Updated 2024 B2B Marketing & Advertising Playbook

From the channels to the campaigns to the technologies to the tactics, marketing a B2B business is fast-evolving in 2024. Join an elite panel of B2B marketing and advertising experts to ensure your go-to-market strategy is tuned for the highest-impact based on what's working right now.

What You'll Learn

Who Needs Gmail Inbox Insurance?

Email Marketers

Staying ahead of Gmail's spam rule changes is crucial to ensure high-ROI campaigns reach your intended audience and safeguard your campaigns from being flagged as spam.

MOps Professionals

Ensuring effective email deliverability is key to your operational success. Acquire strategies to adapt your processes according to Gmail's technical requirements.

Agency Marketers

Managing multiple clients' email marketing strategies, be sure you're well-versed in the latest email deliverability rules impacting your campaigns and clients.

What You Get with Gmail Inbox Insurance

On-demand Replay of Office Hours with Deliverability Experts

Access a unique opportunity to learn tailored advice without excessive company expenses. View on-demand and shareable FAQs and answers to issues that can keep your domain and reputation in good standing.

Google and Yahoo Email Spam Algorithm Changes Explained

Learn the plain-English technical requirements — from DKIM, SPF and DMARC, to what types of emails are required to follow the spam guidelines, and what the spam guidelines exactly entail — so you can avoid the dreaded spam filter.

2024 Email Deliverability Checklist

Use the straight-forward checklist developed by working with hundreds of clients on tens of thousands of email marketing campaigns, and updated to the recent Gmail and Yahoo Mail spam compliance requirements.

Spam Rates by Industry Infographic

Do you think you might have an email deliverability issue when the Feb. 1 Gmail spam algorithm updates go live? You’re not alone. Learn the benchmarks of spam complaint rates by industry to understand how your email performs against your competition and against the soon-to-launch Gmail and Yahoo Mail policies.

Meet the B2B Marketing Experts

Larry Kim

CEO and Founder Customers.ai

Larry Kim is the founder and CEO of Customers.ai, an award-winning, AI-powered visitor identification and email and advertising remarketing platform. He’s a multiple-time awardee of Search Marketer of the Year and U.S. Search Awards. He shares his expertise on AI, email marketing and digital ads at conferences, events and publications including CNBC and Inc. Magazine.


AJ Wilcox


AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded B2Linked.com, THE LinkedIn Ads agency, in 2014. He’s managed over $150M in spend on the platform, is an official LinkedIn partner, hosts the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast, and has managed 5 of the world’s top 10 LinkedIn Ads accounts. He lives in Utah with his beautiful wife and 5 adorable kids, and his company car is a wicked-fast gokart.

Molly Staats

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Lucky Orange

Molly Staats is Director of Strategic Partnerships at Lucky Orange, a leading conversion rate optimization (CRO) toolkit used by over 450,000 websites worldwide. Molly has a proven track record of fostering strong business relationships, driving revenue growth, and enhancing product value through strategic alliances.


Nica Latto

Content Marketing Strategist

Nica Latto is a marketing strategist at Semrush, the leading SEO and digital marketing platform. She turns strategic insights into compelling stories to create campaigns that convert. Nica enjoys bringing a human touch to B2B and doing improv comedy in her free time.


Anastasia Warren

Senior Director of Paid Media
Walker Sands

Anastasia Warren is a Senior Director, Paid Media at Walker Sands, a full-service B2B integrated marketing agency. With over a decade of experience, she is committed to helping clients and companies to tell their authentic stories (and see real results).

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