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Learn how helps you:

➔ Grow your email list 5X faster

➔ Expand your ad retargeting audience without cookie- and pixel-based tracking

➔ Find your ideal customer directly via demographic and interest-based consumer directory

➔ Send dynamically AI-generated, hyper-personalized email marketing

➔ Increase engagement rate with AI-driven delivery tools, automated follow-up and notifications

➔ Enrich leads with demographic and interest-based data to create customer profiles and audience segments

➔ Sync lead and visitor data to marketing automation platforms, revenue recovery flows and CRM

➔ Leverage visitor analytics and lead scoring to surface high-value revenue opportunities

➔ Trigger workflows and notifications to ensure timely follow-up to high-intent buyers

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Intent Data & AI-Driven Automation Solutions by Industry

Forbes Top 10 Marketer

Great marketing starts with knowing your customer.

But even if you’ve got your ideal customer in mind, the question is: “What’s the best way to reach them?”

Targeted outbound marketing is the most direct and cost-effective way to get your message in front of your perfect customers. is my go-to system for targeted outbound marketing because you can:

  • Find buyers who match your ideal customer profile using demographic and interest-based audience search
  • Accelerate email list growth with prospects who most likely to purchase your products and services
  • Quickly launch fully automated outreach email and text message cadences that drive conversions

The sales automation platform is an all-in-one solution for data and tools that generate engagement and convert leads into qualified sales meetings and deals.

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2023 INC 5000 Fastest Growing Company in America & ICONIQ Capital + G2 Essential Tech Stack

B2C Prospecting Data for Marketing & Sales Automation

Tap into the power of unique B2C prospecting data to enhance performance at all stages of your customers’ journey.

Grow your email list

Reveal website visitor data and analytics to grow your email list with engaged shoppers browsing your products and services.

Find your ideal customer directly

Access 250+ million U.S. consumers with demographic, interest and behavior data to target your perfect audience.

Enrich leads with consumer data

Enhance website visitors and lead lists with 10,000+ data points to create actionable profiles for segmentation and outreach.

Supercharge Your Paid Media Spend and Reduce Cost Per Result

Generate more leads with your existing search and social ad budget and expand website visitor remarketing audience reach.

Restore retargeting audiences 

Feed website visitor data into remarketing audiences to extend reach to pre iOS 14 and iOS 17 levels — like before on the cookie apocalypse.

Increase lead capture rate

Convert 5-10X more clicks into email contacts with website visitor identification and more complete ad visitor analytics.

Decrease cost per lead

Reduce acquisition costs by increasing lead volume from your existing ad spend and automating intent-based lead nurture.

Enhance ad visitor analytics

Leverage AI to reveal who’s visiting your site, what they view, where they came from, how likely they are to buy, and power multi-touch re-engagement.

B2C AI and data advertising solutions

Calculate your top-of-funnel growth with lead gen tools

Website visitor X-Ray technology to 10X the performance of your
Digital ads
SEO & content

Our Guarantee:

Generate Leads Or Get Your Money Back

Platform subscription fees are backed by a money-back guarantee.

With X-Ray and messaging services activated, we guarantee you’ll get more and better leads in 90 days or get your money back. See details of activation requirements and eligible subscriptions.

How Does Find Your Perfect Customers?

Find Targeted B2C Prospects That Match Your Ideal Customer
Search and connect with hundreds of millions of online shoppers using 10,000 interest-based signals — ideal for hard-to-target B2C audiences.
Send Email & SMS Sales Outreach Cadences to Prospects
Automatically engage your ideal buyers with email and text messages to nurture and convert leads in a safe prospecting space.
Alert Teams of Engaged & Converted Leads
Master the hand-off of qualified leads to sales with alerts that notify you and your sales team that someone is ready to buy.
Integrate Leads from to Other Systems syncs prospecting and lead data into thousands of the most popular CRMs, email platforms, sales and marketing tech.

Top Marketers Reach for Sales Outreach Automation & B2C Prospecting Data Platform

Neil Patel

I love inbound marketing but it’s getting harder and more competitive. If I was starting a growing business today, I would be looking to get the most out of my inbound marketing by following up on every website and social interaction.

Of course, sometimes it’s easier to reach out to a prospect directly, but you need clever data sources. For a balanced marketing mix, is a solution that does it all.

