How To Make A Chatbot | Creating Your First Chatbot

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Below is a transcript of the Chatbot Marketing Training Course by and Isaac Rudansky, of Adventure Media. Get the full course here and become a messenger marketing master.

Howdy chat by fans, and welcome back. Let’s go ahead and create our very first chat bot.

So, we’ve connected our Facebook page, and we’re going to go over to the chat bots list, and I’m going to click “create chat bot”.

We have a few different things we need to do over here, so first we’re going to name the chat bot, so I’m going to name this “Sofa Mania chat bot test” and I’m going to connect it to a specific Facebook page.

So I’m going to connect it to sofa mania, or in fact I’m going to do— because we’re not going to build that bot yet, I’m just going to type in — we’ll call it “Facebook mastery course bot test” and I’m going to limit it to 25 characters, and I’m going to connect it to our AdVenture media test page over here, and I’m going to create a brand new chat bot.

You also have the option to use different templates that Mobile Monkey has for you at your disposal, it’s very cool, I recommend that you take some time to go through some of these templates because you’ll get a sense of how different companies might use chat bots to their advantage in different contexts.

Another important thing you could do is copy an existing chat bot that you have already built, I’m not going to do either of those things.

This course is built to teach you all the different tools, and tips, and techniques, that you need to build these great chat bots from scratch, so we’re going to create a brand-new chat bot.

Now, also remember one more thing, while I already have other chat bots associated with this Facebook page, you could associate multiple chat bots with a given Facebook page, so I’m going to go ahead and click “create brand new chat bot”.

And now, I get dumped into the Mobile Monkey builder, this is where we’re going to be spending most of the time in the rest of this course, this is like a dashboard, like any other software that you guys have used.

There’s a lot of things that we could do here, there are a lot of different buttons that could be clicked, there are a lot of different functions and settings that all work together in different areas of this user interface, and we’re going to go through them each one by one.

But, first and foremost, we’re in the pages section now, we’re in the bot builder section, under pages, that’s where you first go.

The bot builder over here, these three settings is where you configure all your bots.

There’s one bot builder, regardless of whether you’re building a drip campaign or you’re building a bot to interact with users through messenger ads, or you’re building a bot to send people to a landing page, or you’re building a bot for a chat blast, that all happens here.

There’s ways to organize that, and we’ll talk about organizing your bots with groups and things like that, but all the bot building takes place in this one section, there’s nowhere else to do it.

It’s reporting to remember that, because there’s been a lot of confusion with “Okay, I’m building a chat blast, where do I go to build the bot?”, it all happens here, and it all gets organized with different pages.

The important thing to begin learning about are widgets, and we’re going to talk about widgets in


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