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Below is a transcript of the Chatbot Marketing Training Course by and Isaac Rudansky, of Adventure Media. Get the full course here and become a messenger marketing master.

Howdy chatbot fans, and welcome back. In this section we’re finally going to start talking about Mobile Monkey, the software we’re going to be using to build our chat bots.

From here on out in the course it’s going to be primarily step by step building bot strategies, understanding the structure of a bot, and there’s going to be a lot of information.

So, I’m going to try to structure each individual lecture to be as contained as possible for a very specific thing, so some lectures might be a little bit longer, some lectures might be very short, but it’s structured that way to allow you to skip around and to go back and review the specific things that you might need help with.

So, let’s talk about getting started with Mobile Monkey. What is Mobile Monkey? in its simplest way to explain it, it’s a visual chat bot builder, and it’s the best visual chat bot builder for Facebook messenger bots in the world right now.

There aren’t even that many different options that you have available to build chat bots in a visual way, because this is relatively new, and this software is highly complex.

Mobile Monkey is the simplest and easiest way to build very complicated, very sophisticated bots, and it also includes lots of different features that allow you to build drip campaigns, and run chat blasts, and measure audience analytics. I’m we’re going to talk about all those things.

So, Mobile Monkey as you know was founded by my friend Larry Kim very recently, Larry was the CEO and founder of Word Stream which was a big PPC software company that he sold for over 150 million dollars, and he’s now fully invested in the future of Facebook messenger bots, and bringing the ability to create bots without writing any code to the masses.

Like I said, Mobile Monkey allows us to build software that not only helps us build the bots from start to finish, but also to create drip campaigns through bots, Facebook chat blasts, landing pages, audience analytics, and a whole lot more.

Audience segmentation is another really big feature that allows us to use custom variables and custom characteristics that we’re going to collect from our different lead magnets -and we’ll talk about what lead magnets are-

And then, tailor our marketing messages to specific audiences. And in previous lectures went through a few different examples of what things like that would look like.

You have the ability through Mobile Monkey to create multi user accounts for agencies, you have the ability to connect multiple Facebook pages, you could send data to third-party services through Mobile Monkey connections.

So, if you’re running webinars and you’re usually GoToWebinar or Zoom, or you want to send data to a Google sheet, or you want to send data to your HubSpot CRM or any other CRM, all that stuff is very easy to do, again, without writing any code, directly from within the Mobile Monkey interface.

Most importantly Mobile Monkey is just getting started, as we see from our customers what features are needed, what features should be added.

Mobile Monkey is investing heavily in adding those features, and making their dashboard and making the functionality of their software much more feature-rich, and much more sophisticated over time.

How much does Mobile Monkey cost? Off the bat Mobile Monkey is 100% free to use, their free plan has a ton of features, it allows you to build your bots completely start to finish, very sophisticated, and there’s nothing that we’re going to do in terms of bot building that you can’t accomplish with the absolute free plan.

The pro version is where we get into things like drip campaigns, scheduled blasts, some of the things like that. A lot of you will want to have that functionality, some of you will not. And also the pro plan gives you higher contact tiers.

The pro plan is $49 a month. First, I want to let you know I don’t get paid any commissions when you sign up for a Mobile Monkey at all, I’m invested personally in this business in Mobile Monkey, and I believe in it 100%.

If you do want the pro plan, Larry has been gracious enough to offer a massive discount, he wants everybody here to join, to be able to afford, to join, to be able to get in and use these features.

Instead of $49 a month, which is $588 a year, Larry’s offering students of this course, my students, a 92% discount that brings it to $49 a year, or $4.8 a month.

So, that’s literally the price of a cup of coffee, and again, I’m not trying to sell you this, you should start off with a free plan.

When we go to create a monkey account in the next lecture we’re going to start off with a free plan, but if you do want to upgrade you could use code use coupon code “ISAACISAMONKEY” and you’ll get that $49 a year subscription plan, $4 a month, so it’s very affordable.

In the next lecture I’m going to walk you through going to Mobile Monkey and signing up your account, thanks for taking the ride with me so far. I hope things are starting to get really exciting for you.

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