Everything You Need To Know About NEW Instagram Live DM Automation

Instagram strategy is an important component of marketing and advertising and it is only going to become more and more important as we go on. DM automation was built to help optimize how people do business on Instagram.

It comes as no surprise that a lot of big companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators are investing in Instagram automation and this is likely to impact the way we see Instagram in 2022.


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New Instagram Live Automation Feature Is Coming Soon

Since day one, we’ve been at the forefront of creating the most useful Instagram Automation tools for our users.

That’s why we’re excited to be testing a new Instagram automation feature that will allow users to use DM automation inside of Instagram Live.

This feature is not yet available to the public, but we thought you would want a sneak peak at what it will look like.

New Feature – Instagram Live to DM Automation

In recent months, there has been a big push for businesses to use Instagram Live as a tool to sell products to your fans in real time. Not only can it help build your brand, but it also allows you to connect with fans and followers on a more personal level.

One of the problems businesses face with Instagram Live is keeping track of comments after a live stream ends. This new feature fixes that.

Users will now be able to trigger Instagram DM automations when they comment in an IG Live.

There are also some fun ways to use Instagram Live Automation (story) in combination with these tools that could be very powerful for businesses who need an easy way to share great content every day without having someone there pushing it live manually all the time.

Here’s an example. You’re a candle shop owner, and you use IG Live to show your die-hard fans your new lineup of limited-edition holiday candles. Your limited-edition candles sell like hotcakes, so to reward your audience for attending your IG Live, you tell your audience to comment the keyword “reserve” and they receive a special link in their DMs, giving them exclusive access to your products!

Customers.ai has lots of advanced features like these which make it easy to automate your Instagram marketing! If you’d like to see the full lineup of features Customers.ai has to offer, visit here.

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How can Instagram Live DM Automation messaging grow your business?

Instagram direct messages are extremely powerful. That’s because they represent very high interest from the people messaging you. 

Think about it. Compared to liking, following, or even commenting, it’s a lot of work to go to someone’s profile, click “Message,” and think of something special to write.

So, if you can move your conversation into people’s DMs from Instagram Live, you’re discovering a group of people who are so interested in your product or service that they’re willing to go out of their way to talk to you about it. 

And, when Instagram notices that your inbox is full of high-quality DMs, you actually get an algorithmic boost! That means that the content you post is more likely to show up in your followers’ feeds…which means more leads for you.

Here’s the takeaway: once you’ve GOT someone in your inbox, you’re only a few steps away from turning them into a warm lead…and soon enough, a paying customer.

When Can I Use This New Instagram Live DM Automation Feature?

Instagram Live DM Automation isn’t available to everyone just yet. The feature is currently in Beta-testing and we’re only able to test it with a handful of current users. We’re excited to see if this feature will become a widely available option in the future, but seeing the potential and current success it has, we’re sure it’ll be available to everyone very soon.

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