+10 Quick & Easy Social Media Hacks to Instantly Skyrocket Your Reach

After Facebook killed news feed reach for advertisers earlier this year and with the vice tightening around ad spend, the same old social media hacks don’t work anymore (you could try these Facebook Messenger hacks).

Drive 5x more reach for your target audience and engagement with these simple new social media hacks.  

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  1. Russian ad targeting method

The Russians have tapped into people’s cognitive dissonance behavior of engaging with content that flatters their opinions.

Marketers can steal this social media hack not to create fake news but to create content that appeals to buyer emotions.

Discover the preconceived biases of your audience to drive high click-through rates on your content, like Apple did when it finally admitted what users had believed for years. Yes, they were slowing down older iPhones.

  1. Arrange social PR stunts around globally trending topics

The blog post containing the results of my Russian ad targeting experiment went viral because it capitalized on the big news that Russia created fake news to help sway the election.

It was picked up by the national media and shared globally. Then share those stories, too, to drive even more magical unicorn traffic!

  1. Pay to promote your facebook unicorns

When you do create a unicorn piece of content, promote it with everything you’ve got.

For example, my short post on Mark Zuckerberg killing News Feed for publishers garnered 200K website visits from a single boosted post on Facebook with an overlord-looking photo of Zuckerberg.

The cost of this social media hack? $500.

  1. Larry’s Facebook Messenger hack

Blast your Facebook Messenger Contacts in seconds.

More people use messaging apps than social networks, and a Facebook Messenger blast will get 70-80% open rates versus 0-1% for organic posts in the news feed.

Build powerful chatbots without any coding, and chat blast anyone who visits your Facebook page when they message you or opt in on a form.

This social media hack will grow your Facebook Messenger contact list like crazy.

  1. Embrace Facebook Groups

Join and start Facebook groups that fit your audience to discover their interests and concerns in order to create relevant, lead nurturing content.

Remeber, partnerships between like-minded and complementary organizations like Customers.ai and our partner ChattyPeople, are grown out of networking and groups.

  1. Delete links from posts

Facebook suppresses the visibility of posts that contain links, leading to a 90% reduction in organic reach.

Remove links from your Facebook status updates by creating posts that convey the information you’re trying to share.

  1. Use Facebook for influencer marketing rather than reach

Share influencer content and tag them in it to build goodwill.

They’ll hopefully reciprocate to help build your audience.

  1. Broetry business poems on LinkedIn

The business poetry (Broetry) social media hack has taken off.

Deliver short, double-spaced LinkedIn posts about work and life to see your views and visits skyrocket – at almost no cost.

One of my posts got 850K views and 25.5K website visits. Give it a shot!

Ask your contacts to engage for even more growth.

  1. Twitter social media hacks

Like remixing a song, use a content curation tool to see what articles have driven the most engagement and recreate them as infographics.

When you give credit to the original source and share, engagement soars and the original author is often grateful to be back on top.

Another viral unicorn!

  1. Other social channel hacks

Republishing content on Medium drives half a million views a month. If your post does well, Medium offers it up to other readers.

YouTube still shows publisher content, so it’s still a great resource for driving traffic.

Time for some new social media hacks

You can’t just link back to your site anymore. Use these creative tips, and any other unicorns you come up with, to build your brand across the social channels.

I’d love to hear your unicorn social media hacks!

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  1. Great Ideas, Larry! This is very useful for social media marketing campaigns. social media is the best tools in reaching potential customers/clients it can gain new business when it is used effectively

  2. Awesome blog, Nia! Helpful for businesses who wants to expand their business network. In my experience social media and email marketing are two best channels to reach your potential customers. But all of these you have mention are very useful channels to increase online visibility of every business.

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