with title and meta description templating, automatically set URLs, schema implementation and more.

The WordPress digital marketing plugin help you boost SEO on-page signals, and also includes diagnostics for SEO analysis and readability analysis, giving you assurance that your content is the best it can be.

wordpress digital marketing plugin: yoast seo


As all digital marketers know, linking is one of the best ways to drive traffic to various parts of your site. It’s important to link relevant posts or pages within your other posts and pages!

Linkwithin has a WordPress digital marketing plugin that does all of that for you, automatically.

This WordPress digital marketing plugin doesn’t let your old posts get buried because it indexes all the posts in your library and retrieves relevant content to add to your new posts.

This helps increase your website traffic!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Linkwithin

Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that is true to its name.

This plugin will monitor your blog for any broken links and alert you when they are found. Broken links prevent your site from ranking on search engines, negatively affecting site traffic. Keep your links working with this handy WordPress digital marketing plugin.

Broken Link Checker also detects missing images and redirects. It has a couple optional features, such as displaying broken links differently within text.

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Broken Link Checker

Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords Planner is a WordPress digital marketing plugin that allows you to get your keywords straight from the source of the searches you hope to be a part of!

It shows advertisers keywords that they can bid on for their own campaigns. It shows estimates of search volume, number of results, and difficulty level, helping you pick the best keywords.

Use this impressive WordPress digital marketing plugin to research keywords that will improve your search ranks and help you outrank other sites!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: Google Keyword Planner


This WordPress digital marketing plugin is another writing assistant that optimizes your content for SEO based on Google’s top 10 ranking pages for your keywords in a given location.

How handy!

SEMrush offers you an overall score for your content, as well as a readability score, recommended keywords, and more.

It also does basic grammar checking to make sure your content’s tone is even, your content is not plagiarized, and that all of your links work properly!

WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin: SEMrush

Qi Addons for Elementor

Looking for new ways to integrate social on your website using Elementor? Look no further than Qi Addons for Elementor.

Superbly designed, this plugin is a huge collection of widgets for the Elementor page builder, counting more than a hundred available with the premium version.

The two widgets you should pay special attention to are the Social Share Buttons widget, and the Social Links widget. The first will let you add and customize social share buttons on your website. 

The second widget gives you a beautifully designed way to include all sorts of social links to your website. Your links will never look as good as when you add them with the Social Links widget.

Optimize Your WordPress Site with a WordPress Digital Marketing Plugin

Now that you’ve read our list of 25 different WordPress digital marketing plugins, you’re ready to pick and choose which ones you’ll use to help improve your own WordPress site.

Determine whether you want to save time with marketing automation, fine-tune your content with a writing assistant, boost your SEO – whatever it is you need, chances are there’s a WordPress digital marketing plugin out there for you!

Important Next Steps

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