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The Best Instagram Bot Software for Marketing, Influencers, Sales, and Customer Support in 2023

If you’re on the lookout for an Instagram bot that can effectively boost your online presence without causing any trouble with your followers or risking your account being banned, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Historically, finding high-quality Instagram tools has been quite challenging compared to other social media marketing tools. In fact, most articles caution against using Instagram bots altogether.

We’ll delve into the reasons behind this later in the article, but first, let’s dive straight into what you came here for: discovering the capabilities of the top-rated Instagram chatbots!

Today, we’ll introduce you to Instagram bots that have received full approval from Instagram itself. Our focus will be on the finest Instagram bots that elevate engagement, enhance direct message interactions, and cultivate a passionate following.

To get started with Instagram bot automation tools, here’s what to do:

Get the world’s first 100% Instagram-approved direct message automation tools!

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Instagram Comment Bot: Increase Engagement & Visibility of your Posts

Instagram is all about organic growth via genuine user engagement with your brand. An Instagram comment bot is ideal for generating both high-quality and well above-average engagement on Instagram.

Increasingly, Instagram has become an important part of a smart content marketing strategy for any business today, big or small. Developing systems and processes for more impactful posting are going to be critical as Instagram moves further into algorithmically selecting which content its users will see, rather than displaying content chronologically.

Here’s the first of many Instagram bot tools now at your disposal: Comment Auto-responders 

Comment auto-responders from are great to encourage engagement on your posts. You can add comment auto-responders to any post and even have them trigger with a keyword.

Instagram Comment Bot

In the example above, in the caption, we specify that if you want to read the article, simply reply with the magic keyword “INSTATOOLS”. Look at all the comments pouring in on the post!

Instagram Engagement Bot

The great thing about’s Comment Auto-Responder tool is not only can you send traffic to your website, but since you’re encouraging more people to comment, the visibility of your posts also increases dramatically because of all the engagement!

If you really wanted to, you could truly gate the content and ask for an email address or their phone number to trigger an automated email or SMS text message follow-up. 

That’s means you’re getting all of the following from one awesome tool for digital marketers and Instagram influencers:

  • Engagement
  • Visibility
  • Lead generation
  • List building

Engagement is the name of the game on Instagram. To become a master, check out our own 15 secrets on how to increase engagement on Instagram in 2023!

Instagram DM Bot: Scale your Instagram Messages Inbox

Instagram DM bots are extremely useful for business and engaging for users.’s Instagram DM bot is 100% approved by Instagram to use because it’s simply a superior version to one of Instagram’s exiting features for business — Instagram Quick Replies. 

However, Quick Replies aren’t exactly scalable, and there’s been a big gap for marketers trying to further leverage Instagram for business with the platform’s existing messaging features. 

That’s because Instagram DMs didn’t feature a developer API that allowed for private messaging at scale, which excluded Instagram from most chat marketing funnels. now allows you to take control over Instagram’s (somewhat ancient) DM inbox with multiple features and use cases, such as:

  • Instantly reply to all Instagram DMs with auto-reply tools, keyword triggers, and the ability to answer FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  • Create a custom welcome message for everyone sending you an Instagram DM for the first time.
  • Generate leads and gather valuable feedback and data with forms for email.
  • Opt-in tools to build your contact lists and follow up with engagers via email, SMS, and Messenger.
  • Build a menu-based chatbot, such as in the video below, where users can pick and choose what they’d like to learn about your product or service.

Here’s an example of the Instagram Welcome Message in action:

Instagram DM Bot

With the Instagram Page Welcomer tool from, it’s incredibly easy to nurture people down your funnel and ultimately capture email addresses and other important contact information.

Test it out for yourself on the Instagram page by clicking the Message button, then say ”Hello” (must be done on a mobile device).

Send fully automated drip marketing campaigns from your Instagram DM inbox

Perhaps the most universally appreciated Instagram DM tools by, are drip marketing campaigns.

