How to Use a Chatbot to Capture Lead Gen Data with Forms

Introducing chatbot lead gen forms in Facebook Messenger marketing!

Use chatbot forms and quick questions for instant lead generation with your chatbot.

You can create forms in for anything from appointment setting to event registration to request a quote.

To create a form with your chatbot, enter a few fields your visitor should fill out. You can even set one-click Facebook validations like email address and phone number.

Your visitor or lead will complete text fields and tap buttons like filling out a form on a webpage, but in Messenger it’s done in a friendly conversation that’s less likely to be abandoned.

The form widget is a Pro feature. Website managers can do something very similar with the free quick question widget as well.

The only difference is you don’t get conversion tracking and bot analytics when you use the quick question rather than the form widget.

With chatbot forms and quick questions, lead capture has never been easier for you or your clients.

Want to see the chatbot form in action? 

Check out this tutorial excerpt from’s Chatbot Master Class training.

 Here is a transcript of one chapter of the Chatbot Marketing Training Course by and Isaac Rudansky, of Adventure Media. Get the full course here and become a messenger marketing master.

Howdy chatbot fans and welcome back.

Let’s take a very brief look at the Forms dashboard in

Here we are back under audience insights in the left-hand menu, we’re going to click on Forms.

You remember what forms are, they’re different than quick questions, It could allow you to, a, track conversions; and it allows you to have a more structured and organized batch of relevant data on your contacts.

So you would use forms to get people to sign up for an ebook or a webinar; you would use forms to create a contact us request.

There’s a bunch of different uses for forms.

And those forms are built and used in the page builder using the form widget.

So over here in this dashboard is the data that’s collected from those form widgets. It goes by name of forms, so you have an ebook form.

This is just a duplicate ebook download form. It shows you the impressions and it shows you conversions.

I would say the most useful and practical feature of Forms is the fact that you could track conversion and start measuring performance from a financial perspective on your lead magnets like Messenger ads and other marketing dollars and other ways you’re investing in getting people into your database.

That’s the primary differentiating factor between forms and quick questions in the builder.

With quick questions, you don’t track conversions; with forms, you do track conversions. I could click to view contacts to see who submitted any given form.

In the Forms dashboard, it also shows me which page the form appears on, it shows me conversion rate.

If I click ‘View Contacts’, I’ll see a list of the context that completed that form.

And that’s the Forms dashboard.

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