These social media trends for 2018 are fairly interesting.

9 Social Media Trends for 2019 You Should Watch Out For

From new features, consumer preferences to different brand opportunities, there are a lot to look forward this year that will help every marketer develop a unicorn (solid) strategy to refine their marketing plans.

Let’s take a deep-dive into these social media trends for 2019, according to Filmora, to see how you can get a leg up and use them to your business’ advantage.

1.     Videos

According to the latest statistics, 80% of the total global internet traffic will soon be attributed by videos this coming 2020, 90% of SNS users share videos, 87% of marketers utilize videos into their campaigns and viewers believe that 95% of messages from videos are retained on their minds. 73% of B2B organizations using videos in their marketing campaigns are reporting positive results to their ROI.


  • Create a unique video-something that has ‘wow’ factor always wins the game
  • Create shorter, more precise videos
  • Make sure to engage the audience within the first 7 seconds
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Create different videos with different content platforms

2.     Live Streaming

Different social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope,, and Tumblr are promoting the use of live streaming. It is expected that by 2021, the video streaming market will reach $70.5 billion. Also, more customers will want to watch engaging live videos compared to donkey text-only posts.


  • Live stream events
  • Do a live Q&A or “how-to” stream
  • Live stream the making of a product
  • Live stream the launch of a product
  • Live stream company news

3.     Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is any visual content that is only available for a certain period of time. These short-lived videos and posts are famous on Instagram and Snapchat. Brands can leverage this trend by posting Snaps of their day to day behind the scene moments and milestones.


  • Experiment. Make your videos unique and engaging
  • As much as possible, stay authentic and personal
  • Tell a story: Entertain, solve a problem, or teach your viewers something new.

4.     Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is revolutionizing the way people socialize online. Marketers have been experimenting AR for a while. L’Oreal created AR apps that let users test out makeup and hairstyles before they purchase anything, and it turns out that it actually boosts sales.


  • Use AR to entice your users about your new products
  • Increase sales through impulse buying.
  • Encourage social sharing through your VR app.

5.     Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots

With an aim to draw closer to customers, marketers use social media platforms to create real-time engagements like chatbots and AI for their customers.


  • Identify business issues
  • Compile important data
  • Produce the right chatbots.
  • Pick up-to-date models

This is a trend that I hope takes off, as my own company,, Inc. provides tools to help marketers create chatbots.

6.     Generation Z

Individuals called ‘Generation Z’, are those that are born in 1995 up until 2012. They are generally called ‘true digital natives’. The most common social media platforms they are using includes YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Other, Pinterest, in exact order.


  • Connect with Gen Z influencers.
  • Understand what they need.
  • Highlight real people.

7.     Influencer As The Fastest Growing Marketing Channel

Influencer tops the fastest growing marketing channel followed by others, organic search, email, paid search, display advertising and affiliate marketing, in order. Those who used influencer marketer are satisfied with its results, bringing in 10x higher conversion rate.


  • Find the right influencers
  • Personalize your approach
  • Be transparent. Make it easy for influencers to participate.
  • Keep Track on your ROI

8.     Mobile-ready Content

As the number of mobile phone users grows every year, it is very important for marketers to optimize your content to better suit those mobile users. The top 3 social media platforms loved by mobile users are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


  • Leverage for mobile applications
  • Utilize a content management system
  • Opt for scrolling instead of pagination
  • Crop images suitable for smaller screens
  • Keep your headlines short and precise
  • Produce a high-quality content
  • Strategize on your mobile content

9.     Brand Participation

Nowadays, brands are getting more involved in messaging platforms than ever. The top 5 social messaging leaders are WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, QQ, and SnapChat. This year, it is expected that brands will invest more time and money in connecting with consumers on messaging platforms using AI, voice assistants, at chatbots to offer personalized shopping experiences.


  • Integrate personalized experiences
  • Anticipate customers’ needs
More details on social media trends for 2018.

2019 offers an exciting opportunity to grow your startup.  These 9 unicorn social media trends will shape the magical landscape of social media in 2019. Keep an eye on these developments as the year progress to keep your brand ahead of the curve.

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