Frictionless Facebook Messenger Opt-In with Checkbox Plugin

Facebook Messenger marketing is another way to connect your customers to your content — with far better engagement rates than what you’re used to in email or social.

The Checkbox Plugin is a Facebook Messenger contact lead magnet you can add to your site that’s:

  • Effortless for you: A passive and free way to build your opt-in contact list.
  • Frictionless for subscribers: A checkbox next to other subscription options on forms and popups.
  • Easy to install: Copy-and-paste HTML code interface you can place anywhere.

Easy-to-Install Checkbox Plugin on Your Site
Effortlessly Grows Your Facebook Messenger Contacts!

Tools for Frictionless Facebook Messenger Contact List Growth

Take the lead forms on your website and add an easy checkbox to them that lets your contacts opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications.

Just add a Checkbox Plugin to contact forms to give customers an option for fast and easy follow-up in Facebook Messenger:

checkbox plugin facebook messenger optin

And include the checkbox to opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications anywhere you have a form like your blog subscription:

subscribe checkbox plugin facebook messenger

Make your forms work harder for you in a seamless subscription experience for visitors.

Easy Installation Interface, Just Copy and Paste

There’s no coding required to add a checkbox to forms and grow your Facebook Messenger contact list from your website visitors.

In just a few clicks:

1. Create a new checkbox plugin from HTML lead magnets.
2. And hit “Copy” to save the HTML you paste in your website form.

That’s it!

checkbox plugin copy paste code


Facebook Messenger push notifications and high engagement rates are turning Facebook Messenger into a preferred content marketing channel for users and marketers.

Give customers the option to stay in touch via Messenger with checkbox opt-ins on your site powered by Checkbox Plugin.

Passively Build Your Facebook Messenger Contact List
Using Forms Already on Your Site!

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