OneText used B2B by to improve lead attribution and fill the sales funnel. In just 30 days, they were able to capture 1400 new leads and add over $70,000 in MRR to the sales pipeline.

Success Story

With content generation and influencer marketing a key component of OneText’s demand generation program, they needed to know not only which channels were driving the best leads but who those leads were. That’s why OneText turned to and website identification.
In addition to identifying their anonymous website visitors, they were able to add warm leads to their ABM and outreach campaigns.
In 30 days, OneText added 1400 new emails to their ABM list and $71,000 in attributable MRR to their sales pipeline.


emails added to ABM list


attributable MRR added to sales pipeline


qualified trials engaged from contacts
Their Story

Disrupting SMS marketing and payments

OneText is changing the game in SMS marketing and payments by simplifying commerce. Their goal is to turn phone numbers into a convenient payment option, making it easier for brands to increase sales with automated text purchasing.

In addition to facilitating transactions, OneText provides SMS marketing tools that allow companies to engage customers with promotional messages, encouraging them to make purchases. The platform aims to blend marketing with seamless payment solutions, enhancing the customer experience.

Their Goal

Generate leads for ABM campaigns and business development

OneText uses content generation, affiliates, and influencers in the marketing space to talk about their product and generate traffic.

To better understand how each channel is performing and ensure they are attributing leads to the right affiliate, each marketing channel is tagged with UTM tags and custom referral links.

To take their attribution a step further, One Text wanted to know who exactly was visiting their site and enrich their overall contact data. They also wanted to generate additional leads for their ABM campaigns and business development outreach.

Their Solution

Visitor identification and B2B contact enrichment

OneText leveraged the capabilities of for advanced website visitor identification and B2B contact enrichment.

By integrating B2B by, OneText was able to capture comprehensive details about each website visitor who showed potential as a lead. This included not just basic information like business and personal emails, but also LinkedIn profiles, company sizes, and phone numbers.

Moreover, each contact from included a UTM tag and referral link that could be used to attribute each lead to a specific campaign or ambassador who drove that traffic.

To streamline their operations and ensure immediate engagement with these enriched contacts, OneText utilized’s integration with Salesforce and Slack. This enabled the instant rotation of contacts to the relevant team members, ensuring that leads were engaged swiftly and efficiently.

Their Success

$71,000 attributable MRR added to sales pipeline

In just 30 days, OneText was able to see real results.

Solutions Used

Website Visitor ID X-Ray Pixel
Salesforce Integration
B2B Contact Enrichment
Danny Guthrie, Sales Team Lead, OneText
“We use B2B by to identify ecommerce store owners who visit our site. Our sales team uses cell phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles we get for visitors and their company. Very effective.”
Larry Kim, CEO,
“Working with OneText has been a great case study for the power of B2B by, especially when it comes to transforming lead attribution. In just 30 days, OneText was able to get real data on their marketing campaigns and up their sales pipeline. Their success story is a testament to the potential of integrating precise lead tracking with strategic outreach, and we’re proud to have played a role in their achievement.”

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