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How to Fire Up Your Instagram & Facebook Ads Funnels at’s Free Ads Virtual Summit on Sept. 12!

Instagram and Facebook advertising strategies are moving at the speed of light.

✔️Machine learning algorithms.

✔️Automated campaign bidding strategies.

✔️Dynamic creative advertising tools.

✔️Engaging new channels including Instagram and Messenger.

Have you taken the time and gotten the training to get your campaigns up to speed?

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Save Your Seat at the Instagram & Facebook Ads Virtual Summit

If you’re like me, you spend so much time in the trenches of your marketing campaigns that it’s challenging to find time to learn new channels, adapt new strategies to your products and services, and experiment with creative and audience targeting strategies.

This is why the smartest way to level-up your Instagram and Facebook ads intel is to devote a dedicated day to training and education.

Join on Sept. 12 for a free, virtual summit focused on the next generation of ad tactics used to scale winning campaigns across the Facebook family of apps today.

You’ll learn:

  • Full-Funnel Audience Targeting & Remarketing Tactics with Kristina Simonson of WordStream
  • Transforming Ad Engagement Using Messenger Bots with Virginia Nussey of
  • Proven Framework for High-Profit, Scalable Facebooks Ads with Samir ElKamouny of Facebook agency partner Fetch & Funnel
  • Advanced Facebook Pixel Tactics for Audience Targeting & Performance Insights with Kevin Ho of Wishpond
  • Instagram Ads & Story Ads Formulas with Moody Nashawaty of award-winning performance agency MuteSix
  • Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) Strategies and Algorithm Hacks with the godfather of Facebook Ads Tim Burd of AdLeaks
  • Agency Growth Strategies Using Instagram & Facebook with Larry Kim of

These sessions will be broadcast live and include live audience Q&A so you can get your questions answered by the experts.

Join more than 10,000 brands, advertisers, and agency marketing professionals along with and event sponsors WordStream, Wishpond, Tim Burd, MuteSix, and Growth Marketing Conference for what’s trending to be the world’s largest online conference dedicated to scaling strategies for Instagram, Facebook and Messenger.

Get your free ticket to the Instagram & Facebook Ads Virtual Summit happening live Sept. 12, 2019.

Limited spots are available and admission is free for a limited time.


Important Next Steps

  • Assess your own Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns to identify your blind spots and growth opportunities.
  • Review the summit agenda to see which sessions will help you fill in the gaps and level up your Facebook and Instagram ad profitability.
  • Save your seat for the live summit on Sept. 12, 2019 by registering for free now.

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