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How Sorav Jain Was Able to Get +1,000 Shares and 2.5X the Reach of His Post on Instagram

One of our friends and affiliates at, Sorav Jain, who is the founder of and Digital Scholar, India’s leading digital marketing institute, was able to produce some amazing results with InstaChamp, the world’s first Instagram-approved DM (direct messaging) automation and engagement tools.

This is exactly what we had in mind when developing InstaChamp, so we want to make sure other creators, brands, influencers, and affiliates have this example for their own success. This is how Sorav Jain was able to get over 1,000 shares and 2.5X the reach of his post on Instagram – and how you can do the same!

Here’s Sorav Jain’s Instagram Reel that we’re referring to:

Sorav’s Reel received higher than his average Likes and Comments, but that’s not what’s impressive regarding his results.

The results that really stand out here are that Sorav received:

  • More than 2.5X his average reach with Instagram Reels, and
  • Already has over 1,000 shares and 100K views.

Of Sorav’s previous 10 Instagram Reels, he averaged 38,340 views per Reel, which is really impressive.

To put that into perspective, Neil Patel, the most recognized digital marketer in the world (with brought 60K more Instagram followers than Sorav Jain), averages 45,660 views per Instagram Reel.

However, Sorav Jain’s first ever Instagram Reel using InstaChamp has already received 90,000 views! That’s a 250% increase in reach!

Even better, as a affiliate partner, Sorav was able to promote both is own content and make money promoting in his giveaway. Brilliant!

So, what made the difference and how can you do the same with your Instagram?

Let’s dive in and get you started, right now!

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How to Get More Shares on Instagram with InstaChamp

Sorav Jain used InstaChamp tools to run and manage a giveaway on Instagram.

Take a look at the InstaChamp CTA (call-to-action) Sorav Jain is using in his Instagram post: “You can share this reel on your story! Tag @soravjain and I shall send you free ebook on Personal Branding On Instagram worth 999 totally Free.”

1000 shares on Instagram: Call-to-Action

Sorav also includes an InstaChamp CTA in the Reel itself.

So, which InstaChamp features make this call-to-action possible? Let’s introduce you to the Instagram Story Mentions tool by

How to use InstaChamp’s Story Mentions tool to get more shares & engagement on Instagram

InstaChamp Story Mention autoresponders direct message people that @mention your account in their Story so you can build loyalty and expand brand reach.

What you send is up to you, but a simple ‘thank you’ note plus an exclusive offer is a great examples, for starters.

The most obvious use case here is to thank people for mentioning you in their Instagram story.

However, other opportunities quickly come to mind when you start thinking about it. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Get more content shares: Use it as an incentive to share your content and create more UGC (user-generated content). For example, make the CTA on your posts to share it in return for an instant reward, like access to exclusive content.
  • Promotional offers: Reward people for sharing by sending a link to your latest promotional offer(s). Whether that’s a discount, coupon, or other marketing campaign, it’s a great idea.
  • Promote your most important campaigns: Have a big event or new product launch coming up? Make sure your most valuable followers on Instagram know about it.

Story Mentions can be a powerful tool for admired individuals and companies on Instagram to build closer connections with their fans. 

It’s hard for the average business to convince even their most loyal followers to create content for them. 

Story Mentions is making that much easier, and they’re effective for a few key reasons: 

  • Incentivizes word-of-mouth, the most powerful form of brand advocacy.
  • Encourages future engagement with your content.
  • Gives people a reason to mention your brand and create UGC.

Test out the Instagram Story Mentions tool for yourself by mentioning in your story to experience it! Or, check out how Neil Patel is using InstaChamp Story Mentions to get more shares on Instagram.

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How to use InstaChamp to Run a Giveaway on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to run a contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes. However, there have been two major factors that limit the effectiveness of giveaways on Instagram, until now:

  1. The ways to drive entries and engagment for your contest or giveaway are limited.
  2. And the ability to track giveaway entries or individual contestant data on Instagram is nearly 100% manual.

InstaChamp makes it super easy to track your Instagram giveaway campaign data, as well as the ability to capture and store new leads from a contest. And that’s because you can use multiple InstaChamp CTAs as the mechanisms that drive the contest or giveaways themselves.

Here, you’ll learn just one of many ideas for how to do a giveaway on Instagram using InstaChamp.

But remember, you can use multiple tools from InstaChamp, such as comment auto-responders, as the way to earn points in a contest or giveaway on Instagram, simultaneously. The Story Mentions tool is just one of them! 

Sorav Jain did a great job of using the Story Mentions tool for the giveaway because you can immediately thank people for sharing news about your campaign and ask them to perform another yet another action.

Furthermore, in your thank you note, let the contestant know how many points or entries into the giveaway they earned. This serves as instant gratification, which highly increases the chances of them performing more actions to help spread the news of your giveaway!

You can use to fully manage a giveaway or contest on Instagram from end-to-end with tools that:

  • Serve as the mechanism to earn points for contestants.
  • Capture leads and build rich-data customer profiles.
  • Track entries and points scored by each contest participant. 

Learn more about  how to do a giveaway on Instagram and how you can use Comment Auto-Responders, your DM inbox, and the Story Mentions tool from!

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