Link to Messenger: Create a URL for Your Mobile-Friendly Chatbot to Share Anywhere

Are you running search, display, social ads or site sponsorships to demographics with high mobile usage?

Maybe you’re tired of paying premiums for clicks that get 1-2% conversion rate on mobile.

Test this: Link to Messenger instead of a traditional mobile landing page.

Typical result: See an instant boost to mobile conversions.

What are messenger ads? 

When you use a Facebook Messenger chatbot as your landing page, buttons and fields are always mobile-friendly.

And with a Facebook Messenger chatbot, you walk users through the conversion process in real-time, automatically. Hello, unequaled engagement.

Try using a Link to Messenger today because:

  • There’s zero coding! You’re never dependent on a developer to update landing pages.
  • Messenger chatbot landing pages are mobile-friendly to the max. Users glide through the conversion process with easy-tap buttons and UX optimized fields.
  • You can follow up with relevant offers in Messenger. Lead information collected in Facebook Messenger is saved to your contacts and audiences for future messaging.

Build Mobile-Friendly Facebook Messenger Chatbots with No Code

Marketers, free yourself from the shackles of developer dependence. Chatbots are easy to build, update instantly, and are coding-free.

Make your mobile Messenger landing pages whatever you want them to be, collecting user info in forms and quick questions you use to qualify your leads.

Build your bot using widgets for text, images, galleries, quick questions, forms, animated GIFs and more in the easy-to-use chatbot builder, like we’re doing here:

wizzywig chatbot builder quick question

Here’s what this same mobile-optimized chatbot landing page form looks like in Facebook Messenger: mobile-friendly messenger chat landing page

Save Lead Data from Forms and Quick Questions

All question responses and form input are saved as attributes to your contact’s profile. You can use this for follow-up messaging.

conversion form in facebook messenger

And you can set up an email alert to give you a heads up when new leads come in from Messenger:

email notification new lead

Link to Messenger from Anywhere for Better Mobile Conversion Rates

Send mobile traffic from ads, email and anywhere directly to your chatbot landing page with Link to Messenger. Just create a new Link to Messenger:

link to facebook messenger html

Then pick the chatbot landing page you want a link to, and copy the code to use it like any other landing page URL:

copy link to messenger code

Add a new CTA to your line-up: invite people to connect in Facebook Messenger with a versatile Link to Messenger.

You could keep that 1% mobile ad conversion rate. Just keep sending users to a clunky mobile contact form that they can easily abandon.

Or you can abandon awkward.


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