Following Facebook Rules and Regulations for Subscription Messaging

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Howdy chatbot fans and welcome back.

In this lecture, I’m going to show you how to request an approval for subscription messaging through your business manager.

So let’s go jump in and I’ll show you how to do that step-by-step.

So you want to navigate to your Facebook Business Manager for your page.

Once you’re in Business Manager, go ahead and click settings at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

And then you’re going to click Messenger platform.

Once that page loads, scroll down to where it says Advanced Messaging Features.

And you’re going to have the ability over here to apply for subscription messaging. As you see over here, we are already approved.

Now I want to tell you something very interesting.

When we first submitted this for approval, we were actually denied.

I then resubmitted our request with different language and we then got approved, almost immediately.

So if you do get denied the first time, make sure to keep trying again.

And I’m going to show you a couple tips for how to actually get approved by whoever is reviewing this.

I want to show you a screenshot of what we wrote the second time we had to submit this request.

Here’s that screenshot. I’m going to blow it up a little bit so you could see it better. So this is what it looks like.

First, they show me that the reason the request was not approved because it’s ecommerce, it’s promotional in nature.

And remember, this request is basically trying to overcome that 24 plus 1 rule where Facebook wants to believe that you’re going to be sending non-promotional helpful blog-related, content-related messages, helpful messages and not trying to sell, okay?

So you have to phrase your requests in that way. So I selected that ‘Describe how your page will use the subscription messaging feature’.

We selected news, provided additional details.

So listen to what I wrote and listen very carefully because this is the type of technique that you’re going to need to use if you want to get your ecommerce or your business pages approved for this request.

So I wrote:

“We acknowledge the previous disapproval, and we intend to only send out news and blog posts to our subscribers that are completely non-promotional in nature about college kids going back to school in the Fall. This is an important lifestyle portion of our website, and it provides educational resources only, without any product information or prices. We are a startup company, and we really need this feature to help us educate our growing online community of teachers, professors and ambitious young students. We really intend to comply with Facebook, I really appreciate you taken the time and effort to review our case.”

We appeal to their humanity, we told them what they wanted to hear and we were totally upfront.

Speak, when you submit this request, to another human being. Another person is reading this and making a decision for you.

So just be a human being, be a person. Don’t try to be aggressive, don’t say why you’re so great.

Just say, listen, we appreciate you doing us a favor here and reviewing our case.

And then you have to give two examples of a message your page will send, okay? This is very important.

So look at my two examples. I was typing this quickly, so there’s a couple spelling errors here.

But you get the point was to — it’s still approved, “how to ergonomically lift a sofa up a flight of stairs in your new dormitory! Check out our website for more informational details.”

Another example is “New York State has imposed a ban on chemically treated fabrics commonly being used in upholstery! Here is how to check what sort of chemicals may be in your sofa before purchasing one online! check our website for details.”

Okay. This content doesn’t exist on our website, we don’t have blog pages like this.

These messages were never sent out and they probably will never be sent out, but that’s okay, doesn’t matter.

You’re just giving Facebook a couple examples and then I saved it as a draft.

But I’ve actually never tried to get our own business page, Adventure Media’s Facebook page, approved yet for Facebook subscription messaging.

I’ve just been too busy building bots for everybody else.

So let’s go do that right now together.

So I’m going to go into the business manager for our AdVenture Media group account. Wait for it to load up.

I’m going to go to settings, I’m going to go to Messenger platform, and I’m going to scroll down.

And this is what you’re going to see under subscription messaging.

You want to, under subscription messaging, you want to click the request button to request permission.

And here you’re going to get that dialog.

So I’m going to say news, and I’m going to provide additional details.

I’m going to say, “AdVenture Media is a leading New York based digital advertising agency, and we help companies of all shapes and sizes improve their advertising performance with the latest strategies and emerging marketing channels. We intend to comply 100% with all of Facebook’s policies and our messages to our contacts will be non-promotional in nature, only updating our audience with relevant news from within the online marketing world. This is a really important part of our company’s culture, we are recognized as community leaders for the effort we put in to our educational content. We very much appreciate you taking the time to review this request.”

Okay? Let’s get a couple examples of messages that we’ll send out.

One example will be: “Google Ads just redesigned their advertising interface and dashboard. Our team put together a few videos that help you transition from the old AdWords dashboard to the new Google Ads experience. Check out our website for more details.”

Another example, we’re going to write, “Learn how you can use Facebook chatbots to increase customer engagement and increase the attendance rates of your webinars. Check out our website for details.”

Okay? And I’m going to confirm.

We won’t be using our page to send subscription advertisements for promotional messages.

I will follow Messenger policies and Facebook community standards.

We’re going to click save draft and then we’re going to click submit for review, okay?

We’ve received your request. The review process could take up to 5 days but it usually takes faster than that.

And I’m going to come back and check here in a few hours or tomorrow to see if we are approved, and I am sure we will be.

So that is how you apply and get approved for subscription messaging.

Make sure you go ahead and do this.

It’s really, really important because this will allow you, again, to overcome that 24 plus 1 rule.

This will allow you to send out unlimited non-promotional messengers, and it will allow you to get so much more mileage out of

I hope you do get approved. If you follow my steps, you will get approved.

When I got this approved for Sofamania, for the e-commerce site, Larry actually told me that he’s never seen an e-commerce store like that get approved by Facebook.

If you just speak like a human and follow their policies, there’s a really good chance that you’ll get it approved. If you do get denied, try again.

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