Drip campaigns have been available to users on Facebook for some time now. Not surprisingly, drip campaigns are popular among users because they’re extremely effective in both increasing engagement on Instagram, as well as working Facebook leads down your marketing funnels.

Want a live demo on how Instagram DM drip campaigns work? 

Check out Larry Kim’s Instagram page and click on the “Message” button.

Then, send Larry a direct message using the word “DRIP” to trigger the drip sequence! You’ll receive 5 helpful messages over the course of 5 minutes.

Want to learn more about Instagram direct message marketing campaigns, such as drip sequences?

Here’s how to create Instagram DM drip campaigns, step-by-step!

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Instagram Story Bot: A Secret Weapon for Instagram’s Top Feature

Another type of bot that you don’t want to use is an Instagram Story viewer bot. Again, this is because by using this type of bot, you’re trying to cheat Instagram’s algorithm and get fake views. However, there are Instagram bot tools that are perfectly fine to use, such as an Instagram Story Mention bot.’s Instagram Story Mentions tool performs two key functions:

  1. When someone mentions you or your brand in their Instagram Story, will start a chat conversation by instantly replying with a chatbot dialogue. This can be used to both thank everyone who mentions your business on Instagram, as well as to sell your product via Instagram.
  2. In the chatbot dialogue that’s instantly triggered when your brand is mentioned, you can add a link to a landing page of your choice. Essentially, this is a brand new way to add a link to Instagram Stories!

Here’s an example of the Instagram Story Mentions tool in action where I share an Instagram Story that mentions

About mid-way into the looping video below, you’ll see that immediately after I share my Instagram Story, a notification drops down from the top of the screen (next to the yellow arrow).

It’s a message from that says “Awesome! 🙌”.

Instagram Story Bot
Instagram Story Bot

Then, after I click on the notification, I’m taken to a chatbot dialogue in Messenger for Instagram, where I’m invited to learn more about

Learn how to get started with instant-reply tools, such as Instagram Story Mentions, here: Instagram Tools

Instagram Bot Features for Marketers, Influencers, Sales, and Customer Support

Now that we’ve covered three of the most intriguing features included in the world’s best Instagram bot, let’s quickly highlight some of the many other Instagram tools we know people love:

Manage and scale Instagram DMs from the OmniChatⓇ Inbox

Take full control of your Instagram DMs from’s OmniChatⓇ inbox in order to manage Instagram direct messages from your desktop! Use customer support chat tools to answer complicated questions, build data-rich user profiles, and alert live chat agents with notifications of hot leads.

Instagram bot for direct messages

The Instagram Bot Builder is a code-free, chatbot software platform that makes it easy for anyone to build bots for Instagram.

Use the code-free chatbot builder and Instagram automated messages to instantly connect your business with customers and prospects in order to generate leads, re-engage customers, and offer real-time support. 

Instagram bot builder

Each of the Instagram tools — from email list growth tools to segmenting an audience or sending Instagram direct messages — not one Instagram tool in requires any advanced programming knowledge.

Use lead generation forms, buttons, images, notifications, Zapier connections, and much more to automate your Instagram chatbot dialogue.

Instagram bot builder tools

From’s chat marketing dashboard, navigate to every Instagram marketing tool you need in a user-friendly, highly visual, interface.

Instantly Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Instagram

An Instagram bot is also the best way to answer questions from followers, prospects, and customers 24 hours a day.

Program web chat tools to answer frequently asked questions using keyword-based Q&A triggers and natural language processing.

Chatbots to answer FAQs are easy to build in a visual chatbot builder.

Add “icebreakers” or FAQs to your Instagram account to help ease customers into a conversion.

Instagram Tools: Automated FAQ Bot even stores and organizes the questions and comments visitors to your Instagram page are asking, so you can program instant answers for all your FAQs!

There are many more Instagram bot features that has to offer. To see them all, check out our Instagram Tools page!

