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16 WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins to Improve Your WordPress Site

Plugins are used all over the web for different purposes. The purpose of plugins is to add a little piece of software that can extend the functionality of, or add new features to your web page.

You can add plugins to your WordPress site, allowing you to customize it in specific ways!

There are plugins for everything, including WordPress marketing automation plugins.

Marketing automation, naturally, helps you automate marketing activities. In WordPress, that includes things like extending the reach of your content, connecting your site data to your other business systems, and tracking activities like conversions on your WordPress site.

WordPress marketing automation plugins automatically perform many of your daily marketing tasks so you can save time and money while improving your site’s performance for your business.

15 WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins to Boost Your WordPress Site

The best part about WordPress marketing automation plugins is that they can be used for every from a business site to a personal blog.

So whether you are marketing your brand or you want to drive more traffic to your blog and get more readers, read on for 15 WordPress marketing automation plugins that will make your site an automated machine.

1. Customers.ai

We here at Customers.ai know that WordPress is a great way to maintain a connection with your customers.

That’s why we’ve created a free, easy, one-click WordPress chatbot plugin, so you can easily add Facebook Messenger chatbot automation and live chat capabilities to your WordPress site!

Over 1 billion people all over the world are using Facebook Messenger, so utilize this wildly popular messaging app to your benefit.

The WordPress customer chat plugin from Customers.ai is an easy-to-use, customizable option to help your website visitors contact you.

To connect your Facebook business page with your WordPress site with WP-Chatbot it’s as easy as a one-click Facebook login:

wp chatbot connect with facebook

Right from within WordPress you’re able to set up the welcome message and some automated chatbot responses with quick reply answers.

wp chatbot control panel

It optimizes a business’s ability to automate FAQ answers with a bot — just enter keywords that will trigger a response that you program for your bot:

wp chatbot faq

And automate communication about order updates, customer support via chatbot, and intelligent lead qualification with your WordPress chatbot:

wp chatbot lead qualifier

Using a Facebook Messenger automation plugin on your WordPress site allows you to keep all of your messages from your website, Facebook page, or more in one unified inbox, with all previous conversation history and user profiles accessible.

facebook bot contacts in wordpress plugin

And with Customers.ai you can send follow-up marketing and promotions to all your contacts.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is an all-in-one funnel solution for marketers. Their WordPress marketing automation plugin ties the website into the marketing funnel even more.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin allows you to connect your WordPress site and HubSpot account, adding the HubSpot tracking code to your webpages.

Once you’ve installed the WordPress marketing automation plugin, you gain access to HubSpot’s all-in-one marketing tools.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: HubSpot

Access analytics in a jiff, whether you want to see website or contact analytics.

You can also manage various pop-ups or forms for users to interact with, as well as run ads on different platforms. There’s also content curation tools as well as live chat options.

You can even integrate your HubSpot account with over 300 different integrations.

3. Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics is one of the top analytics services on the web. It allows you to look at all kinds of information about your site; about your audience, your traffic, your conversions, and more.

Now with Google Analytics for WordPress you can have a handy WordPress marketing automation plugin to allow you to access all the great features of Google Analytics from your blog or WordPress site.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin automatically tracks the path that your visitors take through your site, helping you to discover trends that can be used to optimize their experience. It also automatically measures conversions so that you can see how visitors reach specific points in your site or complete tasks. This allows you to adjust your site as needed to make the experience easier for visitors.

The best part is, Ultimate Google Analytics integration is included with WordPress business accounts; you simply have to enable the feature!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Google Analytics

4. WooCommerce

WooCommerce turns a WordPress website into an ecommerce platform. Then you can set up an online store with a WordPress based back-end for easy management and enhanced automation.

You can automate everything a basic online store needs: product carts, different payment options, shipping options, tax calculations, and more.

There’s also features to make your job on the inside easier, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Facebook integrations and a central store dashboard with key metrics.

You can also customize and extend the functionality of WooCommerce to your desire using add-ons and extension plugins for WooCommerce.

The WordPress marketing automation plugin also gives you complete control of all data, from taxes to customer accounts. You can even export all of your data to an external store if you choose to stop using WooCommerce. This makes this particular WordPress marketing automation plugin safer than most.

