10 Best Instagram Growth Hacks to Convert Your Followers Into Leads

Are you looking for a way to boost Instagram growth? I have found some new and shockingly effective Instagram growth hacks that I am excited to share with you in this article. 

First, a little about me and why I want you to know about organic Instagram growth.

My name is Larry Kim and I am the CEO and Founder of, an OmniChat® marketing platform for SMS, Facebook Messenger, web chat, and most recently… Instagram direct message (DM) automation.

You read it right, DM automation — and it’s totally approved and API-friendly with Facebook and Instagram’s TOS. We’re in cahoots, so-to-speak, as the first chatbot software providers to release fully functional marketing tools for Instagram.

Whether it be for a business Instagram accoun or an influencer-based Instagram account, it helps to have a proven strategy and methods that will get you the best possible results. 

But you might be a little wary any time anyone tells you about growth hacking tools — which I totally understand. There are a lot of people out there selling snake oil, so buyer beware! 

instagram growth hacks

Consider this: of Instagram’s 1 billion users, 500 million accounts are using Instagram tools, such as Stories, every day. The truth is there are many reasons why Instagram continues to be a big deal for businesses, in fact, I came up with an always-up-to-date list of 31 Amazing Instagram Statistics

The staggering 1 billion active users as of 2021 should be enough reason alone. 🤯

With 71% of US businesses using Instagram and the platform is growing 5X faster than the other major social media networks overall, your business needs to take advantage of Instagram. 

As a result, I’ve put together this knowledge-bomb packed article that is guaranteed to help you make the most out of your Instagram page and experience.

You might have heard me talking recently about how engagement on Instagram is super high. That’s why many of the top brands in the world are on Instagram. 

If you are more of an audio/visual learner or simply want to hear me walk you through these, I put together a quick 20 minute video presentation covering each of my 10 Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks for 2021. 

Larry’s Top 10 Instagram Marketing Growth Hacks for 2021 from on Vimeo.

So, if you’re looking to get thousands of followers per week organically, then you’ve come to the right place.

And I’m not talking about scrubs over here. I’m talking about how to get quality followers on Instagram.

These are highly influential people who will follow and engage with your business, ultimately helping you in your efforts and… 🥁… get you even more engaged Instagram followers and DMs to overflow your marketing funnels.

Super high impact individuals and organizations will be following you, like Supermodels, Billionaires, MMA Fighters, Professional Athletes, Thought Leaders, and more.

Who cares? Once you gain momentum with your Instagram business page, it’s like a lead gen faucet! This is brand awareness and viral networking at its finest all wrapped up in the warm embrace of automation.

For example, by taking advantage of the new ability to add links to Instagram stories, you can drive and capture incredible amounts of highly targeted traffic to your business pages or product offerings. 

Not to mention that by engaging with your existing and prospective customers on Instagram, you’re building a strong relationship based on interaction that ultimately leads to sales. 

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Best Instagram Growth Hacks Preliminary Questions

How to grow Instagram organically? 

Or how to get 1000 followers on Instagram fast?

And how to growth hack Instagram to increase my followers? 

Can I track Instagram follower growth? 

What’s an Instagram?

Okay, I know you have questions but if you asked that last one… you may need more help than my Instagram growth hacks. 

Speeding up your Instagram growth might seem impossible, but offers tools and solutions that will help you weather the storm with integrated automation, which just might help you reach 1,000 Instagram followers, pretty much overnight.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big bad agency, a boutique brand just starting out in the game, a tech guru trying to extend your reach, or even an astute realtor looking for a real estate chatbots guide

You can gain tremendous benefits from looking into the best Instagram growth hacks for your business/organization, not to mention powering your business with chatbot marketing.

Take a look below at some of my proven best Instagram growth hacks that will gain you quality followers who will stay engaged with you for the long haul.

instagram growth hacks

Instagram Growth Hack #1: Set Up Instagram DM Funnels

Is there a way to set up automated funnels through Instagram in the first place? YES!

instagram growth hacks

You may not realize that you can automatically reply when someone DMs your Insta. You can set up your personalized greeting and even be transparent by letting them know that it’s a chatbot — people appreciate that sort of thing. List out chat marketing topics or provide custom options for users to better figure out what they want and how you can help them.