What are Bots on Instagram and How do they Work?

What’s an Instagram bot and how does it work? Instagram bots perform functions that can improve your presence on Instagram through the power of automation software.

Now, whether or not you should use a bot on Instagram depends on what type of bots you’re talking about. There are two very different types of Instagram bots and they are:

  1. Instagram bots that Instagram approves of.
  2. Instagram bots that Instagram doesn’t approve of.

The bots that Instagram doesn’t approve of have failed over the years because they more or less cheat the system, which Instagram and users don’t like. For example, in the past, there were many Instagram bots that automated the process of getting more followers and Instagram bots to get likes on your posts. Ultimately, these types of bots throw off Instagram’s algorithm and unfairly reward the wrong types of behavior on the platform. So they had to go.

On the other hand, Instagram bots that Instagram does approve of, focus on helping to scale organic Instagram growth. New Instagram bots, such as, are great at generating more followers and likes on Instagram because they make the experience of interacting with the accounts you’re interested in more enjoyable. In addition, get some credible IG likes from online sources and boost your profile

Furthermore, new Instagram bots that are approved by Instagram, help to manage accounts that simply have too high a volume of incoming DMs (direct messages), encourage engagement on your Instagram posts by creating unique experiences, and even reward users for sharing the things they love most about other people and brands on Instagram.

In this next section of the article, we’ll expand on which types of bots for Instagram are approved of and which Instagram bots are not approved of by answering a common question among Instagram marketers: “Is Instagram automation dead?

Why Instagram Automation Isn’t Dead in 2023 

First of all, you know by now that’s Instagram Bot is 100% approved by Instagram, you likely already have a good idea of the type of Instagram bots that actually work on Instagram.

One of the most popular types of bots on Instagram used to be an Instagram follower bot. These are the types of bots that you do not want to use on Instagram. A good rule of thumb is to never use a bot on Instagram that is generating anything that’s fake. That includes fake followers, fake views on stories, fake likes, and so on. 

In 2017, there were numerous automation tools for Instagram available. Most of which automated actions such as following accounts with specific characteristics or commenting and liking the posts of those accounts.

Soon, Instagram lost some of its authenticity and the platform cracked down hard on the software providers responsible. A few years later, Instagram’s crackdown has proven itself to be a smart move.

Organic engagement on Instagram has taken off with the expansion of Instagram Stories as well as the introduction of new features, such as Stickers and Instagram Reels.  

However, 2021 was the start of more sophisticated automation tools for Instagram. And that’s because Instagram is now fully in control of what is and is not allowed on the platform. 

And software providers that are 100% Instagram-approved, are now available. is here to make Instagram more manageable and effective through the power of specific automated processes. As opposed to less authentic, such as the cheap bots that simply do not work.

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The Best Instagram Bot in 2023: Important Next Steps

Adding Messenger to Instagram will create a 3.3 billion user network. Between Facebook Messenger users and Instagram Direct Message marketing users, that’s roughly 43% of the world’s population on one chat platform.

Start with Instagram Tools from, today!

Get the world’s first 100% Instagram-approved direct message automation tools!

Frequently asked questions about Instagram bots for marketers, influencers, sales and customer service

Q: Are Instagram bots allowed?

A: Yes, certain types of bots are allowed on Instagram. Bots that are not allowed on Instagram generally follow the main rule: a bot should never generate anything that’s fake. That includes following and unfollowing, fake followers, fake views, fake likes, and fake comments.

Bots that are allowed on Instagram must be official partners of Instagram like and InstaChamp by utilize the Instagram Messenger API to automate tasks including DM replies, comment autoreplies, Story Mention replies and more.

Q: What are some of the best Instagram bots in 2023?

