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Facebook Scan Codes Turn In-Person Connections Into Leads Online

As marketers, we’re always trying to reach more people and optimize for volume.

In the never-ending mission to get new contacts and leads, Messenger scan codes are a lead gen tool that you use online and in the real world.

You can add scan codes to posters, packaging, swag, business cards and more.

Keep reading to learn exactly how Facebook QR codes or Facebook scan codes can bring you more leads! 

How to Grow your Facebook Messenger Marketing List with Scan Codes

With scan codes, you can bridge physical touch points with digital marketing.

Here’s a look at some of the many ways you can use them.

Offer an In-Store Promotion

Let’s say you own a clothing store.

Offering a promotion is great, but offering a promotion when they subscribe to your Facebook Messenger communications is even better.

What’s the easiest way to complete this action?

With the swipe of a scan code from the customer’s Facebook Messenger app (which they probably already have open, anyway.)

Having your scan code ready-to-go at the register will usher them into communications with your business, and best of all, you can create a scan code that leads to a completely customized Facebook Messenger chatbot designed with those in-store shoppers in mind.

Offer a Next Step on Your Product Packaging

You can create scan codes for product packaging that lead directly to bot conversation centered on the specific product the customer scanned the code on.

Use Scan Codes as a Contest Entry Tool

Imagine you’re an exhibitor at a conference and you’re running a contest.

Instead of filling out a form, you can have people sign up for the contest by swiping a scan code (straight from your phone or tablet) that leads them your contest bot.

Add Scan Codes to Business Cards

Let’s say you’re at a business mixer — if you’re a savvy entrepreneur or business coach with a chatbot ready-to-go, you can add that scan code to your business card.

Instead of collecting dust, your scan code can usher your new contact into a customized chatbot experience where they can learn more about your business and services, and even prompt them to set up an initial consultation.

It’s Easy to Create Scan Codes for Custom Experiences in

With, you can create a scan code that leads users to any chatbot dialogue.

This allows you to customize the entry point of someone’s experience with your Facebook bot.

To create a scan code in, head to the left-hand navigation and select “Scan Codes.”

Then, select “New Scan Code” in the upper right corner.

Enter the name of your scan code and choose what dialogue you’d like it to connect to.


You have a new scan code that will deliver people to a specifically created dialogue.

3-Minute Tutorial on Using Scan Codes

Want to see scan codes in action?

Check out this video to watch the behind-the-scenes setup of a scan codes using

Grow Your Messenger Contacts with Scan Codes!

Scan codes are a lead magnet, or ways to make new Messenger contacts.

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