How Agencies & Influencers are Growing their Instagram Business with

How Agencies & Influencers are Growing Their Instagram Business with

One of’s friends and digital agency partners, Kekoa MacAuley (@kekoamac), was able to produce some amazing results with, the world’s first Instagram-approved DM (direct messaging) automation and engagement tools.

Kekoa is the CEO and Founder of Esquared Media, a social media marketing agency that specializes in growing your brand’s influence on Instagram.

For the past month, Kekoa and his agency have experienced well-above-average growth using’s new Instagram direct message marketing tools. We love hearing about results like this: 😍

  • Over 12,000 new contacts and leads.
  • Nearly tripled agency sales in one month.
  • Made it “super easy” for his virtual assistants to manage more clients and leads.

This is exactly what we had in mind when developing’s new growth tools for Instagram. So, we want to make sure other creators, brands, influencers, affiliates, and agencies have this example for their own success.

Even better, as a affiliate partner, Kekoa has been able to use to grow his own influence while also growing new business for his agency.

So, what’s making the difference and how can you do the same for you or your agency’s brand on Instagram?

Let’s dive in and get you started, right now! for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

How has Helped to Grow Kekoa MacAuley’s Business

In Kekoa’s testimonial video, he touches on three key benefits both he and his agency have seen from using

  1. Automating your sales process on social media and website.
  2. Tag and segment users into different lists.
  3. Simplify client and lead management on Instagram for virtual assistants.

Let’s explore how you can do the same for your business or agency using

#1. Automate your sales process on Instagram, Facebook, and Website

Every online business needs to figure out how to best make sales through its own website, ideally via automated processes, which might include adding Live Chat to your website.

However, shockingly few companies have learned how to automate their sales process through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram DMs, Facebook Messenger, and SMS are extremely effective channels to sell products online. This is due to a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • is a 24/7 sales assistant that can sell on its own or capture prospective clients contact information for follow-ups, such as drip campaigns.
  • And improves the customer experience, as well as conversion metrics throughout the sales funnel by creating an interactive, low-friction user experience.
how to sell products on Instagram, Facebook, and website

To help you get started on Instagram, check out our articles on how to drive Instagram traffic to your website, as well as how to sell products on Instagram.

Then, here are three money-making tactics for how to sell products online using chatbots, which you can apply to Facebook, Live Chat, and SMS text message marketing channels!

#2. How to use to tag and segment your contact lists

All of your chat conversations from Instagram and other channels can be found in the one omnichannel inbox, along with information about your contacts.

Use to capture, store, and build data-rich user profiles with actionable contact data and tools for segmenting your audience, such as tags, custom variables, and attributes.

This makes it easy to run targeted, personalized campaigns, such as retargeting ads across Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally, all profile attributes and tags are searchable, including your custom tags.’s OmniChat® messaging platform makes it easy to connect your Instagram account to and turn the inbox into a trackable, searchable, collaborative central hub for all your Instagram communications. 

From’s inbox, you have many tools at your disposal: 

  • See everyone that has interacted with your Instagram bot over time.
  • Review all chat dialogues and live agent conversations.
  • Build rich-data customer profiles over time to provide great support and offer the right deals at the right time.  
Instagram growth tools: Inbox Management Solutions

And for those with super high message volume, makes sorting through your conversations and data easy with multiple custom filters.

Here are some tips and insights you can expect to gain from using

  • Product opportunities: Are people asking for things you don’t do? Use tags and add commonly asked for items to your product team lists.
  • Missed opportunities: Are people asking about things you clearly offer? It’s possible your website is not communicating this well enough.
  • Top 10 FAQs: What are visitors’ most common questions? Think about how you can use your chatbot and/or website to address these questions better.
  • Customer support data: How well are your live agents performing? Evaluate sessions or conversations taking place as a result of your chatbot marketing campaigns.

#3. Make client & lead management on Instagram easy for virtual assistants

For the influencers, agencies, and brands out there with a large volume of incoming messages per day, you’ve likely had your fair share of frustrations with Instagram’s inbox management features.

Even if you hire multiple VAs (virtual assistants) to manage your inbox, they end up tripping over one another, logging each other out and are only able to reply to so many messages per day. 

Here comes multi-user support to the rescue! 

Take full control over your Instagram inbox with multi-user inbox management solutions. allows you to scale message volume and even increase your send limits per day.

With, you can transform the Instagram DM inbox into a suite of customer support chat tools, which you can use to:

  • Answer complicated questions.
  • Build data-rich user profiles.
  • Alert live chat agents with notifications of hot leads.

It’s simple to add multiple users to your Instagram inbox to handle even the largest message volumes.

add multiple users to your Instagram account

How to filter Instagram conversations and surface opportunities in the inbox

And for those with super high message volume, who wish to conduct customer support via Instagram messaging, you can filter conversations by status, live agent assignments, and more, in the inbox.

Here’s an example of how to filter conversations by status, such as:

  • Follow Up
  • Pending
  • Resolved
Instagram DM filters

Then, here’s an example of how to assign a conversation to another live agent.

Instagram direct message filters

People turn to Instagram to stay in touch with the people, products, and services they admire.

Be there for your audience 24/7 and launch an answering service to sell, support, and engage your audience with efficiency and authenticity! for Agencies

Higher retainers, improved ROI, and happier clients.

How to use to Grow Your Agency

OmniChatⓇ is your marketing agency’s ultimate conversation hub for Instagram, SMS, live chat, and Messenger. Automate engagement, accelerate lead generation, and decrease cost per acquisition for clients across industries.

  • Gain more clients​: Differentiate your agency with emergent, ROI-driving marketing technology.
  • Increase monthly retainers: Expand service offerings by replicating powerful marketing funnels across clients.
  • Reduce client churn: Keep clients happy by delivering lower cost per acquisition and elite engagement in web chat, SMS, Messenger and more.

Differentiate your agency and deliver results with chat marketing automation!

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For a strategic partner to assist in the design of creative campaigns and be available for technical implementations, Powerhouse Agency Edition is a partnership solution where our experts and engineers are available to support your agency and clients with bespoke solutions and strategies. 

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