A:’s Instagram Bot is one of the best bots for Instagram in 2023 because it is 100% approved by Instagram. It has a wide range of Instagram super powers that make managing and growing your account easier including:

  • Post Comment Autoresponder
  • Story Reaction and Reply Autoresponder
  • Story Mention Autoresponder
  • Direct Message Autoresponder

Q: What are some of the benefits of using an Instagram bot?

A: Some of the benefits of using an Instagram bot include:

Being able to grow your account more quickly: An Instagram bot can help you increase your followers and likes more quickly than if you were to follow up with every comment and DM manually. The Instagram algorithm rewards and will surface to more Instagram users accounts that have a high follower to engagement ratio, thus fueling more growth of your Instagram following in a virtuous cycle.

Getting more engagement on your posts: An Instagram bot can be used strategically to generate more comments on your posts and stories, which increase your visibility and reach of that highly engaging content.

Saving time by automating tasks: An Instagram bot can automate tasks such as responding to all comments, replying to DMs, following up and thanking users for tagging and mentioning your account in their Story. This can save you a lot of time.

Q: Will Instagram remove fake followers?

A: Yes, Instagram will remove fake followers if they are detected. This is why it’s important to only use bots that generate real engagement.

Q: What happens if I get caught using an Instagram bot?

A: If you get caught using an Instagram bot that goes against Instagram’s Terms of Service, your account could be suspended or even banned. 

This is why it’s important to only use bots that are 100% approved by Instagram such as InstaChamp, which is a preferred Instagram and Meta messaging automation partner.

Q: What bots are 100% Instagram approved?

A: Only bots that comply with Instagram’s terms of service are approved. is one such bot provider that is fully compliant and has a wide range of features that make managing your account easier.

Q: What is’s Instagram bot?

A:’s Instagram Bot is one of the best bots for Instagram in 2023 because it is 100% approved by Instagram. It also has a wide range of features that make managing and growing your account easier.

Q: What are some of the features of’s Instagram bot?

A: Some of the features of’s Instagram Bot include the ability to grow your account more quickly, get more engagement on your posts, and save time by automating tasks.

  • Automatically send hyperlinks to your web page, product or offer from DMs
  • Collect lead data and send it to your email marketing or CRM platform
  • Generate meetings and demo bookings from Instagram inquiries
  • Engage with Instagram followers and fans instantly to increase content engagement and visibility

Q: Can a bot help me increase engagement and visibility?

A: Yes, a bot can help you increase engagement and visibility on your posts by automatically liking and commenting on other users’ posts.

In addition to driving traffic to your website with’s Comment Auto-Responder tool, by encouraging more people to comment, the visibility of your posts also increases greatly.

Q: How can I scale my Instagram messages?

A: Users find Instagram DM bots to be engaging and extremely useful for business. Because it is simply the best version of one of Instagram’s most exciting business features – Instagram Quick Replies –’s Instagram DM bot is 100% trusted by Instagram. lets you take control of Instagram’s (somewhat ancient) direct message inbox:

  • Auto-respond to Instagram DMs with auto-reply tools, keyword triggers, and FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  • Create a welcome message for new Instagram DMs.
  • You can generate leads and collect valuable feedback and data using forms for email.
  • Utilize built-in tools to build contact lists and follow up with prospects via email, SMS, and Instagram Direct.
  • Create a menu-based chatbot, like those in the video below, so users can pick and choose what they want to know about your product or service.

Q: Are there other bots I can use for Instagram?

A: Instagram Story mentions bot!

The Instagram Story Mentions tool from performs two key functions:

  1. If someone mentions your brand or you in an Instagram Story, will start a chat conversation by instantly responding with a chatbot dialogue. Instagram can be used as a marketing tool and to thank people for mentioning your business.
  2. A link to a landing page of your choice can be inserted into the chatbot dialogue that is automatically triggered when your brand is mentioned. In essence, this is a brand new way to share a link with Instagram Stories!

Q: What is the best Instagram bot?

A: makes it easy to create bots for Instagram. With the OmniChat platform as well as the InstaChamp tool for Instagram and Facebook DM automation, you can create a bot in minutes, without any coding required. 