The best part? WooCommerce is free!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: WooCommerce

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5. Convertize

Convertize is a WordPress A/B testing plugin that lets you edit and test new content quickly and safely.

Unlike most A/B testing tools, Convertize has an Autopilot that sends more visitors to your best-performing pages. That means you can test crazy ideas without losing sales.

By testing your content, you can find out which titles, button designs and images earn you the most sales. That way, your PPC campaigns become more profitable and your customer database grows.

Plus, the platform lets you add new features to your pages, like dynamic text, geolocation and SmartNotifications.

The platform is significantly cheaper than alternative A/B testing tools, at just $49 a month (with a 14-day free trial). So, if your average basket value is $50, Convertize pays for itself with just one extra sale!


6. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a very useful WordPress marketing automation plugin that offers a number of comprehensive features. It is, however, not for beginners.

If you have the time to learn how to use it, however, you’ll get a lot from it. The ActiveCampaign WordPress marketing automation plugin forms to any page or post – even the page’s sidebar. It allows you to use a site tracker to see who is visiting your site.

On top of that, you can enable Live Chat, allowing you to directly communicate with your customers who use the Conversations feature.

Beyond the basics, ActiveCampaign offers different integrations like email marketing and CRM solutions.

There’s so much you can do with this one WordPress marketing automation plugin, and the Lite version is only $9!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Active Campaign

7. Title Experiments

With the Title Experiments WordPress marketing automation plugin, you can make sure you’re using the best titles possible to attract the most views.

Use this WordPress marketing automation plugin to automatically split test title tags for a post. This means you choose a couple different titles and the WordPress marketing automation plugin will automatically a test to see which one generates the most views.

All you have to do is add multiple titles and the different titles will be displayed randomly in post lists. The number of times the article is listed counts as impressions and the number of times the article is clicked counts as views. The user-friendly WordPress marketing automation plugin lets you easily see which percentage of impressions get clicked for each different title you test.

This allows you to easily optimize your blog posts, choosing the title that received the most views. More views means more traffic for your site which means more revenue!

And, it’s free!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Title Experiments

7. Jumplead

Jumplead is a WordPress marketing automation plugin designed specifically for inbound marketing purposes.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin goes beyond automatically optimizing your WordPress site for SEO and social (although it does that too), it helps you move prospects through a lifecycle so that you hang on to customers for a longer time.

Jumplead can integrate with different webforms including Jetpack to automatically capture and profile leads, as well as score them automatically. It also nurtures those leads through email marketing and autoresponders. Then it uses those leads’ activity to trigger personalized automated marketing to gain their attention and promote conversions.

And of course, this WordPress marketing automation plugin automatically provides marketing analytics for your WordPress site so you can easily track and manage your performance.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Jumplead

8. Linkwithin

Linkwithin is an extremely useful WordPress marketing automation plugin that’s both free and incredibly easy to use.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your site is by linking relevant posts or pages within another post or page. Linkwithin does that for you automatically.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin indexes all posts from your archive, so that any post can be retrieved and added to a new one. This means that old posts won’t go to waste, as they will generate more views when they are attached to a related post.

The links also come with thumbnails, making them easy to see and access.

This increases overall traffic for your blog, helping you get more views without any additional work for you thanks to WordPress automation.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Linkwithin

9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Like Linkwithin, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) helps your readers access different but related content on your site, this time with a flair of sarcasm.

YARPP has a little more freedom, however. It uses an algorithm to access categories, titles, tags, content, and even custom taxonomies. This is how the WordPress marketing automation plugin accesses different posts from all over your site.

YARPP also lets you decide how you want your results to be displayed by giving you templating options. You can also choose to display your related posts in custom RSS feeds.

Again, this is a WordPress marketing automation plugin that helps you introduce your viewers to other content on your site that they might not have seen otherwise. This helps increase viewers and drive site traffic, whether that’s for your personal blog or your business!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins: YARPP

10. Drip Email

Drip’s email marketing plugin is one of the most comprehensive WordPress marketing automation plugins designed to make your email marketing campaigns easy as pie.

