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Howdy chatbot fans and welcome back. In this lecture, we’re gonna talk about some Facebook chatbot strategies for lead-gen and businesses.

So many of you have lead-gen service businesses. When I say lead-gen, that means your website is trying to convert visitors to leads through a phone call, or a form submission, or a registration to something, or whatever that may be.

It’s if it’s not– if you’re not selling products off your website, you’re basically lead-gen. that’s what I call it; lead-gen service industry there’s a lot of different names for it.

Facebook chatbots are huge huge huge for lead-gen businesses. so let’s just walk through a bunch of different use cases that we’ve been implementing that we’ve been seeing success in. as I go through some of these bullet points, I want you to think if there’s a way for you to apply the same concept. of course, I’m not I might not cover your specific business, I probably won’t, but if there’s a way to apply that concept to your own business, start writing these ideas down on paper because you will forget them or take them down on a notepad online, it doesn’t matter.

The point is write it down. So, a pest control company uses messenger ads and Facebook blasts within mobile monkey to generate leads at the start of a season. What would that bot look like?

Start thinking about how that conversation would actually go with a potential prospect at the start of a season if you were a pest control company.

You want to start talking natural language. You could say hey, it’s the start of the season, there’s probably gonna be a lot of mosquitoes in your backyard over the next few weeks.

We have a special promotion like do you want to learn more about it like very natural you’re not trying to sell you’re not being in your face.

The International Culinary Center uses bots to register prospective students for campus tours. Campus tours for higher education, it is how to get more leads from Facebook into their pipeline.

Many campuses and many colleges rely on that. so using Facebook Messenger bots to promote campus tours to show images of the campuses, to show testimonials of previous prospective students who have taken the tour, and then to use forms and use custom attributes from within to actually sign them up to the tour right within Messenger.

In the past, it’s like here’s my ad, here’s my email, now you need to go to a landing page, now you need to find the right place in the website, now you need to submit a form now it’s gonna be connected to this and you’re gonna do this follow up on the Thank You Page.

All of that is condensed, made mobile-friendly, and you could able to be accomplished directly from within Facebook Messenger. Isaak Radinsky uses bots to drip small pieces of full-length online courses through Facebook Messenger ads blasts and drip campaigns and RSS blasters to students, to prospective students, nurturing them towards buying a full-length course.

This has been enormously effective, and you would not believe the engagement rates were seen from these types of messenger ads. IV hydration company in Las Vegas, we’ve talked about them before, we’ll talk about them again, uses Messenger guards, and now we’re gonna learn about what Messenger guards are, to teach prospective clients about vitamins and minerals while at the same time, generated generating leads that can be emailed and called later on.

This is something we touched upon before, but again, it’s another lead-gen bot strategy. A medical supply company, which is a client of ours that spends a ton of money, and we’re talking about fifteen plus million dollars a year on ads across Google and Facebook, uses messenger ads to promote new lightweight and portable oxygen concentrators.

Again, start thinking about what a messenger bot like that would look like, showing people who use these athletes, the elderly using the actual product, promoting limited-time sales, promoting scarce inventory that remains from a limited-time sale.

So all these things are lead-gen strategies that are generating leads. Again, remember that in the past every ad had to go to a landing page, which had to load, which came with its own problems, now the lead could all be generated directly from within Facebook Messenger, so it’s cute, so it’s so it’s quite quite quite huge.

Rehab and detox in Miami, yet again, another client of ours uses mobile monkey bots to help addicts determine if we have is right for them.

This is more like a quiz you guys have all seen or some of you might have may have seen online quizzes that are you an alcoholic, and it goes through different things like, it asks you different questions how many drinks do you drink on a weekly basis, and what do you feel like when you haven’t had a drink in a few hours or whatever that may be.

I’m not so familiar with those quizzes myself, but for the rehab facility in Miami, it’s relatively similar where we’ve designed quizzes using bots to help potential patients determine if outpatient or inpatient rehab and detox is right for them.

That’s a very creative and relatively unique way of using Facebook Messenger bot in a lead-gen setting. The nation’s largest auto transport company uses bots to build custom quote calculators while at the same time collecting essential customer information.

In the past, if a person came– if a perspective lead came to the website, you’d have to enter in your zip code where you’re shipping the car from, and two, the dates you’re shipping the type of car.

With Facebook Messenger bots, you could build that entire system in the backend of mobile monkey and actually have a natural sounding conversation with a lead and give them a specific price quote all within Facebook messenger.

You cannot underestimate. I cannot understate the power that that is, the power that that contains. It’s revolutionary. It’s literally nothing short of revolutionary to be able to do that without writing code and to be able to have a thousand natural sounding conversations simultaneously generating specific price quotes.

It’s massive and you guys could figure out how to do that in your businesses too, and you should be thinking about that. Another client of ours, the world’s largest negotiating seminar, uses messenger ads and Chatbots to collect leads for local in-house seminars.

These guys run seminars in over a hundred cities around the world. By promoting local seminars let’s say you have a seminar coming to North Carolina.

We’ll use things about North Carolina to talk to people in North Carolina in a very natural way, just sort of chit-chatting about where the hometown, and where the seminar is gonna be, and landmarks that are in the area.

Again, the Facebook Messenger is a different type of marketing platform than you’re used to. This is conversations between two people. Yes, one of them is a bot, but it’s still the same principles applied. It’s much more like you’re having a text message conversation with a friend than it is then you’re sending out email marketing campaigns through MailChimp.

Lastly, personal injury attorney, again, we’ve had we’ve worked with many personal injury attorneys as clients and clicks, traditional clicks, from paid search are extraordinarily expensive. we’re talking about in most cases well over a hundred dollars a click, in some cases, well over five six hundred dollars a click. Imagine that. I’m not exaggerating.

It’s insane. A personal injury attorney uses messenger ads and bots to collect leads by collecting essential information from the contact, from the prospective client, and letting them know what type of settlement is possible right so.

We build an engine that has a few different variables, and again, of course it’s not gonna be a perfect science. You’re not gonna be able to account especially in a field as complex as personal injury where there are so many so many different types of variables.

You won’t be able to account for every single type of permutation, but by coming up with a few basic and common scenarios, the bot could again have the same conversation with thousands of prospective clients at one time giving them ranges of what settlement can be expected. That’s something which is extremely exciting.

At the same time, you’ve collected the person’s name, email, home town. All these different types of variables that might be relevant to your own specific legal practice.

You have those leads that could be emailed or called by individual people later on, but you’re also engaging people in a very memorable and very impactful way with your business and with your brand.

These are just a few common and effective interesting unique creative lead-gen strategies that you could use your Facebook chatbot for.


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