How to Get More Views on Instagram

How to Get More Views on Instagram for FREE! How I got 20K Impressions Without Spending a Dime

Last week I shared an Instagram carousel post of mine that received over 550 comments and reached over 6,000 people outside of my follower base. Well, it happened again, but this time I’ve managed to more than triple the reach of last week’s post! I’m honestly blown away by how well InstaChamp is working in its early stages and today I want to share with you how to get more views on Instagram for free!

Same as before, I tried to promote this new post, but the ad was unfortunately rejected by Instagram. Also same as before, I’m glad I didn’t waste a dime, because I was able to get 20,000 impressions on my post, for free:

get more views on Instagram: impressions comments shares follows

What’s truly amazing is that of the 20K impressions, 89% were people who weren’t following me. This is unheard of reach on Instagram, but that’s not what’s most impressive about this new strategy, powered by InstaChamp.

What’s most impressive is the ability of InstaChamp to get your content in-front of potential new followers.

To put the reach of this post into perspective, my average reach outside of my follower base has been roughly 10% per post.

This post, using InstaChamp, has already generated: 

  • 900% increase in reach outside of my own followers.
  • Nearly 50 bookmarks.
  • Well above my average new follower count for the week posted.

And don’t forget about the 20,000 impressions, mostly outside of my existing follower base.

So, how is this happening with virtually every new post of mine now?

I attribute these results 100% to InstaChamp automated messaging tools and their ability to trigger Instagram’s algorithm via organic engagement. 

Which brings us to the purpose of this article. That is, to get hands on with the new Instagram auto-reply tools inside of InstaChamp that are changing the way influencers, creators, and marketers everywhere grow their business on Instagram. 

Here’s our agenda:

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How to Get More Views on Instagram for Free 

The Instagram post I’ve been referring to is using an InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder, which allows you to send private automated messages to people who comment on your posts with a specific keyword, such as BOOST.

Below is the post itself. As you can see, I’ve added a call-to-action (CTA) to “Type BOOST into the comments for more details!”

I’ve included the CTA both on the post image, as well as in the post’s caption.

This is a completely new way to attach a CTA to an Instagram post. And as you can see by the 250 comments on the post, people don’t mind performing this action.

So, not only is this a new CTA to use on Instagram, it’s also what gets you more views on Instagram – engagement. Engagement is by far the #1 indicator to Instagram’s algorithm that your content is worthy of getting more views.

And we’ve found that if you ask for a simple engagement, you typically get 3 to 5 times more engagement, as well as 3 to 5 times more views, on average. Again, that’s incredible, which is why I’m sharing yet another post with hard to imagine Instagram stats attached to it.

In return, my post gets shown to more people. Furthermore, with every new comment, the amount of people outside of my own followers my post is shown to on Instagram increases. 

InstaChamp has become my #1 way to not only increase engagement on Instagram, it’s now the key to successfully growing my follower count on Instagram. To get new followers, you need to reach new people. And to reach new people, you need to get engagement on your content.

Now, let’s get to how you can put the world’s first Instagram-approved automated messaging and engagement tools to work on your own account!

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How to Add the InstaChamp Comment Auto-Responder to Your Instagram Posts

It’s easy to get started with InstaChamp. Here’s how in 5 easy steps:

Step #1: Create an InstaChamp account for free and connect it to your Instagram.

Step #2: Create new content to post on Instagram. If you’re looking for examples or new ideas, here are a few examples:

Step #3: Create a call-to-action for your content as well as your post’s caption.

Your call-to-action needs to ask people to comment on your post using a specific keyword, such as “BOOST” in this article’s main example.

Go ahead and comment on that post (here) to see the Instagram comment auto-responder in action!

Step #4: In InstaChamp, create a new Comment Auto-Responder that’s triggered by the keyword you chose in Step #3. For the above example, your Comment Auto-Responder could say, “Thanks for the comment! Here are the remaining 10 Auto-DM use cases!” along with a link to that content on your website.

Step #5: Post your content and watch the comments start flowing in!

Here’s an example of the experience people will have when they comment on your posts:

Instagram Comment Bot

Additional Ways to Get More Views on Instagram Using InstaChamp

These new Instagram auto DM tools are truly special because they solve a critical problem for businesses on Instagram.

The Problem: The complete absence of reasonable CTAs to ask people to fulfill on Instagram. Right now people are more or less hoping they get a click on the link in their Instagram bio. That’s just sad. However, it’s been the only viable option…until now.

Prior to InstaChamp, the funnel on Instagram was completely broken. The best call-to-action marketers had at their disposal was “click on my bio link.” I’m sorry, but that’s just not good enough! 

Larry Kim, Founder at

InstaChamp fundamentally changes CTAs on Instagram, forever. So much so, we’ve given them a name: InstaChamp CTAs

How to use the InstaChamp Story Mentions tool to get more views on Instagram

You can get more views on Instagram by sending an Instagram auto message to people who mention you or share your content in their Instagram Story.

