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31 Amazing Instagram Stats You Need to Know About [Update 2021]

While compiling the 31 absolute best Instagram statistics I could find, I didn’t cut any corners. Meaning I zeroed in on why Instagram for business is a rapidly growing channel.

Instagram has continued to be a big deal since I first updated this article in 2018. That’s why I’ve dedicated quite a few posts on Inc. to discussing why your brand needs to be on Instagram on 2022 and how you can make the most of it.

For one, engagement on Instagram is super high. That’s why many of the top brands in the world are on Instagram.

In addition, Instagram can help drive business and generate income for your company – even if you’re a small business.

One key to success on Instagram, naturally, is posting stunning visuals. If you need some inspiration, check out these seven awesome Instagram accounts.

But there’s more to Instagram than just beautiful and memorable images or even Messenger chatbots for Instagram. You also need a strategy to help grow your Instagram followers.

Before you know it, you’ll become an Instagram power user!

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Instagram Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2021

If for some reason you still aren’t convinced, just look at these +30 amazing Instagram statistics that you need to know:

1. Instagram user statistics are staggering. As of 2021, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users.

2. 71 percent of US businesses use Instagram.

3. Instagram usage by adults has grown by more than 2x since 2012.

4. Instagram is growing 5x faster than overall social network usage in the U.S.

5. Of Instagram’s 1 billion users, 500 million accounts use Instagram tools, such as Stories, every day.

6. There are over 2 million advertisers and 25 million business profiles.

7. Instagram reached 140 million US users in 2020.

8. 28 percent of adult Internet users are on Instagram.

9. Instagram is the second-most used social network among teenagers (ages 13-17).

10. 71 percent of the 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram are under the age of 35.

11. More than 85 percent of Instagram users live outside of the U.S.

12. 59 percent of Instagram users log in every day, while 35 percent log in multiple times per day.

13. A third of all mobile phone users visit Instagram at least once a month.

14. 13.2 percent of Instagram posts are videos.

15. The top 100 brands have seen engagement on Instagram grow by 53 percent year-over-year.

16. The average engagement rate on Instagram is 4.3 percent.

17. Adding a location tag to your Instagram post can increase engagement by 79 percent.

18. The top brands use, on average, 2.5 hashtags per Instagram post.

19. The average post on Instagram contains 10.7 hashtags.

20. It usually takes 19 hours for Instagram posts from brands to attract half of their total engagement.

21. Instagram posts with 11+ hashtags get about 80 percent interaction per 1,000 followers.

22. Instagram images with faces get 38 percent more likes.

23. There is no correlation between caption length and engagement rate.

24. Instagram users spent an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform in 2020.

25. Brands post, on average, 4.9 times per week.

26. Instagram users share more than 80 million photos every day.

27. The best days to post on Instagram are Mondays and Thursdays – just avoid 3 to 4 p.m.

28. 36 percent of B2C brands consider Instagram to be “very important” or “critical” to their social media marketing.

29. 13 percent of B2B brands rank Instagram as “very important” or “critical” to their social media marketing.

30. 81% of people use Instagram to help research products and services.

31. Adding Messenger to Instagram will create a 3.3 billion user network. Between Facebook Messenger users and Instagram Messenger users, that’s roughly 43 percent of the world’s population on one chat platform.

Getting Started with Instagram for Business

By now it should be crystal clear that you can’t afford to ignore the marketing paradise that is Instagram. However, using Instagram for business requires the same attention and maintenance as any other social media platform.

You’ll need Instagram marketing tools specifically made for success on the platform, as well as the basics, such as how to schedule a post on Instagram, and how to get followers on Instagram.

One great way to get started with Instagram for business is to simply copy what the best business accounts on Instagram are doing. And once you’re ready to start marketing on Instagram, here are 14 Instagram marketing tips from some of the best digital agencies on the platform.

Lastly, be aware of all new cool features on Instagram, such as Instagram Messenger. People have been begging to use the same Facebook chatbots that they use with Messenger for business on Instagram — and now they’re here!

Instagram Statisitcs: Messenger for Instagram
Source: Facebook

The capabilities marketers gain with super interactive and fully automated chatbots on Instagram are many, such as engaging Messenger welcome messages.

Instagram Stats: Welcome Messages and Instagram Chatbot automation tools

Additional Instagram bot marketing tools available on a messaging platform like consist of:

When you’re ready, learn more about chatbots in general, as well as how to use automated messaging tools for Instagram!

Instagram Statistics: Important Next Steps

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