Neil Patel Forbes Top 10 Marketer
Mari Smith

I’ve seen first-hand the power of automation and consider it a must for small businesses, marketers and advertisers. I have worked with companies of all sizes to implement the automations in, improving sales productivity and marketing performance.

But here’s the real secret. sales outreach automation templates and data solutions make it so easy.

Mari Smith Facebook designated “Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert”
Olga Andrienko

Everyone lives on their mobile devices today, and expect businesses to be available any time. But very few companies have embraced sales outreach automation that reaches from web to email to increase efficiency of customer acquisition, until now.'s automation tools 10X the ROI of your SEO and content marketing investment by getting the email contacts of your web visitors automatically.

OLGA ANDRIENKO Head of Global Marketing
Brian Dean

Digital marketers who are always looking for a competitive edge and get excited by technology that helps business scale are going to want to get started with's AI sales outreach automation immediately.

Sean Ellis

Growth marketing is all about doing the high-leverage, scalable tactics and technologies. If you’re not doing automated funnels with intent-based data sources, you’re not keeping up.


FAQs On Sales Outreach Automation

Sales outreach automation is a powerful tool for any business looking to increase their sales. It automates the process of identifying and reaching out to target prospects. This ensures that all leads are followed up on in a timely manner. Sales outreach automation helps businesses streamline their processes and improve customer engagement by providing valuable insights into prospects and behavior.

Sales outreach automations are flexible tools and nearly every industry could benefit from implementing them! Industries where businesses are seeing great returns from sales outreach automation include:

  • Ecommerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Restaurants
  • Hiring & Employment Services
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Professional
  • Services
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Home Services
  • Events & Entertainment

There are a number of instances where sales outreach automation for marketing will help maximize your ROI, including when you’re sending out:

  • Deals and coupons
  • Meaningful content that’s straight to the point
  • Information to keep customers in the loop
  • Personal alerts, e.g. notifications and account updates
  • Quick access to important information
  • Information to customers who don’t want to visit apps or websites

Sales outreach automation is important to businesses because it helps them make more money and save time. Competition for attention and customers is only increasing. This makes efficient and effective marketing tools more important than ever.

Sales outreach automation and inbound marketing work great together. In fact, sales outreach automations can multiply the value of inbound marketing efforts exponentially. Using tools like our X-Ray email extractor to identify who is reading your blogs and our automated email cadences to get in touch with them faster will make your SEO more effective than ever. 

Sales outreach automation and inbound marketing work great together. In fact, sales outreach automations can multiply the value of inbound marketing efforts exponentially. Using tools like our X-Ray email extractor to identify who is reading your blogs and our automated email cadences to get in touch with them faster will make your SEO more effective than ever. 

Sales outreach automations are designed to fit seamlessly into your marketing strategy. If you’re building a marketing strategy from scratch, works as an all-in-one tool for capturing leads and marketing to them effectively.

If you’ve got an existing strategy you’d like to add to, integrates with dozens of other tools like CRMs to fit with your workflow. has analytics built directly into our automations page so you can always see how your campaigns are performing. They are optimized to work with our email deliverability tools like round robin sending. This means you always see aggregated results that truly capture how your campaigns are doing.

An outreach automation is an email or SMS campaign that runs automatically. Once the content is written and the triggers that get it started are set, a sales outreach automation runs on its own according to the parameters you’ve set. Over the course of a year, they can save sales and marketing teams hundreds of hours and businesses tons of cash.

We love supporting marketing agencies in their mission to grow their clients’ businesses. And many of customers are agencies.

There are two reasons why agencies are such heavy users. First, agencies deploy sales outreach automation to acquire and retain customers for themselves. Second, agencies offer sales outreach automation services to their clients, which adds value to the client and revenue for the agency. for Agencies users also receive multiple access levels for admins or contributors, client logins for collaboration, and a team dashboard that ties it all together in a cohesive way. 


A sales outreach automation should not bother your customers and be easy for you to set up. doesn’t require any pop-ups and has easy-to-follow directions for all popular website building services.

Automated sales outreach and visitor identification tools reduce the need for pop-ups or other features that interfere with the web browsing experience. And because automations are designed around what customers are already interested in, our engagement rates are significantly higher than traditional inbound newsletters!

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