Think about how cool it would be if one of your favorite people or brands sent you a personalized thank you for mentioning them in your Instagram Story? Pretty cool, right?’s Instagram Story Mentions tool gives influencers and creators the power to do exactly that!

Here’s how the Story Mentions tool works: When someone mentions your Instagram handle in their Instagram Story, will instantly start a conversation by sending that person an auto DM.

And not only can you thank your fans for sharing your content, but you can also send them a link to your latest promotion, discount, or relevant landing page in the same dialogue.

Using’s Story Mentions tool is guaranteed to encourage Instagram followers to share more of your brand in their Stories while building influence and loyalty!

Example CTA = “Mention me in your Instagram Story to receive an entry into the contest and a free sticker.

Example InstaChamp Auto-Reply:

InstaChamp Story Mentions

Want to know more about Story Mentions?

You can learn how to get more UGC (user-generated content) by using the Story Mentions tool, and see why Neil Patel is calling it his new favorite Instagram tool!

How to get more views on Instagram with the InstaChamp Page Welcomer

One of the most important Instagram auto DM examples are called Welcome or Greeting Messages. Welcome Messages are used to respond to Instagram users who send a Direct Message to your page’s inbox.

To set up an automatic greeting message, use’s Instagram Page Welcomer tool.

Here’s an example of a welcome message one client is using on their Instagram page.

Example CTA = “Send me a DM to see if I have any specials going on”

Example InstaChamp Auto-Reply

InstaChamp Page Welcomer

At the bottom of the welcome message, there’s a menu of options for the user to choose from. Each option leads the user down a different path in order to direct the user to the best possible landing page.

Using a chat menu is great because Instagram users who send your page a DM can ‘choose their own journey’ by selecting from multiple topics that pique their interest. Then, at the end of each chat menu option, add a link to send Instagram traffic to your website.

The next image is a good example of the dialogue that could follow when the user chooses the “ Personal Training” option:

get more views on Instagram: InstaChamp Page Welcomer

As you can see, the choice triggers a response with a link to sign-up for a free training webinar.

With the Instagram Page Welcomer from, it’s incredibly easy to nurture people down your funnel, capture email addresses, phone numbers, and other important contact information.

Test it out for yourself on the Instagram page by clicking the Message button, then say ”Hello”.

Important Next Steps: How to Get More Views on Instagram for Free

Want to get started with InstaChamp and new Instagram DM automation tools?

Learn how to:

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FAQs about how to Get More Views on Instagram

Q: How can I increase the number of views on my Instagram posts?

A: Increasing views on Instagram requires a combination of strategies. Here are some effective methods to get more views:

Q: Does using hashtags really help increase views on Instagram?

A: Yes, using relevant hashtags can significantly increase the visibility of your posts. Research and include popular and niche-specific hashtags to reach a broader audience and increase your chances of getting more views.

Q: How often should I post on Instagram to attract more views?

A: Consistency is key. Posting high-quality content regularly helps maintain visibility and attract more viewers. Develop a content schedule and stick to it to ensure your followers can anticipate and engage with your posts.

Q: Are collaborations with influencers beneficial for increasing views on Instagram?

A: Yes, collaborating with influencers or accounts that have a similar target audience can expose your content to a wider audience. Engage with influencers who align with your brand and explore opportunities for partnerships or shoutouts to attract more views.

Q: How can engaging with my audience help in getting more views?

A: Actively engaging with your audience by responding to comments, liking and commenting on their posts, and using interactive features like polls and question stickers can increase visibility and encourage others to view your content.

Q: Should I incorporate Instagram Stories and Reels to increase views?

A: Absolutely! Instagram Stories and Reels are highly engaging features. Use them to share behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, or entertaining videos. These formats often receive higher engagement and can attract more views.

Q: Is it beneficial to promote my Instagram account on other platforms?

A: Yes, cross-promoting your Instagram account on other social media platforms, your website, or email newsletters can help attract more viewers. Encourage your existing followers to check out your Instagram profile and engage with your content.

Q: How important is it to optimize my Instagram profile to increase views?

A: Optimizing your Instagram profile is crucial. Use a clear profile picture, write an engaging bio, and include a link to your website or relevant landing page. A well-optimized profile can attract more viewers and encourage them to explore your content.

Q: Can running Instagram ads help increase views on my posts?

A: Absolutely. Investing in Instagram ads can help you reach a broader audience and increase your views. Instagram offers various ad formats, allowing you to showcase your content to a targeted audience.

Q: Any other tips to consider for increasing views on Instagram?

A: Analyze and learn from your Instagram Insights to understand your audience’s behavior and preferences. Experiment with different strategies, monitor your results, and adapt your approach based on what works best for your unique audience and niche.

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