21 Instagram Bio Ideas to Try in 2021

No matter what your Instagram marketing goals are, you’ll need a professional Instagram bio.

It’s the first thing that people will notice on Instagram to learn more about you and Instagram is where many of your followers make their minds up whether you are credible or not, and therefore to follow you or not.

A strategically crafted Instagram bio is one of the most leveraged, yet frequently overlooked ways to grow a professional IG account.

Read on to discover 21 of the best Instagram bio ideas that will help boost your Instagram marketing in 2021 (and beyond).

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Instagram Bio Tip #1: Include a relevant Instagram call to action! For example: Need Help with your Direct Messages? DM me “GROWTH” for help!

Instagram Bio Tip #2: Include a DM Autoresponder. For example, if people DM you the word “GROWTH” (see tip#1) you can set up an automated resonse that tells the user more about you and what you do. DM autoresponders can be set up using Customers.ai or Instachamp.

Instagram Bio Tip #3: Add custom Instagram hashtags to your Instagram bio.  See how I did it by clicking the Instagram link above my profile picture? This helps you connect and engage with people who may not follow you on Instagram, or adhere to your existing Instagram marketing plan.

Instagram Bio Tip #4: Add a custom Instagram username to your Instagram bio (as I did above mine) That way, people who want to connect on Instagram can easily find you!

Instagram Bio Tip #5: Include links to YOUR official website. Don’t use tools like “LinkInBio” or “linktree” because those are not your website. 

Instagram Bio Tip #6: Use Emojis in your bio. Instagram Bios are limited to a small number of lines so you can easily use emojis in between text to compose an Instagram Bio that is not only more beautiful but also helps guide the user’s eyes towards keywords and phrases.

Instagram Bio Tip #7: Break up your Instagram Bio into sections. Line breaks can help make a bio more visually appealing and more readable.

Instagram Bio Tip #8 : Use Instagram Shoutouts as Instagram bio ideas. You can do Instagram shoutouts for either people or companies to help grow your Instagram account and/or boost your Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram Bio Tip #9: Include an Email Newsletter sign-up! By collecting emails of your fans you can reach them even if the algorithm changes.

Instagram Bio Tip #10: Focus on the first sentence. Instagram bios are limited to a few lines of text, so the first sentence needs to be on point and deliver your value proposition.

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Instagram Bio Top #11: Use email / call buttons. Instagram is all about connecting with people on a personal level, so having Instagram email and Instagram call buttons will help you do just that. Best of all, these buttons don’t take up space on your Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio Tip #12 : Don’t use irrelevant Instagram hashtags in your Instagram bio. (I know, this one is obvious) because you’re limited to approximately 100 characters.

Instagram Bio Tip #13: Use your best photo. Ask your friends or Instagram followers which photo they like best.

Instagram Bio Tip #14: Look at Instagram bios to get Instagram bio ideas! There are a lot of Instagram profiles that have cool Instagram bios that you can use as inspiration for filling out your own Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio Tip #15 : Include relevant keywords. Instagram search is a feature used more often than most people realize, so take advantage by including keywords that potential clients may utilize to discover you in Instagram search results.

Instagram Bio Tip #16 : Use humor in your Instagram bio. Add some personality and inject some humor into the mix.

Instagram Bio Tip #17 : List your top 1-3 accomplishments. People like to do business with people who have already been successful. Instagram bios are a good place to list some of your accomplishments so that potential clients can determine if they want you on their team, too!

Instagram Bio Tip #18: Ask for feedback. What matters is not what YOU think about your bio, but rather what other people think. So place greater weighting on soliciting and acting on feedback from Instagram users.

Instagram Bio Tip #19: Add skills. Instagram is a platform where you can showcase your skills so that you can attract people who might be in need of those types of services and abilities. For example: “Instagram expert, blogger, educator, speaker”.

Instagram Bio Tip #20: Reference your target market. If there are specific types of people you’re trying to connect with, let people know right away.

Instagram Bio Tip #21: Add your location. Instagram is not just for connecting with people from all over the world, it’s also for connecting with local businesses and services. And including your city in Instagram bio is a great way to attract new clients (and potential Instagram friends).

Bonus Instagram Bio Tip: Add something personal. Instagram is a platform that helps you connect with your real friends and Instagram followers. So, let them know something personal about you in Instagram bio. This can be as simple as “I’m addicted to ice cream”

In this article, we discussed 21 tips for writing amazing Instagram bios in 2021. Instagram is a powerful platform for Instagram marketing and meeting potential friends or clients. The Instagram Instagram bio, is another way to get your Instagram marketing efforts off on the right foot.

Do you have Instagram Instagram bio ideas or tips of your own? If so, please comment and share them with us!

See Who Is On Your Site Right Now!

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