It’s incredibly easy to nurture people down your funnel and ultimately capture email addresses and other important contact information.

Instagram Growth Hack #2: Initiate Comment Auto-Responders

One thing you will have to deal with when your Instagram account blows up due to incorporating my best Instagram growth hacks is an endless amount of direct messages (also referred to as DMs). 

Say you have a post on Instagram that attracts engagement — you can tease your knowledge or piece of information and then direct your followers to message you directly for more information. 

However, this will then unleash a tidal wave of interest that you will be responsible for managing. 🌊😅

At, we’ve distinguished ourselves as one of the first chatbot software providers to offer fully functional marketing tools that work for Instagram. 

As of February 2021, you can use Messenger Chatbot for Instagram and comment auto-responder! 

instagram growth hacks
instagram growth hacks

Setting this up is easy with’s Instagram automation tools. Here you will set up a dialogue that you can send to each user who comments on a specific Instagram post.

You can send your followers direct links via comment auto-responder, which is much more powerful than simply saying “Link In Bio”. 

Followers can navigate directly to the asset you would like to show them — it’s an incredibly effective form of direct response marketing.

Instagram Growth Hack #3: Get the Clubhouse App ASAP

The voice chat Clubhouse app is an essential tool which will help you spearhead spontaneous social growth. You’ll be talking with people in a virtual room via Clubhouse — it’s basically like networking for those who wish to be contact-free. 

With you can master the Clubhouse game with a Clubhouse app lead generation funnel, which is just as easy to create as with other social media platforms.

instagram growth hacks

You can meet with thousands of people via Clubhouse in order to elevate your Instagram growth. You can even start your own chat rooms and talk about things like Best Instagram Growth Hacks, Facebook for your business, and more.

There is no travel required with the Clubhouse app and you don’t have to prepare a bunch of materials in advance — you can just chat and message with people and strike up highly productive conversations. You can even view who has entered your chat room as well for future networking opportunities.

Instagram Growth Hack #4: Auto-Reply to Instagram Story Mentions

My next big tip for Instagram growth hacks involves relieving yourself of the duties of having to reply to every inquiry and shout-out by hand. 

When someone mentions you in their story, you have to respond to this sort of virtual handshake or high-five. Don’t leave your people hanging. The least you can do is acknowledge any and all call-outs made to you. 

instagram growth hacks

You can actually set up automated replies to your Instagram story mentions with along with additional Instagram automation tools — that way you never miss a beat, even when business is going through the roof and you’re busy all the time.

instagram growth hacks

But quite possibly the most intriguing feature of this new Instagram tool is the ability to add a link to Instagram Stories. Before now, the only way to add a link to Instagram Stories was if you were a verified user (the blue checkmark on your profile) or if you were a business profile with over 10,000 followers.

However, with’s new tools for Instagram, you can instantly add links to any Instagram Story that you or your brand are mentioned in!

Instagram Growth Hack #5: Use Keyword Triggers

Next in line when it comes to my best Instagram hacks is the use of keyword triggers. 

When Instagram users type in certain keywords you can set off an automation that will send anyone who mentions this keyword to an asset you’d like to show them. This is just a simple use case that you can set up in a heartbeat and start reaping the benefits.

With, setting up chatbot automation involves a process very similar to Facebook messenger templates, which you may or may not have used in the past.  

instagram growth hacks

Instagram Growth Hack #6: Collect Emails From Your Instagram

How do you extract emails from Instagram? This is a fair question, and it might seem like a daunting task to be able to extract emails from your followers. 

Your autoresponder can simply request the best email address for your contact in question in order for you to reach them on the outside. 

Then, BOOM!💥 You have a high-quality new contact to get in touch with in the future.

instagram growth hacks

Setting up email opt-ins for your Instagram page is super easy, too, and it works much like your Facebook messenger opt-in page

All you have to do is enter a block of information, a widget, for instance, that says, “What’s the best email where I can send your free guide?” and you’ll have yourself a winning integration. 