These Instagram tools provide what you need to create a bot, including templates, AI capabilities, and more. You can also use our platform to manage and grow your account more easily.

With’s proprietary OmniChatⓇ technology, it connects chat marketing solutions, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, live chat on websites, SMS text message marketing, to top performing marketing channels, all from one platform.

Chatbots that generate leads: With OmniChat you can capture leads, qualify leads, and nurture leads on the chat apps your customers prefer.

The following are a few great examples of how you can get started with Instagram chat today to generate leads:

  • Proactive chat increases Instagram visitors’ engagement.
  • You can capture your fans’ contact information by using Instagram autoresponders.
  • You can generate a lot of leads on Instagram by running a giveaway.

Make Instagram ads interactive: In addition to the many digital marketing tools available on the platform, one was designed specifically for Instagram Direct messaging ads.

Ads on Instagram Direct offer a rare opportunity for digital marketers.

We list the top four reasons for using Instagram Direct chat automation ads:

  • A message ad outperforms other ads by 2X-10X
  • Data collection and lead generation in real-time
  • The ability to customize more features
  • Qualifying leads and following up with chatbots

Q: Is an Instagram chatbot good for sales?

A: With, we are seeing conversion rates in chat and messaging sessions that are three to five times higher across our database of hundreds of thousands of customers.

To sell online through chat automation, your marketing funnels should include instant chat and messaging in Instagram.

An initial top-of-funnel web chat connection can both establish a connection with a future customer and enable the conversation to continue. You can see why Instagram chat is such a powerful tool for increasing sales when you factor in the ability of the brand to start new sessions proactively.

Here are our top-three tips to encourage chat conversations: 

  • Tip #1: Add a CTA in post captions to invite followers to receive a reward, content or more info by commenting on the post.
  • Tip #2: Run contests on Instagram to grow your following, including a Comment Autoresponder on the post or story to enter people into the contest and collect lead info.
  • Tip #3: Thank Instagram users that tag and mention your Instagram account in their story using a Story Mention Autoresponder that sends them thanks, and if possible, a discount code.

Use chat to ensure that specific customer segments are more effectively marketed to. The following are some common ways to segment an audience when advertising:

  1. Gender, age, race, area, and language demographics
  2. The behavior of searching for a job, making purchases, and doing business
  3. An overview of your interests, including likes, pursuits, and fandoms
  4. The characteristics of an individual, such as values, opinions, attitudes, and lifestyle
  5. A history of previous conversations, including any preferences that were shared during those earlier chats

Top sales teams share seven tips for increasing sales in chat to craft persuasive chat conversations:

  1. Make yourself likeable by being personal. Let’s see: What is any person’s favorite word? It’s their name. When we hear our name, we get a dopamine rush. Personalization starts there. While they may be your prospect, they will evaluate you on a personal level. 
  2. You need to be perceptive. Get to know the person you’re speaking to. Make sure your conversation is helpful to them by asking questions.
  3. Being proactive is key. provides attractive chat starters (animated web chat, pop-up opt-ins) and makes it super easy to start and REstart more of these valuable sessions.
  4. You need to set expectations. Be sure to let them know when they are talking to a bot vs a human. Provide a guided path according to customer personas and motivations to help them reach their goals. In situations where a real person is needed, set expectations of when, where, and how they will get in touch.
  5. Your team will be alerted to conversations that require human attention if you set up notifications. Set up automation for these notifications.
  6. Timing is everything. As soon as a minute goes by without a reply in chat, the drop-off becomes precipitous. The customer expects a response in real-time, or at least an instant setting of expectations about when to expect it. Make chat automation bots available 24/7 for instant responses to customers. Respond to lead notifications when a human touch is required.
  7. You should be helpful. In order to find a solution, you should not be “selling.” The best approach is to establish trust and value over time, which will lead to sales.

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