With this WordPress marketing automation plugin that easily integrates with WordPress sites, you can do everything from build a contact list to convert visitors all from your person Gmail account.

Email marketing by Drip has many features that make it a customizable experience. You can choose from a number of templates which you can then customize to your liking. You can build email contact lists and export these lists in a .csv file. You can track your email campaigns to see open rates, click rates, and bounce rates to optimize your email marketing. You even have full control of popups!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins: Drip Email

11. Gravity Forms

Are you losing valuable leads from your site that could otherwise be converted to customers?

You very well might be if you don’t have a solid contact form as part of your site. Gravity Forms is a WordPress marketing automation plugin that helps you easily create and manage forms for your WordPress site.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin also automatically integrating with different web applications and services; email marketing platforms like MailChimp, payment platforms like Stripe, and more.

There are also customizable features, through which you can select specific fields and options for your forms and publish them to your site in minutes.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Gravity Forms

12. ORBTR Ping

ORBTR Ping is a WordPress marketing automation plugin that helps you track leads.

The WordPress marketing automation plugin automatically tracks all visitors to your site and notifies you when you receive a new or returning leads! In addition to tracking visitors to your website, it can also track leads that come from email campaigns.

Use the dashboard to see who is visiting your website in real-time or analyze your website results by viewing the daily summary of your site’s lead traffic.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin also integrates with other platforms like Gravity Forms, Jetpack, and WordPress comments to help identify more leads!

There is a free basic version as well as an upgraded version that offers even more marketing automation features.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Orbtr

13. Jetpack

Jetpack is a WordPress marketing automation plugin presented by WordPress that encompasses everything you could want for your WordPress site.

Jetpack helps your WordPress site with security, performance, and site management.

This WordPress marketing automation plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress site for visitors and revenue. It provides analytics to help you understand your audience, integration with other WordPress apps, and SEO tools for various platforms.

It also goes above and beyond your typical WordPress marketing automation plugin to add the benefit of comprehensive security of your WordPress site, including features like attack prevention, spam filtering, site backup, secure login, malware scanning, and more!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Jetpack

14. Easy Social Sharing

Easy Social Sharing is a social media-specific WordPress marketing automation plugin. This WordPress marketing automation plugin displays up to 18 social sharing buttons on your WordPress site to make it easier for your site visitors to quickly share your content.

Easy Social Sharing provides customizable options to change the design, layout, color, and more of your social sharing buttons.

It also comes with a social share count feature that automatically updates with every share your site gets!

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: Easy Social Sharing

15. Click To Tweet

Click To Tweet is another WordPress marketing automation plugin focused on social media and reach.

It’s a WordPress marketing automation plugin that integrates with the Click To Tweet web app, allowing you to easily add click to Tweet buttons in your blog posts.

When your viewers click these buttons, they will automatically tweet out your content, helping you reach a larger audience.

WordPress Marketing Automation Plugin: click To Tweet

16. Albacross

Albacross is a web-based B2B lead generation network which is designed to help you monitor and identify your website visitors. Albacross plugin makes it simpler to integrate the tracking code with your WordPress website, while the whole process is handled via the admin panel. 

With Albacross you’ll be able to effortlessly identify and monitor the organizations that are interested in your business, get detailed insights as to which pages they’ve been at, where they spent the most time, etc.

You’ll also get a full profile on each lead which includes such information as company size, its revenue, industry, location, and contact details of their chief decision-makers. 

Albacross makes it easy as one-two-three to automatically generate leads and convert them into paying customers. 

17. Convertize

If you want to optimize web content and increase conversions, Convertize is the perfect conversion optimization and A/B testing tool for you. It’s one of the easiest ways to run A/B tests on your WordPress website.

Are You Utilizing WordPress Marketing Automation Plugins?

There are tons of WordPress marketing automation plugins that you can add to your WordPress site. These help your site do things it otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, while saving you time and money on your marketing tasks.

WordPress marketing automation plugins are an easy way to help you get more leads and more views, improving the overall performance of your WordPress site or blog.

Important Next Steps

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