The user will then reply with their email address which can be automatically and immediately stored in your database.

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Instagram Growth Hack #7: Collect SMS Opt-Ins from Instagram

Collecting SMS opt-ins aplenty is one high quality problem you’ll have once you start incorporating industry best Instagram growth hacks. 

This is exactly like what you’ll be doing when you collect user email addresses. Except you’ll be asking for SMS opt-ins.

First you’ll set up a dialogue just like you did when you were requesting emails as a way to give users a specific asset. If they remain interested, you’ll want to ask for an SMS opt-in. At which point you’ll be getting direct contact information (phone numbers). 

instagram growth hacks

Those wondering about how to answer FAQs with chatbots on Instagram can utilize as soon as questions arise. It is sure to happen once more and more users begin to engage with you on Instagram.

Instead of spending valuable time answering simple questions, automate it with! Your complex brain can work out more important questions and problems that will help your business rise straight to the top of your industry.

Instagram Growth Hack #8: OmniChat® Inbox uses OmniChat® technology. Which means you can connect your account to Facebook Messenger, to your website chat, to your SMS marketing tools. And of course, now your Instagram account. 

instagram growth hacks

Connect all of the chat inboxes mentioned above across different channels into one unified chatbox and optimize your productivity. 

This way you can effectively guide users through various funnels in order to experience explosive growth!

Instagram Growth Hack #9: Sign Up for Instagram DM Beta

My final hack has to do with signing up for the Instagram direct messaging beta! This is a great opportunity for agencies and brands to differentiate themselves from rubbish programs on Instagram. 

You can, of course, wait, because this technology will be officially rolling out some time in May 2021. We have customers already utilizing this and getting astronomical results, and you can too! 

If you are an influencer or brand with a high follower count, we can get you started with our groundbreaking Instagram Tools within a few days. 

Here is how to sign up for the Instagram Auto DM Beta. Just 3 easy steps to get pushed to the front of the line! 

  1. Visit the page mentioned in the above image or simply sign up for a free account
  2. Go to the Instagram beta page
  3. Fill out the form and if you are qualified, you will hear from us very quickly!

We are currently on boarding a few dozen people per week. There are a limited number of spots available. So it’s important that you move quickly if you want in on the action before the public release.

instagram growth hacks

Instagram Growth Hack #10: Grow Exponentially with!

Utilizing chatbot marketing for businesses will help you in numerous ways. 

As your business begins to grow, you will find that time will be better spent running your business instead of trying to handle an explosive Instagram account. 💣


Instead of hiring a pricey “Instagram growth service” or social media manager for content moderation. You can use’s effective chatbot marketing solutions to automate your response capabilities easily and instantly.

When you leave it to yourself and any other team member to respond to inquiries, handle situations when you garner mentions, and other social aspects — you’ll have to engage online. 

Which will often lead to human errors to contend with, which often equals lost opportunities…

By automating this vital aspect of your business, you’ll show users, followers, and prospects how responsive you are. Without having to lift a finger.

Pro Tip: Enjoy the Ride…

I hope you enjoyed and start to take advantage of my ten best Instagram growth hacks. 

If you’re not yet convinced, take a look at the 30+ Amazing Instagram Statistics I mentioned earlier. When you’re done looking up the numbers, come back inspired to tackle my top shelf Instagram growth hacks. 

Now that I’ve turned your Instagram page from a donkey to a unicorn, it’s time for you to start outshining and outperforming your competitors. 

Instagram remains a hot social media platform and Clubhouse is on the rise as well. 

If you use these effective Instagram growth hacks I’ve introduced. You’ll be well-versed in remarkable new tactics in various stages of development right now. This is leading-edge stuff! 

Marketers continue to leverage their DMs in ways that drive serious, high-qualified lead volume. 

After you pair these cutting-edge top-of-funnel re-engagement tactics from you will be on the path to Instagram and Facebook ad mastery. You’ve just taken the red pill. It’s likely that you’re never going to look at social media marketing the same way again. 

instagram growth hacks

If you haven’t equipped yourself and your business with, you can sign up today for FREE.

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