8 Built-in Facebook Messenger Lead Generation Tools for More Contacts

Lead magnets are the magnetic mechanisms that make capturing contact information and connecting with prospective customers easy, fast and effective!

Tap into Customers.ai’s lead generation potential and pour traffic into your bot funnels with tools to get more leads from Facebook.

1. Facebook Post Comment Guard

facebook post comment guard

Facebook post private auto-replies make your Facebook posts ultra engaging and interactive.

And they turn commenters into new contacts in Customers.ai.

When anyone comments on a post, they receive your programmed autoreply in Messenger that engages them in a conversation.

Create a lead generating Facebook post autoresponder for all your Facebook posts using free chatbot tools in Customers.ai.

2. Click-to-Messenger Ads

facebook click-to-messenger ad preview

Traffic ads are donkeys, sending users to static pages that can easily be ignored.

Messenger ads are magnificent engagement unicorns, sending visitors to Messenger so you can capture contact information and automatically engage.

3. Scan Codes

One of the easiest ways to connect potential customers with your bot is a custom QR (Quick Response) scan code.

If your customer has Messenger and a smartphone with a camera, they can connect with your bot in seconds.

4. Messenger Landing Pages

design and detail custom facebook messenger landing page

Get the upside of a traditional landing page combined with contact details you can use in Messenger all through Messenger Landing Pages.

Share exciting information and then funnel visitors to Messenger for follow-up, allowing engagement to reign supreme.

5. Checkbox Opt-Ins

subscribe checkbox plugin facebook messenger

Need a passive, simple way to build your opt-in contact list? This checkbox plug-in makes the process frictionless.

Your customers get to communicate on their preferred platform, and you get contact details. Sounds like a win-win.

6. Link to Messenger

mobile-friendly messenger chat landing page

When you use a custom link to send visitors who click on your ads to messenger instead of a traditional landing page, you could experience an instant boost to mobile conversions.

They work their way down the conversion funnel in real time, and you can’t beat this kind of instant engagement.

7. Send to Messenger Button

This little button can be installed anywhere on your site.

When visitors clock, they get sent directly to a specific dialogue in your bot, allowing them to find information faster.

8. Website Chat Widget

facebook messenger website chat widget

Embrace the need for instant gratification and give customers want they want when they want it with this simple website chat widget.

People can engage with ease all without leaving your page, increasing efficiency and supporting higher conversion rates.

Activate Lead Magnets and Grow Your Contact List Fast!

Ultimately, Customers.ai’s Facebook bot lead magnets are designed to make the world of marketing in today’s digital world easier and more cost-effective.

You get to embrace an approach based on one of the most popular communication platforms that has ever existed, allowing you to outperform the typical landing page, email list, or phone call.

If you are ready to see engagement soar, then Customers.ai’s lead magnets are the magnificent rainbow unicorn that will ferry you to greener pastures.

Getting started is incredibly simple, and you don’t have to know how to code to begin on the path to more and better leads.


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